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on 4 April 2016
As with all Tom Moulton Remixes, a quality album!
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on 15 January 2018
Mixed by the Master..
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on 13 December 2017
one of the best compilations I have ever heard
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on 14 July 2013
This is the album that some of us have been waiting all of our lives to be released. Is that a bit strong? Well the answer is NO. If you are a fan of the early Philly sound you will absolutely adore this release, and I am not exaggerating. The Detroit Spinners open the first CD with probably my fave track of all time 'Could It Be I'm Falling In Love', it has been re-mixed brilliantly staying faithful to the original song. The other Spinners track 'One Of A Kind (Love Affair)' (CD 2 Track 2 is also brilliant). 'I'm Doing Fine Now' (CD1 Track2) is also amazing. More stunning tracks follow from Blue Magic, Philly Devotions. If you are a fan of this genre of music you can't fail to be in heaven listening to this. An absolutely stunning release.

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on 24 June 2013
If you are a fan of the sound of Philadelphia this Album is a must, and will complement your music collection , the best Tom Moulton remixes so far .New York City , Sons of Robin Stone ,The Sinners are all GREAT tracks but Tom has worked his magic on them . Yes they are FAB ... Thanks Tom for this GREAT Album ......Steve ...
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on 24 June 2013
Well, when I thought nothing can top the BEST CD Tom Moulton ever did (Philadelphia Classics Box Set), Harmless Records comes out with one that is just as good!!!!

Philly ReGrooved 3 surprises on several fronts......

First of all, the Philly ReGrooved Series mainly comprised of tracks from PHILLY GROOVE Records; a company owned by Stan "The Man" Watson. It wasn't a major record company, but it did have it's hits....Groups like First Choice, Sound Experience, Quickest Way Out, Finishing Touch and others had great soul & dance hits in the early to mid-70's on Stan's label. Tom has remixed them and made them into standards....

But this NEW entry in the Philly ReGrooved Series branches out......
It has delved into MAJOR territory, pulling tracks from Atlantic, Atco, Buddah, Chelsea, and even one from Defected Records......All having The Smooth Sound Of Philadelphia!!!

This CD has million selling hits, Disco Classics, and underground 'Hard-To-Find' tracks all mixed superbly by Tom Moulton!

Represented here are The Spinners with "Could It Be I'm Falling In Love" and "One Of A Kind (Love Affair)"-----2 of their biggest hits, Produced by Thom Bell. Tom extends these 2 very careful not to lose the integrity of the originals. The quality & clarity on each note of these tracks are magnificent; and if you are a fan of these 2 tracks, you will be amazed!!!

Thom Bell is also represented by 2 more tracks with one of his lesser known artists: New York City. They only had 1 album in 1974 yielding one smash hit, "I'm Doing Fine", which Tom mixed and extended into a full 8 minute+ Disco Hustle Opus. Tom also chose a track from their LP called "Quick Fast In A Hurry" which he sped up a little and gave it the energy & soul it needed.

Talk about HITS.....Included in this set is The Trammps' "Hold Back The Night" in a brand new mix, new break, CLARITY in the vocals especially Jimmy Ellis...MAAAAANNNN!!!

And a masterpiece that everyone will love--->William DeVaughn's "Be Thankful For What You've Got".....Tom accents Norman Harris' guitar and Vince Montana Jr.'s vibe solo...the track ends up at 9 minutes+...a real Soul Classic!!!!!

Several tracks are from the unknown and hard to find category:
For the first time on CD is a Norman Harris produced track by The Ebonys.
"Making Love Just Ain't No Fun" was a 1976 Buddah Records single that slipped thru the cracks back then, but grew in stature throughout the years. The Dynamic TSOP rhythm section of Baker-Harris-Young and the lush backdrop of the MFSB Strings & Horns WOW!!!!

Bettye Swan also gets the Tom Moulton Remix treatment with 2 tracks: "When The Game Is Played On You" & "Kiss My Love Goodbye" - These 2 are destined to be played at all the UK SoulBoy's Soul Weekenders for years to come.....Only available on an Out Of Print Atlantic Compilation...these tracks have been extended TWICE as long...and mixed to make it sound THICKER....these will be played like NEW songs....Bettye has never sounded as spunky!!!!!!

