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on 15 January 2015
Absolute best mouse I've ever had. I've tried quite a few others in the last few years (in order of preference - Cyborg Rat 5, Rat 3, Logitech G602, Logitech G502), and I'm very picky about the shape of the mouse ergonomically. This is obviously quite a subjective thing as people prefer different mouse shapes, although I find this one extremely comfortable.

Before buying this I already owned a Sensei RAW Glossy edition (with the glossy coating) - that was my favourite mouse but this one is just even better! not only does the coating feel more comfortable and smoother, the mouse buttons also have a more satisfying feel to them - the glossy version feels more clicky/flimsy, but these have a more solid and very consistent press to them.

I am a hardcore Moba/RTS gamer as well as occasional FPS gamer so the performance is the 2nd most important thing to me, and as I already said the feel of the mouse clicks is near perfect on this mouse, the middle-mouse button is the best middle mouse button I've ever tried (perfect for scrolling the screen and clicking down fast).

Finally as for the sensor - I find it to be perfectly good. No noticeable acceleration or jumping tbh.

This is the mouse I've been searching for for ages, and I don't imagine anything will beat it (for my personal taste of course) for quite a while.
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on 4 March 2015
Simple design - distinct lack of gamer frills.
Braided cable.
Software that allows for a good degree of customisability and a useful interface for adding custom macros.
I've found the tracking excellent in games as well as software like Illustrator and AutoCAD.

One of the reasons I bought this mouse was because it has extra buttons on both sides - I like to use my ring finger to hit the buttons on right side of the mouse, but the tactility of the buttons is pretty poor. They're mushy and it can be difficult to tell the difference between them just by touch. I'm slowly getting used to them, but I miss how clicky the buttons on the cheaper Perixx model the Sensei has replaced.

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on 18 May 2013
Before playing on this I had used a friend's Razer Copperhead, and was trying to get one of my own (it has been discontinued).
I stumbled on a forum post of someone else looking to get a Copperhead, and quite a few people recommended this as a possible replacement.

It has a nice weight, and the main clicks are sturdy yet take little to no effort to press. I find that the extra buttons are in a perfect position whether you use the 'claw' or 'palm' grip.

I've been using this mouse for a couple months now, at around 5 hours a day on some pretty click-intensive games (Diablo 3, SC2) and it shows no sign of letting up.

The only problem that I find with this mouse is that the shiny surface attracts dust, and after a long session can get a bit grubby where your fingers have been. A quick wipe clears this up no problem however.

If I could go back in time I would've gotten the pro edition just because it's black rather than white, and doesn't have the shiny surface, but it's not enough to make me hate this mouse. I love it, and would recommend it in a heartbeat.
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on 20 May 2015
I'm a leftie who has used gaming mice from MS, Logitech, Razer; my last three have been from SteelSeries: Xai, Sensei and now the Sensei RAW. The RAW is the best gaming mouse i've had so far. It has a good balance of features and performance, the only issue i've had is the resistance to rotation in the wheel; this has caused a click instead of a turn a couple of times. Configuration and reassigning buttons is a breeze: i have found that the software is intuitive and works well. One thing i have noticed in *macros* is that the 'Buttons' appear to be physical not logical: once a macro is assigned to a button, assigning that button to another button invokes the macro. It's a small thing got round by programming the other button to be a macro. A difference from the Sensei is that the DPI setting changes in steps (of 90). I can also testify for SteelSeries support. I had a problem with the Xai in the warranty period and they paid the postage costs and provided a new mouse in a good turnaround time. The Sensei lasted 3 years (and i'm not altogether sure that the problem wasn't to do with Win8 :-O) All in all, a great mouse from a sound company.
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on 24 July 2013
For the price point of this mouse, it's hard to find one to compare it to that looks and feels as nice as this one does.
I've been through a lot of mice but I feel that this one is by far the best mouse I've purchased, and some have cost quite a bit more. I even use a corsair m90 in work which costs considerably more and has an incredible amount of functionality... but I still prefer to use this modest sensei raw.

If you compare this mouse to most Razer mice, it looks and feels better but doesn't hurt your wallet so much.

If you're wondering what the differences are between this and the original Sensei, unless you are a pro gamer who truly needs the best possible mouse for minimal disadvantage, then I'm pretty sure the RAW will do you just fine. The compromises are small and the price drop is great.


Pros: Looks great, feels great and probably has enough functionality to do everything you want from a mouse. It works just as well as the more expensive version of the mouse and you don't get too many compromises with the considerable price drop.
LED's are a plus, the white light looks clean and goes great with a matching LED keyboard.

Cons: If you have greasy hands, you will probably have to clean off your grubby prints quite a bit as it ruins the matte finish on the mouse.

Side note: get the rubberised version, the finish and feel is much better.

EDIT: Price has gone up, dropping a star - it's not as tasty any more.
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on 29 March 2015
Works very well, no complaints there. Love the customisation options on the lighting, although as with the SteelSeries keyboards I'm not sure there are that many colour combinations, the LEDs only seem to change colour in steps (across each of the RGB values)... so not so easy to match a colour with it, and the different areas on the mouse don't quite match each other when the same colour is selected.
Anyway it's a nice feeling mouse, good size and weight, nice braided lead, good button actions.
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on 30 August 2016
This is a quality bit of kit. It isn't cheap, but you get what you pay for. The fully customisable buttons are great and although the customisable lighting colour is a bit gimmicky, my mouse matches my backlit keyboard...

This mouse is advertised for sale on the Microsoft website, which makes me think they might ultimately own the company that makes this.
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on 15 December 2014
A bit lagging but quite accurate mouse for FPS games. Is not the best lense one out there, but it is very conformable. The most Comfortable i ever used and i am right handed. i had every single Razer and Logitech mouse. Deathadder has the best lense, but is the word shape i ever had on my hands, never got used to it. plus Razer mice live for few months o a year. Hate Razer. They perform as the best .. but just for weeks or months.
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on 16 February 2013
It's been a few months since I purchased this and I must say, I've been through a few mouse devices for gaming, and this is my favourite so far.
Physically, everything from its weight to the way in which it fits your hand is superb, which is surprising considering that you cannot adjust its dimensions like other devices on the market. The way the LED's can change colour based on what you're doing is also a pretty cool, if pointless, feature.
It's performance, though, is where this mouse truly stands above the others. The device can be tweaked in several different ways; including sensitivity, acceleration, deceleration, list tracking, and more. But if you're lazy, you can use the pre-set profiles.
The only negative is that the chrome finish can be a fingerprint magnet and can become visibly dirtier very quickly, although these are minor points as you won't be looking at the mouse all that often and it is easily cleaned with a wipe.
Overall, if you are looking for a mouse to play games competitively then you've found it. However, if you aren't looking to play games competitively or even at all, you'd be better off buying a cheaper device for between the £10 - £30 mark.
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on 11 November 2013
Their are certain pluses and minuses about this mouse, Excellent build quality although I find the usb cord slightly to heavy and can pull the mouse backwards if the lead is not positioned properly.
I found the mouse to be overly large therefore slightly uncomfortable but I liked the software with the mouse which allowed me to change it to left handed mode and slow it down a little, You should of seen the confusion on my friends face as he tried to use the mouse after all he is a stereotypical right hander :) Welcome to my world.
In my opinion it is a good price for what it iscunlike some of the other brands out their that are totally extortionate and you pay mainly for the brand name.
So I guess the question is would I recommend this and the answer is if you are a lefty yes it is the best out their at the present time for this price point, Hopefully better will come along sometime soon, But if you are right handed I would have to say no there are better out their.
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