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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 9 March 2013
Talk about a good album! I must say I've been a fan of Black Veil Brides since 2007 now, but this has to be their best album to date. Each and every song is unique, and there are violin pieces that really add something to the songs, however if you prefer the screamier side of BVB, this is not so much for you, as there is little screaming, but even so, I recommend you take a listen anyway, Andy's voice has matured, the artwork is brilliant, the music is fantastic and it follows a story line throughout, great concept record.
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on 22 May 2013
BVB prove you can't judge a book by it's cover - looking like a pretty boy version of Kiss (or for those with a Japanese vibe like a visual kei band)they've produced an album of surprising depth, variety and plain good old quality.

I bought the album based off one appearance on Kerrang not really expecting much, but the album has a lot of musical quality behind it. A singer that can actually hit more than a couple of notes, guitarist who does a mean violin and the rest of the band are damn good as well. Probably the best band I've come across in the last coupe of years - far better than the mass produced fodder the music industry keeps forcing on us.
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on 2 April 2013
have you ever judged a person or a band by the way they look.
I love most rock/metal bands but have been a bit reticent to listen to bvb
then I decided I was just jealous because I am 50 and couldn't ever get away with dressing like they do so I would have a listen anyway.
absolutely outstanding vocals great guitar work spot on rhythm section great theme running through the album.
great band great songs great purchase
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My last experience of Black Veil Brides was an entirely positive one.
Their 2010 album 'We Stitch These Wounds' was a cracker and I can
find no good reason to abandon them with their new project 'Wretched
and Divine : The Story Of The Wild Ones'. Their brand of muscular,
melodic and well-constructed musical mayhem continues to tick all the boxes.
It doesn't matter a jot that they contribute little to the vocabulary of
rock; with riffs and tunes and energy this strong, however hackneyed,
I find myself entirely on their side. They do the Dark Stuff very well indeed.

There's a bit of a story, a bit of a concept, running through these nineteen
tracks which, in a quaintly old fashioned but entirely persuasive way, keeps
the spirit of the seventies and eighties alive with imaginative aplomb.
The scraps of linking narrative may be a bit lame but Andy Biersack's
powerfully competent vocals, the lightning mercurial twin guitar runs of
Jake Pitts and Mr Jinxx (who also contributes some very tidy little violin
decorations) and the solid rhythm section of Christian Coma (drums) and Ashley
Purdy (bass) are never less than bang on target. Producer John Feldmann does a
sterling job wrapping up the band's sound in a rich and resonant sonic blanket.

It's a tough job to pick a winner with material this strong but the apocalyptic
'Shadows Die', with its demonic choral interventions and the resplendently
moody 'Lost It All' (a particularly fine vocal performance from Mr Biersack
here, augmented by some splendidly soulful wailing from Juliet Simms) are more
than worthy of a special mention. The latter is perhaps their finest moment.

I'm reckoning the live set will scrub up well too. Good job gentlemen!

Highly Recommended.
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on 2 April 2013
BLACK VEIL BRIDES Have won their 3rd consectutive KERRANG! Award 2013 this year with their 3rd album WRETCHED AND DEVINE!
Anyone who's been following me will know how much i love these guys so much so i spent £1,000 pounds to go to download and finally meet them! Yes i know i still can't believe it but last june i shook Andy, Jinxx, Jake, cc's hands in the KERRANG! signing tent ohh wow.. So yes as you've may had read on my last review for this band i had nothing but praise for them ... well guess what? I still only have praise for them BLACK VEIL BRIDES is an amazing band of 5 guys who each have their own hidden talents Andy is a suberb artist in his spare time always doodling when or whenever he can next of course his song writing skills are still his best quality to date, Jinxx also has a big secret which on this 19 track album is revealed he is a brilliant & talented violinist player which in one of the songs called the Overture" you will hear for yourself, Ashley Purdy's riffs again surberb and then CC. Coma brilliant drummer for this band.
Then in I Am Bulletproof was writen out purly by Jake Pitts aka BVB's guitarist most days, again a brilliant song and very well put together, plus they had the help from Patrick Fogarty & John Feldmann, William Control,(AIDEN) Sebastian Bach,(SKID ROW) Danny Worsnop(ASKING ALEXANDREIA) and Bert McCracken,(THE USED) Juliet Simms, Dee Snider & Nikki Sixx(MOTLEY CRUE) all have made this album what it is today a true masterpiece and one of the best BLACK VEIL BRIDES have done to date ;)

Also just to add there's a film also called LEGION OF THE BLACK done by Andy Biersack himself and BVB they are present through out the whole 50 minute film which is based from their album WRETCHED AND DEVINE.
This dvd is due to come out very soon don't miss it!
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on 30 January 2014
I got this album for my brother as he had their other albums and he's enjoyed it thoroughly. This album has autorip so you're getting the digital copy at no extra cost, bargain!

Really entertaining
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on 10 February 2013
This is by far the best album BVB have made. It follows the story of the wild ones up against F.E.A.R which has the voice of William Control from Aiden. With 19 tracks about 4 of which are F.E.A.R transmissions makes it the longest BVB album to date. Anyone whos heard Set The World On fire will know how good the band is, this album takes their work up another notch with they're massive choruses and amazing guitar solos W&D is the best album released to date in 2013.
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on 20 March 2014
I have loved BVB since i found them on youtube and they have never dissapointed me. the songs areheartfelt and not like alot of music these days where someone writes it then passes it to a manufactured popstars like one direction or justin bieber to name a few. they remain true to themselfves and to the fans. And the DVD IS AMAZING
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on 28 February 2013
I always loved the Black Veil Brides, but this is something else. They are officially grown up. The songwriting has improved, the vocals are far more varied and the concept is fascinating. Each single still works alone however, and some of my favourite BVB songs are from this album. Fans and those new to the band will not be disappointed, it's a great rock album, whatever you're opinion of them was previously!
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on 17 July 2013
As an old rock fan I was looking for some new music that I could enjoy. This album is in the mix for my current most listened too. I like the way there is a story line running through the album but that each track stands strong on its own merits, I especially liked "I am bulletproof" and "new years day".
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