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Customer reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars
Aloha From Hawaii Via Satellite (Legacy Edition)
Format: Audio CD|Change
Price:£9.98+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 8 April 2013
I purchased this albumfor my mum as a mother's day gift which she thinks is fantastic. She also has got the LP version which she purchased all the way back in 1973, so i thought it would be a great idea to update it with this album.
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on 26 March 2013
Elvis Presley's January 14th, 1973 concert from Honolulu in Hawaii was seen by some 1.5 billion people and was the first time that a rock concert had been presented in this way, using what was then revolutionary technology. Often considered to be the last great high of Presley's career, the show was captured on the double-album ALOHA FROM HAWAII VIA SATELLITE for posterity. But did the spectacle of the show itself overshadow the music that was performed?

Well, compared to his previous live album, which had been recorded at New York's Madison Square Garden in 1972 (also as available as a Legacy Edition), the mix of the ALOHA FROM HAWAII album is noticeably superior, although the sound of one of the brass musicians does come through a little intrusively at times, particularly during Presley's rendition of The Beatles' 'Something', during which the singer also sounds rather bored. As usual by this stage in his career, The King was rattling through his oldies like 'Hound Dog' and 'Blue Suede Shoes' with an almost perfunctory abandon (although 'A Big Hunk O' Love' is given a fuller and far more committed work-out towards the close of the show), and it is with the ballads where Presley gives more dedication. 'You Gave Me A Mountain', 'My Way', 'What Now My Love' and 'American Trilogy' are notable highlights, while 'Burning Love' - a song that Presley infamously didn't particularly like - and 'Steamroller Blues' are arguably the best of the harder-edged selections on offer.

Maybe it was nerves on the big night, but The King's voice does actually sound in better shape on the accompanying ALTERNATE ALOHA concert featured on disc two, where a rehearsal performance from January 12th was recorded for safety reasons in case the money ran out of the satellite's meter at the wrong moment. In fact, this listener enjoyed the "alternate" concert rather more than the "official" show, not least for the inclusion of the five after-hours songs; one of these, a truly lovely take on Gordon Lightfoot's 'Early Morning Rain', is quite possibly the highlight of the entire album: here Presley sounds thoroughly relaxed and his delivery of the song is beautifully poised. These extra selections - four of which are songs from Presley's BLUE HAWAII movie - were taped for inclusion in ALOHA's American broadcast, which didn't occur until April of 1973.

Needless to say, ALOHA FROM HAWAII VIA SATELLITE was a huge success upon its release, giving The King his first American chart-topping album since the relatively forgettable ROUSTABOUT soundtrack in 1964. Originally released to standard in quadraphonic sound (but compatible with conventional stereo systems, apparently), it would have been nice if Sony could have released this reissue as a dual layer Super Audio CD, so that those with the right equipment could listen to the album as it was originally intended (a surround mix might help that brass player blend in better with the band too!).

All in all, then, ALOHA FROM HAWAII VIA SATELLITE remains a key event in Elvis Presley's career, but it doesn't represent the best live Elvis. His first two concert albums, ELVIS IN PERSON and ON STAGE, FEBRUARY 1970, are rather superior to this. However, that beguiling version of 'Early Morning Rain' is something I could listen to again and again.
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on 24 May 2013


I waited in the hallway
but I wanted to runaway,
I was nervous - oh so
nervous, I felt my soul
giving way?

I could hear the noise of
the people, they really
were shouting,
I had to go on stage - and
sing like a king?

It really was an occasion,
no other person had
But I would go out there -
and simply sing indeed?

The intro started - boy I
was scared, but I had to
go on -
The orchestra was playing
good, I even heard the

My costume was white, with
gold and blue, it was my turn
to shine,
Being out there in Hawaii, boy,
it felt so fine?

The moment a legend would
really make his mark,
And I was so exited - ready to
recreate that spark!

That spark I had in Hollywood,
it really was a buzz,
But some of those stupid movies,
boy, what a load of fuss?

My time in Hollywood, was
now coming to a close,
I made some awful movies,
but, I made some good ones,
of course?

