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on 25 April 2018
Awful, just wow in a bad way: don't waste your money.

The plot is so allover the place that it's hard to truly grasp the story; in my opinion this film would have been better if it was split into three.

The main guy character we are supposed to like (jase), is just plain weird and you can never connect with him: he's just a sulky, horny teenager. Whilst Simon (other guy in a weird love triangle) is more emotive, but still stange - like, I think he has the hots for two girls by the end of it?

The whole movie plot is very book-like, which is usually good when a movie is based on a book, but unfortunately in this case, it does not translate well into MI CoB.
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on 23 July 2014
I really enjoyed this movie and hope that it was successful enough to spawn some sequels. Despite being an avid SF/Fantasy reader and watcher, I had never heard of this series before - now I'm going to check out the books also.

I guess its probably aimed at the YA audience, and will be compared to other popular YA material. But I would describe it more as a film in a similar genre to the Underworld movies - its also painted on a city-based, gothic canvas - so really should not be compared directly to other YA hits such as Twilight or Hunger Games.

It has a good pace and a good selection of characters. If the series continues - it will be good to get a deeper picture of both the primary characters and the supporting ones which would really help it to fulfill its potential. The film is definitely multi-generational and would appeal to older viewers (such as myself!) if they enjoy paranormal fantasy adventures.
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on 2 March 2014
I read the book and loved the story, so when it was made into a movie, I was a bit skeptical about it being as good. However, I was pleasantly surprised and actually enjoyed it very much. I understand that it is impractical, not to mention unrealistic to expect that everything will stay the same as the book. However, I think that the screenwriter/s did a fantastic job in bringing the characters alive on the big screen. The action and special effects were spectacular and the actors were pretty convincing too. However, I felt that Clary's father in the movie was too young looking. But, I think, all in all, the casting was pretty accurate. I purchased the DVD because I wanted to relive the movie and watch it whenever I wanted. I am definitely looking forward to watching the next movie in the series!

I am a huge Cassandra Clare fan, and highly recommend this DVD to everyone who love paranormal romances with tons of action and danger thrown in, not to mention Angels, Demons, Warlocks, Werewolves etc. Some "Twilight" fans will either love it or hate it. But I definitely LOVE it.
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on 12 February 2016
This is a grab bag of any number of fantasy / teen novels from the last thirty years. Unfortunately nobody really decided what to do with the myriad of ingredients they grabbed. Star Wars, Harry Potter, Twilight, you name it there are elements of all of them. It feels long, I've watched two hour movies that have flown past, I felt every one of the 130 minutes. For the life of me I couldn't work out why the villain was doing what he was doing and worst of all I eventually stopped caring and just let it flow over me. The overwrought teen drama added to the mix makes this almost as bad as an anime with an angsty teen emo hero. If you're a devotee of the books try it, if not you're not going to find anything to love here.
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on 26 May 2015
It's been a long time since I read the mortal instruments (original trilogy) and I remember loving the books but don't have the plot solidly in my head any more (common problem I now find, must remember to revisit my YA library..).
Love the film, have now watched it twice in two days! Particularly enjoy the actors playing Clary and Jace: especially for the beautifully played tension between them.
A number of reviewers have criticised the film for being too full (too much mythology etc.) and that this makes it difficult to understand. I checked with a friend who hadn't read the books to be sure and she said she could keep up, we discussed it as world-building and agreed that it was fine.
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on 16 January 2015
Meh....I think the makers realised they weren't going to be able to make multiple films (There are a number of books in the series) - so they kind of mashed up bits of the books and made a decent movie, which will disappoint fans of the books. Also Jace looks very weird - its difficult to imagine Clary falling for him..
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on 28 February 2015
really disappointed.. Loved the books but found the film to be a poor interpretation. Jamie Campbell-Bower was miscast in my opinion. Too much the public schooboy, almost camp, not enough Jace grit and attitude. Clarys' character wasn't strong enough and the back story of the power of the clave was missing, as were the relationships between the downworlders/shadow hunters. None of the other characters had the strength I think they should have had.. To be honest, didn't hold my attention like the books did..
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on 28 August 2014
This film was amazing. I don't buy into all the bad reviews and negative press about this film, how it is another teen franchise, a knock off, of Twilight, Harry Potter etc. Its really not like Twilight. There may be both female led movies with vampires and werewolves but that is where the similarities end. The vampires and werewolves in this movie are not the main figures in the plot, they support the movie. The main characters, antagonists and protagonists are shadow hunters.

They may be both led by young actresses but Twilight was a teen romance where the main character was a damsel in distress who quite often needed to be saved by the guys pursuing her. While there may be an element of that in this movie Clary is a much tougher character then Bella, she has special powers of her own and kicks ass. Also romance is not the main story of the movie, it is about a young woman trying to find her kidnapped mother and discovering both who she is and her destiny as a shadow hunter
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on 19 September 2016
Teenage-orientated typical witchcraft/black arts film with the usual "heroine has powers beyond what has been seen before and rescues the world" storyline.
Haven't read the books but the film is OK as a spectacle and kills a couple of hours without holding rapt attention - there were a couple of times during the film that I wanted to fast forward as some of the scenes were a bit superfluous.
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on 8 December 2016
Competing against all the other powerhouse stories of the supernatural like zombies and vampires, this story really stands out on its own. You can identify with the characters and the plot is compelling. Plus it's a real boost to equality. Another story filled with disguises and twists I highly recommend is Shadow sof a Host by F.M. Hepton - will definitely be a movie soon. Shadows of a Host: Book One: Volume 1Doppelganger: Book Two of the epic fantasy collection Shadows of a Host: Volume 2
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