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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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From the days when doorstop novels (or at least large chunks of them) were turned into films rather than mini-series, From Here to Eternity may be toned down to please both the censors and the US Army, whose co-operation was vital to the film, but it's still a superb piece of film-making that slips in a few powerful punches between the lines.

Set in Pearl Harbor in the months leading up to the Japanese attack, it focuses on two professional soldiers: Prewitt (Montgomery Clift), a hard-headed ex-boxer given 'the treatment' by his commanding officer to force him to fight in the regimental boxing championships, and the company's Top Sergeant (Burt Lancaster), who is having an affair with the officer's frigid wife (Deborah Kerr).

Daniel Taradish's screenplay is a masterpiece of snappy construction, perfectly mirrored by Fred Zinnemann's directorial style that brings out both the toughness and the sentiment with a convincing lack of sensationalism. And what a cast: Lancaster a convincing mixture of toughness and emotional vulnerability, a surprisingly sexy Kerr, Donna Reed playing tough against type, Borgnine at his meanest and a wonderful array of character actors. Clift may make an unlikely boxer, but his performance is one of his best, as is that of Sinatra, always under-rated as an actor on those occasions when he made an effort, as his doomed best friend Maggio.

With a good DVD transfer, this is let down by the extras - only a teaser trailer, a making-of featurette that runs a full two minutes (!!!), a brief extract from a documentary about the director and an audio commentary by Tim Zinnemann and Alvin Sargent. This is still well worth adding to your collection, though. Classic films often don't live up to their reputations. This one does.
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on 8 February 2003
This ia a case of an outstanding movie being adapted from a great book.
FROM HERE TO ETERNITY presents a realistic portrait of army life in Hawaii immediately before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. The film features strong performances by Burt Lancaster, Deborah Kerr, Frank Sinatra, Donna Reed, Ernest Borgnine and Montgomery Clift. An extremely competent supporting cast includes Jack Warden, Philip Ober and Mickey Shaughnessy.
Burt Lancaster makes a convincing first sergeant. One who is running the show and is full of knowledge about how the army really works. He also has good instincts when it comes time to act as he demonstrates in the showdown with the sadistic "Fatso" played by Ernest Borgnine. Borgnine himself is exceptional in his most famous impersonation of a villain.
Frank Sinatra definitely deserves his Oscar in the role of the defiant Maggio. However, after seeing Lee Marvin play a drunk it is hard to appreciate any other actor's attempt compared with Marvin's portrayal of one in PAINT YOUR WAGON.
FROM HERE TO ETERNITY was a relatively low-budget production but it still managed to receive five Academy Awards and eight nominations.
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on 18 December 2001
My comment is about the Blu-Ray version of this film. Firstly about the film itself: to me, this is one of the best Pearl Harbor movies. The plot is excellent and rather racy for its time. It certainly is one of my favourite classic movies of all times.

Now to the Blu-Ray version. I was hugely excited when I heard that this beloved movie was about to come out on DVD. While the picture and the sound is good, I was actually surprised to see that the picture was not quite as sharp as I would have expected it to be. In fact some scenes, and this includes the famous beach scene with Janet Leigh and But Lancaster, are quite dark, even darker than on the older DVD.

My impression is therefore that the DVD version has been transferred to Blu-Ray with the necessary picture enhancements, but there hasn't been a remastering of the old movie.

Now having said that, it is still well worth having on Blu-Ray.
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on 1 June 2011
From Here To Eternity is not quite the masterpiece I was expecting. I can however understand why at the time the film was a success and much of it can still be highly appreciated.
This film is a love story that focuses on two seperate couples, but even these love stories aren't particuarly romantic in the traditional sense(despite the classic waves on the beach scene), and are quite psychological and dark. The film isn't a war picture, the Pearl harbour attack only coming at the very end. The film isn't a soldiers getting ready for war film either as the plots focus is completaly on the romances and an on going story about getting Montgomery Clift into the boxing team. Considering the film is set in Pearl Harbour, you don't really get a feel for the location, the main bulk of the film could have been set anywhere, you don't see much of Hawaihi. You see alot of interiors of barracks and bars and nightclubs with just the occasional interesting outdoor shot(like the classic beach scene). If the film had been made a few years later in widescreen I think it would have looked alot better, but then you probabaly wouldn't of got this fantastic cast. Burt Lancaster is amazing,especially in action at the end and during a brilliant drunk scene, which I found hilarious. Montgomery Clift plays his part with convincing intensity. Donna Reed and Deborah Kerr play their parts very believably as women trying to take control of their futures with their men, with Kerr wanting Lancaster to become an Officer and Reed after reluctantly(at first) but finally desperately falling in love with Clift trys all she can to protect him. Frank Sinatra and Ernest Borgnine also feature strongly.
You could compare the film to Casablanca, and it's almost as good.
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on 1 February 2001
This is the sort of classic film that is so easy to curl up and watch on a lazy Sunday afternoon or a cold and rainy evening. Burt Lancaster is surprisingly good in this as the officier who meets the neglected army wife played brilliantly by Deborah Kerr and between who the sparks really do fly - everyone remembers the scene on the beach!! Set against an army background this film involves more than just these two characters though and has drama and romance enough for anyone
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The transfer is solid and the image on on blu ray is superior to the DVD version perviously available if not as dazzling as other such transfers. Even if the reworking of the soundtrack into a flamboyant 5.1 track for the bombing at the end of the movie is a little "over the top" for some, it was just about okay for me. So, this fine film, with some excellent performances, is in as good a shape as we can probably expect this 60 year old movie to be. However as this "review" had already attracted one negative vote my assessment clearly isn't accepted by everyone.... Oh the mysteries of Amazon voting.
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on 25 August 2016
I'm in my 40s,Antilles I bought this, I had never seen it. Always brought up with the clip of Lancaster rolling on the beach with Deborah kerry, so I always thought it was a soppy love film. Quite recently been getting into classic old movies,and saw this film for quite a cheap price,so I took a punt. And how glad I did.
Firstly,the cast -stellar. Secondly,the acting, just superb by all ( can totally see how sinatra got his oscar). Thirdly,the story -filled with call girls, adultery etc, it's far from the 'soppy love film' I believed it would be. G
Ad I bought it.
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on 16 June 2014
A superb film - acting, story, cinematography, the lot! No happy endings for anyone either - just like real life. I was not keen on watching it but my wife wanted to see this old classic to find out what all the fuss was about. Wow - I am so glad she did - one of the best films I have ever seen.

Don't be put off by the cheesy scene of the couple in the surf - it lasts 5 seconds and fits the story perfectly. The film itself is gritty, raw and tough - and the main actors are just so damn good at being bad!
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on 29 November 2013
It was nice to see Frank Sinatra in an acting role and not singing. I bought this dvd as I intend to go and see the new Tim Rice musical and wanted to refresh my memory on the story.
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on 18 May 2012
This film has a magnificient cast and the beach scene with Deborah Carr and Burt Lancaster is the sexiest ever
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