But back to the present, I was
back, had I been away?
I was ready to sing See See
Rider - and feel my body just

The occasion would be filmed,
and seen by millions,
But I felt good - and raring to
go, I'm set for battle stations!

I stood there tall - as tall as a
king, my future would secure,
I stormed on out there to the
stage, boy, they wanted more?

Parading proudly across the stage,
it felt so exciting,
The audience in their thousands -
were really so inviting?

I took on hold of my guitar and
swung it round my neck,
I walked up to the microphone,
the feel, I had to check!

Singing loudly as I do, there was
no going back,
The concert was a complete
success, I hadn't lost the knack!

Thank you to Hawaii, and the
audience so true,
My Aloha From Hawaii was -
especially for you!

My nerves had gone, and I
was there, were I did belong,
Up on that great big stage -
singing all my songs?

Just to hear the audience roar,
I really was in awe,
The more I sang - the more the
cries, they really did all roar!

I felt like jelly but so good, the
concert was a success,
I was back where I belonged, I
felt like Elliott Ness!

All my nerves which I had, had
now totally disappeared,
I would now go to all my shows,
never more to be feared.

I have to thank all my friends,
and of course, my band,
They have always been there -
and closely watch my hand?

My orchestra too, they are
supreme, I couldn't ask for
When they played the over-
ture, the audience did roar!

I was now back in Hawaii, and
a concert all so true,
Thank you to all my fans - my
God, I do love all of you.

This would mark my concert
tours, and baby, I am yours,
Thank you to my holy lord,
he really opened my doors?

I was to play Las Vegas, and
tour the United States,
I would never leave any concert,
the lord, he does create?

Ladies and gentlemen, my health
was poor, but I did carry on,
But my singing voice, and my zest,
would always light my throne.

I now sit here in heaven - and look
upon down,
Down on the earth, and to my fans -
please don't wear that frown?

I am at peace and I sing in heaven,
as the lord loves to hear,
I am with my mom, and my dad,
my greatest fans so dear.

Mourn not, for I shall be back,
when the time is right,
For destiny is in the future -
the lord tells it straight?

I did it My Way, and I loved my
life, and the Aloha From Hawaii,
Please say a prayer just for me,
and I'll never leave you, I pray.

The king is in heaven, and does
still sing, so salute the name of
For he opened his heart at every
concert, and all was sheer bliss!

Aloha From Hawaii is now a legacy,
it creates the sound so pure,
Turning the name of Elvis, to a
legend, now for sure?

This concert is now available, and
Elvis listens on,
He looks at his mom - who looks at
the lord, and says: "that's my very
proud son?".


(Darryl Ashton. 24/5/2013
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on 22 April 2013
I reviewed the cd of the Aloha main show some time ago and expressed my disappointment with it. Anyway I bought this 2013 release thinking there might have been an improvement in the sound. I have to say really that overall there isn't a huge difference. I always felt that Elvis was in very weak voice for these concerts. Perhaps it was nerves or the fact that his fast weight loss (down to 168lbs) had taken a lot out of him, I don't know. Compare this to the '68 TV Special, the '69 and '70 Vegas shows and you'll see what I mean. The '72 Madison Sq GD set is actually far superior. Personally the only half decent performance on this I would argue is Welcome to My World. Had this been released as a single it would have been a UK number 1. Overall though this is hardly an essential purchase.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 20 August 2016
This is the only cd version I've got as I bought the original vinyl version in 1973 (and watched the live broadcast....which makes me feel really old) and it really wasn't a favourite. I've just been searching around to read opinions on various blogs and fan sites and I'm thinking I'm hearing a different concert.

For me (on the rehearsal disc particularly) he sounds tired, slightly disinterested and his voice is weak. Many of the songs are rushed through, lyrics forgotten and the phrasing not crisp. The actual real concert is better. And I know many people will disagree with me - but I've never really like him doing Something or Fever. I've never really like either song much.

I've read other people say that disc 2 (rehearsal) is better than the concert - but I'm listening to it now and I'm still not sold (although American Trilogy always seems to get him to raise his game, no matter how he was feeling). And I like What Now My Love. Put it this way - it's not a concert I'd recommend to someone who was a new Elvis fan. For me it's one of those albums I will listen to a couple of times and then put at the back of the cupboard. Maybe after putting 1 or 2 tracks in my digital playlist.

