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on 28 December 2016
To be honest I'm not sure where to start. This is an amazing network switch overall. It's so easy to setup and runs fantasticly. I opted for the un-managed version and I am only using it within a home network, so the managed version of this wasn't needed for me. I would highly recommend this switch and here's why:

Firstly, the high quality feel. I was expecting something to be mostly plastic and a little metal, which would give it a cheap feel, to my surprise this was not the case. I was shocked when I opened up the packaging to find a fully metal switch, the weighty feel gives a nice touch and would ensure that this doesn't damage easy. It also has a nice finish on it, which gives it a very nice feel. The quality overall is fantastic

Speed. This is truly gigabit speeds, after running a few short test's I found this out for myself. I can transfer files from my PC and Desktop to my server or external network drives much quicker than I could using my router. I thought that either the product was using smart advertising techniques or tricks to fool me into thinking this was gigabit speeds and it would turn out to be slower than that. However, as mentioned this was not the case.

Delivery. The delivery time was amazing! I was surprised with the short shipping time (considering it just being Christmas) that my order was delivered on time. I was out at the time of delivery and the package was sent to my next door neighbours house instead.

Why? When first researching into a network switch I was solely planning to use it as an extension on from my router, as I had too many ethernet cables and too little ports. I had already setup my home network and got my server up & running using a standard 500Mbps router, the speed's when transferring large files was slow. After reading up online that purchasing a gigabit switch would not only increase the amount of ethernet ports I had available, but also increase server to client speeds I purchased this. However, this doesn't have to be used with networking, it can be used for just extending the amount of ports you have to use for devices, which to most people, is a lifesaver.

Overall: I would highly recommend this network switch, it provides great quality, speed and usability. Just plug and play! It is also true Gigabit speeds.
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on 15 November 2016
Excellent switch for a small office/ home office type network setup, particularly in a network closet with a rackmount cabinet. That does not mean you cannot use it anywhere else you need this many ports.

Most people looking at this item will know this, but for those unaware, this does not replace your router. The switch has 24 ports and will effectively increase the number of ports in the back of your router. A normal setup will consist of a single cable from the router to one of the ports on this switch, and then further devices hooked up to the other ports. Lights correspond to the port being used along with the speed (100/1000 Mbps).

A point to note is that the included power cable could not fit in my cabinet as it was a slimline version (280mm total depth) and the cable termination plug itself is too rigid. To rectify this I purchased a right angled power cable and it has been running just fine. Those with normal depth cabinets or installing outside of an enclosure will have no issues.

Also the unit is smaller than the standard 19" rackmount width. It includes 2 brackets to attach to the sides so that it can be mounted in a cabinet but there is a bit of 'sag' due to the weight of the main unit. Not too much of an issue for most people. It comes with all the mounting screws and bolts required to rackmount it.
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on 8 April 2014
Recent purchase as a upgrade to my home network. Well over specced for normal home networks but if you have need of trunking, VLAN and the other managed items .. this is the one for you.

The only tip I would add is.... connect the switch directly to a computer first.... and set up a static IP other than ..... just to avoid any conflicts with standard home router gateway IP..... makes life so much easier.... :)
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on 17 March 2017
I got the version that allows management via a web interface, glad I did as I didn't want a Windows only management version.

I have only used it as a dumb switch so far with a port reserved for mirroring traffic on a piece of work that required that and it did he job well.

I plan to set up some QoS and VLANs when I get some time and will report back if any issues.
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on 4 November 2017
Perfect. I needed to buy this to create a VLAN network in my house to prevent a HDMI sender from pinging every single port in my home network.

They aren't lying when they call it the "Easy Smart". Plug it in, use the software on any PC connected to the network and the configuration is so easy to follow that even a novice like me can create VLAN networks solving all of my home network problems.

No speed drops when I replaced my regular GB switch out with this one and a week on it's still running great!
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on 29 October 2016
I have a few switches around my house all gigabit as most of my devices are now gigabit enabled I want give my devices the best connection possible. I have tp link gigabit powerline plugs around my house also to link in with the switches and this all works flawlessly. This tp link 8 port switch works great and is built with aluminium too not some plastic rubbish which we have all come to expect from new products nowadays. This switch can can take your normal rj45 cables via the front or if you pop the cover off you can wire the cables directly to rear. The lights do only light green to show a valid data connection but be assured if your device is gigabit enabled th switch will passing the connection through at gigabit speeds. I used to be skeptical of lesser known brands but tp link have proven to be very reliable ( no failures with powerline plugs in two years) and I now have faith in their brand. My network consists of a few cables computers, a fire-tv two xbox one consoles, three xbox 360 consoles, a media centre, two smart tv's and other wireless devices that connect to my netgear x6 R8000 router that distributes the dhcp to all devices in the house I have some with fixed ips to simplify setup of media items. My network works great and I have never had a streaming problem with hd content to several devices at the same time with these switches. Grab one and give it a go next time you need to add capacity to your own network.
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on 15 July 2016
This is a review of the metal-cased SG108 rather than the other models available on the same page. I bought this to replace a Netgear 100/10 switch on my home network to take advantage of the Gigabit Ethernet supported by my router. So far it's a decent reliable bit of kit and using it really is as simple as plugging it in and forgetting about it. Its never needed restarting and I've never had any issues with it, nor do I anticipate any.

Note that you'd be advised to get Cat6 cable to use with Gigabit ethernet as although Cat5 and Cat5E can support the speeds they're not certified to do so and may provide unreliable connections. That said I've used both without any apparent issues so Cat5 will still work if you already have that, but worth knowing in case you get reliability issues that it's more likely to be the cable than the switch.
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on 8 May 2018
I find this very disappointing, If I connect my laptop to my router directly I get a download speed of around 1Mbytes per second as usual but if I connect via this switch I only get transfers in the tens of kilobytes per second even though it's supposed to be a gigabit capable processor inside so it should handle 100M full duplex just fine. Makes no difference if I force my laptops gigabit Ethernet adapter to 100M full duplex or let it auto-negotiate 1G connection. Something is wrong with how this works but since it is un-managed there are no controls to adjust.
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on 1 March 2017
Having cabled every room in my house with multiple Ethernet points I wanted an easy way to connect the bulk of the port up to my home network. This switch seemed the perfect choice plug and play, being a Gigabit switch was a great positive as I could quickly move movie files around my home network. I've made an unboxing video check it out on YouTube by searching for ‘Geek Street Unboxing of TP-Link TL-SG1024D 24-Port Gigabit Desktop/Rackmount Switch HD 1080P’ you could also see it in use by searching for 'Geek Street Home server room running HP MicroServer N54L/TP-Link TL-SG1024D noise Stage 3 in HD 1080P'
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on 7 June 2018
This is great. I just plugged the internet into slot 1 and my equipment/devices in the other pirts and that was that. All done and working.

So, where it says the number of ports? One of them is for the internet in. Only the rest of the ports are for devices. I bought the 5 port and all slots are used. If I add any devices to my lot I'd need to upgrade to a larger unit. Or, buy another one of the same and plug it into the other slot on the main internet modem to keep the speed fast.

I connected the virgin media box and two consoles, plus the TV. The virgin box still does all it needs while a console or TV is being used. (I can't test if both consoles work at the same time though)

Hope that is useful as I am no tech whiz I'm afraid.
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