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on 16 January 2015
Christopher Booker fantastic - read his column in the Telegraph on Sunday, learn some truths and re-orientate your brain!
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on 23 July 2008
Really fascinating and persuasive book describing the real stories behind many scares such as BSE, salmonella, asbestos and now global warming... Cant recommend it enough for people who want a deeper understanding about the realities of the world.
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on 18 February 2008
This is the best book that I have read for some time. All MP's and anyone in power should be made to read this.
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VINE VOICEon 19 April 2009
Having lived through all the scares that are in this book I was intrigued about what this book had to say about each.

From the moment I picked it up I was gripped. Each scare is well researched - the authors having been personally involved in all the food scares in the book - and written.

The book really does reveal that each of the scares in the book, which at the time really were scares, were over-reactions triggered by the need for a good scare story to sell papers combined with a complete lack of rigour and objectivity by scientists and stupidity and panic by politicians.

It also deals with the biggest scare of them all - climate change. It deals with this current scare in a logical, objective way and is a necessary read for anyone who is concerned about the headlines about climate change in newspapers.

A fantastic read. The only gripe I have is the speed camera 'scare'. It's not really a scare and it just comes across as if the author was annoyed about recently being caught speeding by a camera. Ignoring this though, it is one of the best books I have read in a while. A real eye-opener! Highly recommended!
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VINE VOICEon 24 February 2009
The authors have do an outstanding job explaining how a list of scares came about, who manipulated the scientific results and why.

My reaction to the book: I am relieved that my scepticism about GAG (the Gospel According to Gore) was not unfounded, and I am really scared to read about the power of political parties and action groups.

Meanwhile Al Gore continues to peddle the lies on his website. And the gullible media and the public think he speaks the truth.

But hey, the truth will out. Type in the words "global" "warming" and "hoax" into Google and you get 2 million results. Try it.

Balanced scientific facts and the cooling of the climate we have seen since 1998 will start to convince people that global warming is just another scare, like asbestos and others. I wonder what will be next? Aliens, I guess!
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on 28 November 2015
First we had Charles Mackay's Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds in 1842, then we have this excellent work as its modern incarnation. Booker always delivers well written an intelligent books. Recommended
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on 7 November 2015
This book is so interesting and informative. I bought another copy for my teenage grand-daughter so that she won't grow up believing everything she's told but will keep an open mind and a hint of cynicism.
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on 13 July 2008
This book should be compulsory reading for every politician, national or local, and every public servant. It is a horrifying book that describes in accurate detail how those in authority lie, deceive and cheat the very people who vote them into power. The sheer amount of money that has been squandered in this way would have been enough to feed everyone on this planet for the next hundred years!
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on 4 June 2009
This book is a well-researched study of the "Hype phenomenon" presenting a number of cases: a fine piece of information for responsible citizens who do not want to be fooled by politicians and media. The chapter about the Climate Hype is especially worth reading - including the pages on the windmill-hype.
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on 4 May 2010
This is, arguably, one of the most important books of the past few years. The authors detail a number of scares and scams which have been pushed by politicians, bureaucrats and, especially, self-interested or unbalanced "scientists" in the past couple of decades. They cover, inter alia, bird flu, dangerous eggs. CJD, foot-and-mouth, "satanic child abuse" hysteria, man-made "global warming" etc. Excellent throughout. It gripped me from the start.

Reviewing in detail just a few of these, one that struck me most forcibly was the "satanic child abuse" hysteria. I recall that when I returned to the UK after living for a while in the USA in the early 1990's, this was in full swing. What frightened me (despite my not being a parent) was how easily quite intelligent and educated people believed the most arrant nonsense. A well-regarded fellow barrister told me, at the bar of one of the pubs by the Inns of Court that children were being born, never registered and were, in fact, being bred for abuse and satanic sacrifice! He seemed to really believe it. He also thought that it was circumstantial evidence of guilt that, in one of the Orkney cases, the families involved had relocated as a loose group, to a remote island. since when, in English law, has relocation to another part of the country, whether in a group (I think that was not so, anyway) or individually, been any evidence of crime? Incredible.

The part played by a few unbalanced individuals within charities and social work arenas is well detailed. In Middlesborough, two people, "Dr" Marietta Higgs and some, probably quite perverse, other "doctor" called Wyatt seem to have caused the whole problem. One of them went on a course to learn some crazy American technique for (supposedly) examining children naked and so easily spotting "abuse". Children were put through a humiliating and degrading conveyor belt examination process. One six year old recalls Wyatt shouting at her, while Higgs is said to have had a nasty expression. These people were the real "abusers". What happened to them? Are they still officially "doctors", very well-paid members of our sainted NHS?

It seems that a lot of the trouble was caused by a relatively small number of such, shall we say..."odd"... "experts", who enjoyed exercising the power and influence which, otherwise, they never had had and never afterwards would have. I recall reading, much later, an account by some of the persecuted Orkney families, who recalled a woman called McLean, from a child protection charity, an unpleasant and enormously fat woman whose attitude was aggressive and bullying. People do not think of that when they put their pennies in the collection box to "help children" or "prevent abuse" etc...The entirely false, faked "eminence" of these "child experts"seems to have blinded many courts and even such luminaries as Mr. Justice Kay into believing the most unlikely rubbish, akin, as the authors say, to the witch trials of previous centuries. Ironically, the most skeptical seeem to have been the ordinary police. The ordinary copper cannot believe the sort of evidence given by the children who talked about satanic rituals and witches flying on broomsticks ...and the like.

The families had children dragged away from their homes screaming, put through a secret police type of interrogation, alone with their persecutors until they gave the testimony the questioners wanted. In the UK, in the late 20th century...

Likewise, in respect of the global warming and health scares, the damage has often been done by scientists pronouncing outside the area of their specific expertise. The "white coat" phenomenon is well and truly alive in the UK and had dazzled some of our most superficially clever but really quite mediocre politicians, including Al Gore, Tony Blair, the Milibands et al. And who can forget little Nicky Clegg, currently enjoying absurd temporary celebrity, who talks about "climate change deniers" etc. His own knowledge? Zero.

The authors make the point that a lot of the data about man-made "global warming", "carbon emissions" etc, is false, sometimes directly faked and one of the main centres of falsity is...the Uni. of East Anglia Climate Change department...yet this book was published well BEFORE the latest set of scandals involving that same institution.

The connection between the "global warming" narrative and the "Holocaust" narrative is made, though shied away from by the authors. There are, however, marked similarities: the bizarre and often provably untrue claims: lampshades and furniture covered with human --Jewish-- skin; vast amounts of hair shaved off Auschwitz inmates, not for health reasons, but to stuff Wehrmacht overcoats or cushions! Well, of course, the German Army and SS would love to wear overcoats stuffed with lice-infested human/Jewish hair! What rubbish, but many still believe it! They go to the grisly Auschwitz theme park, see rooms full of human hair and swallow the story whole! The Brothers Grimm had a better story (hair spun into gold, in Rumpelstiltskin). It is often the small details that trip up the lies and scams.

The authors point out that some "global warming" fanatics even want to have "Nuremberg" trials for those who "deny" their accepted "climate change" narrative. Amazing and it gets worse and worse as the intellect is left behind.

The authors also make the point that some possible sources of death and destruction are scarcely noted by the mass media, such as possible nuclear warfare and, also, the loss of bees in the world. The latter would lead to the death of all human life 5 years later, as Einstein opined. That seems to me to be a REAL threat of which to be scared!

This book is stupendous and should be read by every politician and, I should add, every citizen in the UK and elsewhere.
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