PS - part of the problem may be that I've been listening to Way Down In The Jungle room and the vocals are brilliant on it. Kind of colouring my judgement.
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on 20 April 2013
I was so thrilled when i first heard that this was coming out, mainly because as well as the broadcast concert (Jan 14th), the dress rehersal concert (Jan 12th) was going to be part of this, which has never been released before on CD before. The day i got it, i immediatly played Steamroller Blues from the Jan 12th concert and the sound was/is brilliant. I actually think the sound on both these discs is better then what is on the Aloha From Hawaii 2 Disc DVD set. You can hear everything more clearly, the band, the orchestra. Im very pleased with this and im so glad that the Jan 12th concert is included in this, originally when i first this was coming out, i thought it would just be the Jan 14th concert x2 discs, one with the original sound from when it first came out in '73, then the other with digitally remastered sound.
As for delivery, ordered it on the 16th march, arrived on the 20th which was really good. Next thing they have to release on CD, along with A LOT of bonus tracks, is Elvis on Tour. That i really would like to see happen as im sure a lot of Elvis fans would.
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on 23 March 2013
Compared to the 25th Anniversary edition, the original album on this Legacy edition sounds exactly the same (to my ear at least) minus the extended talking by Elvis heard on the 25th anniversary edition, as the Legacy edition is a faithful reproduction of the orginal double LP album released in 1973. The linear notes are more extensive and informative as you would expect (with more photos) in this Legacy edition, but for the music itself (at least in regards to the original album) doesn't add anything new. The 2nd CD of the rehearsal concert though, which was previously released in 1988 as the Alternate Aloha (and which I first heard on cassette), is a lot better than the original and has been re-mixed in such a way that it sounds much fresher. If you don't have either album, then I think this purchase is probably worth the extra few pounds over the 25th Anniversary CD, although I also think the latter CD is good enough production wise with the after show songs already included, and the complete original(uninterrupted) recorded concert from start to finish. If you have the original album already, then I think this purchase will probably appeal to die-hard fans only.
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on 30 May 2016
Excellent warm sound on good solid heavyweight 180gram vynil, you can actually hear the band, Orchestra, and ELVIS'S VOICE doesn't sound mumbled and echoey like the original mix. Only one criticism why on this reissue have they kept the same tacky and unflattering pictures of ELVIS on the front cover and inside the album artwork these pics were taken during the, ELVIS ON TOUR, shows a year earlier, Always confused me that! Anyway yes it might be a bit pricey but make sure you buy this version as you get the two concerts on 4 vynils, as only two on other labels, so enjoy and relive a piece of music HISTORY, and treat yourself!
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on 21 January 2014
Hit an' Miss .... Im a huge Elvis fan and have loved this concert ever since my Dad bought the original Albums . Its called the Legacy Edition but its just the same version of the original all over again !!
With most of the talking between songs from the show still missing I think (yet again)it could have been so much more . The booklet is poor with the same photos used again and again !!I may be missing the point but as has been said before the MSG CD is so much better with all the songs that had been left out in the original LP put back in .
Elvis is one of the most important people of the 20th Century . He redefind music .. fashion .. our culture was changed forever .. and because of him nothing was the same ever again . Like someone once said .. Before anyone had done anything .. Elvis had done everything !! Long Live The King.
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on 16 October 2014
Elvis Made History (once again) With This Album Having The Show Broadcast Live On Television So That His Fans All Around The World Could See Just What An Elvis Concert Was Like ...And He Did Not Disappoint .
The Voice Was As Strong As Ever He Played To The Audience Like No Other With Fantastic Song Choice For This Very Special Show. This 4 L.P. 180 Gram Vinyl Release To Mark The 40th Anniversary Is Just Fantastic , What Makes This An Exceptional Release For This Legacy Edition Is The Inclusion Of The Rehearsal Show From 12th Jan. Is Truly A Fitting Tribute To All Elvis Fans
Most Elvis Fans Would Have Heard This Show On Bootleg Releases But This Edition Is Far Superior Sound .
This Is A Great Album To Have And I Am Delighted To Add To My Collection.
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