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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 14 March 2014
I have to say this Keyboard was extraordinary in many aspects. Even though the keyboard is not mechanical, it's low profile button allow smoother and faster typing, allowing faster reflex during gaming sessions nearly as much as a mechanical keyboard. Furthermore, the design was slim and comfortable combined with the cool green led which,in fact, making it not only a gaming keyboard but also a decoration for my gaming and working space. The powerful in-game functions the keyboard provided should be taken into account as well. The gaming mode allow me to get rid the problem of mistakenly pressing the windows button that truly reduced my ridiculous death in Dota 2. the Macro option even allow you to record a series of keyboard actions and assign these actions to a single button, giving me a ridiculous advantage in fighting game such as Street Fighter IV or Blaze Blue in which I can pull out a series of complicated combo or special skill by just a press of a button.
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on 7 January 2014
Razers Deathstalker Keyboard is a brilliant product.

Not only does it feel of quality, it looks it too. The keys are very soft to the touch, being chiclet style caps as you would get on a Laptop and are essentially silent when pressed. It doesn't take much of a press to register the key either.

It comes fully programable with macro keys for gaming or general usage which is very easy to get your head around. Basically set the keys and turn on the 'Macro Mode' (button on the keyboard) then when the key is pressed, it does as you set.

Combined with Razer Synapse 2 you have to download from the official website (not included with the product) you can change/set up the macros and also change the lighting to the backlit keys. As standard they are bright green which is easily visible even during the brightest of days. However you can simply change the lighting making it as bright or as dim as you want - Even turn the lights off if you don't want them on or add a pulsating light effect if that suits!

Worth the purchase - 5/5
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on 5 February 2015
I have had 2 of these Keyboards now and love the feel of the keys and actuation needed. I have been using Razer Gear since the very first Boomslang and have been impressed with all their products.

They keyboard itself has a lovely layout, the keys are soft to press but feel responsive, I use it for Gaming in the evenings (mainly FPS) and i use it for work during the day and it is perfect for both.

The macro features are also very useful and have a few programmed in which saves me plenty of time on repeat arduous tasks.
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on 16 December 2013
Having used an Apple Numerical Pro keyboard for years, but annoyed at having to remap the keys in Windows, I decided to get back to Razer - previous keyboard being a Lycosa.

The keys on this are a lot more wobbly. Although, still nice to type on.

Sometimes the keys don't press. I would be typing something and then make a mistake - my mistake rates have gone up significantly since switching.

My keyboard has a fault which I can't figure out, and Razer hasn't exactly been very helpful. Basically, sometimes a key would stick. Quite randomly, maybe the 'w' would stick and it would go on typing "wwwwwwww" for eternity, or maybe if I lock the desktop (winkey+l) and try to log back in, I can't type in some keys because it's broken and I have to press the winkey again to make it snap out of the state, or one of the keys would get stuck and I would have to restart to stop the keyboard from spamming the stuck key. I should say, they're not PHYSICALLY stuck, it's perhaps a software issue? I've tried reinstalling the software to no avail, so will most likely be switching soon, again.
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on 11 January 2014
It's great to type on and I had no problems with the mechanics or technical side of the keyboard. What made me have to send it back was after 20 minutes of typing my wrists hurt and it was even worse when I did some gaming. The wrist rest has very little slope and doesn't taper off to a smooth curved edge but instead a sharp plastic corner. Perhaps it's the laid back approach I have to sitting at my desk but I have 3 other keyboards I use in various places including my current Merc Stealth with my gaming computer. They all have nice smooth curved edges which don't hurt my wrists and it boggles my mind how anyone can find this keyboard comfortable to sit and play or type at for more than 5 minutes.

However like I said the actual use of the keyboard when I did type was a great experience, my fingers glided over the keys and the touch response of them was fantastic, improving my typing speed. If my wrists just didn't hurt at the same time I would have kept it and loved it.
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on 2 January 2016
Love this keyboard​ for its looks and functionality. However i do not like the plastic feel to the keyboard. I was expecting something a little more metallic in feel. That is my own preferences really and should not really put anyone from buying this brilliant gaming keyboard.
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on 14 March 2016
Had to send it back because it had a fault that was common amongst other buyers. The space bar is held in place underneath with a tiny plastic catch that almost instantaneously snapped the moment i pressed it.
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on 5 July 2014
I have had this keyboard for a month or two now, and I still love it!

The keys are very well made, very easy to glide across the keyboard and very nice for gaming. As someone who primarily started on a laptop, and having a quiet(ish) keyboard was a necessity in my build, I went for this.. and whilst the keystrokes aren't silent, they are nowhere near as loud as a traditional keyboard.

The backlight is very nice, I wish I could choose custom sets of keys to be backlit... You need the next keyboard up for that capability.

Overall a great buy, although the wrist-rest is far too big!
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on 3 June 2014
Overall, it is a great upgrade for me! After using a cheap Microsoft keyboard for many years, I got bored of being casual. This Razer keyboard provides you with not only physical comfort and satisfaction but also mental! The fancy green lighting brings a smile on your face in the evening!

I would definitely recommend this keyboard if you're a gamer. If you don't care about the keyboard being mechanical or not, you'll be satisfied with this product! I was slightly worried about the feel of the keys and the product itself while looking at pictures online but once it arrived, I was more than happy.
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on 20 January 2014
Initially bought a £30 gaming keyboard. Which came faulty and after a days use had other problems.

I decided to throw £25 more at amazon and ordered this keyboard. What can i say…

As soon as you start unpacking the product, the quality hits you in the face. The keyboard itself is rugged, good looking and programmable. Cant fault it. Have been gaming on it a lot lately and nothing worth noting. Yes - its a little more expensive than other keyboards, but worth it. I can see this thing lasting a few years.

One thing i would say is that the keys do come across as a little stiff. I use an apple keyboard at work, so maybe thats what i'm used to. But in no way does this take anything away from useability.
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