David Morris Jr.'s "Jack In The Box" was another overlooked (not by me) Buddah single that Tom has now transformed into a lush Philly Sound Stormer....the long instrumental pass in the middle takes you on a journey!!!

Now for the Disco Hits: [Tom's Specialty]:

Melba Moore's "Standing Right Here" has been played since 1978 in the sparce Richie Rivera 12" Version.....NOW Tom has transformed it into a SOUL record....putting back all the orchestration that McFadden & Whitehead originally had...PLUS a killer break.....
This is another one that the UK Soul Boys will treasure!!!!

Son's Of Robin Stone's "Got To Get You Back" has been a Disco staple for years...the original 45 was 3 mins....Tom has now made it almost 6 minutes BUT has made the sound so THICK & DYNAMIC it sounds like you are hearing it LIVE!!!

The Modulations' "I Can't Fight Your Love" was yet another 1974 Buddah 45 that was only available now on an out of print Japanese CD [if you can find it]....Now Tom has doubled the length and doubled the dynamics...You can hear ALL of the instruments so clear and the Vince Montana Jr. arrangement on here is a dancer's dream!!!

Loose Change's "Babe" has been really transformed here....Tom simplified the original arrangement, and has everything sounding clear as a bell....Part of "The Saint's" Morning Music scene, this will get some 'new' play from those that missed it back then!

Philly Devotions' "I Just Can't Say Goodbye" FINALLY gets a long version.....Back in 1975, Tom had made a 3 minute vocal/instrumental 45 for the DJs to make their own mixes....Now he puts it all together himself, with Extra Dynamics....I never heard Norman Harris' guitar in the original....the backround vocals sound so clear as well.

Blue Magic's "Look Me Up" a Disco Staple for years gets the Moulton Anthem Treatment.....Remixed and Extended with a NEW Break..it is now 10 minutes...if you don't dance, guaranteed your body will be movin' & squirming as you feel this track sounding brand new!!!!

They are called Bonus Tracks because they were the last tracks added to the set and are fairly recent compared to the 1970s time frame of the other songs.

Double Exposure's "Soul Recession", a Bobby Eli / Carl Dixon track just got GRITTY!!!
Even though it was recorded sometime in 2008-2009, it now sounds like it could have been from Double Exposure's 1976 Salsoul Debut LP!!! Sounding way better than the original release, Tom broke it down to a Funky Soul Jam session...and Jimmy Williams' vocal just sounds great!!!

Ron Hall & The Muthafunkers' "The Way You Love Me" was a UK SoulBoy staple in 2004; Now remixed again by Tom with added instrumentation by Philly Legend John Usry, this will be a hit once again....the Vince Montana vibe solo just cooks!!!!!

It's hard for me to pick a favorite, since ALL the tracks are just so good----and it has tracks for different kinds of moods and situations---I just LOVE The Philly Sound and how Tom makes a track both dancable AND something to listen & groove to....

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on 11 July 2013
It is always heart-warming to re-visit old friends and in the case of this album they are better than I remember first time round! Tom Moulton has taken many soul standards from the Seventies and embellished them lovingly.
Particular favourites of mine are William DeVaughan's hypnotic 'Be Thankful For What You've Got' , the Modulations' 'I Can't Fight Your Love' and The Spinners 'One Of a Kind', all beautifully extended. I have enjoyed all his compilations thus far.
What next I wonder!
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on 27 July 2013
This along with the other Philly Regrooved and Philly Classics from TM are a must if you like the originals and he proves why he is credited with being the DJ that invented the 12 inch single and remix. All 'modern' remix DJ's owe a lot to TM
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on 27 June 2013
When I rediscovered disco about 10 years ago I knew nothing about the producers and remixers of the time (I was only coming into my teens as disco was dying a death). So, whenever I came across a track I really liked, I'd look it up on discogs.com, curious about who was behind it. It wasn't long before I noticed that quite a few of the credits contained the phrase "A Tom Moulton Mix". Now I seek it out. I know when I see this phrase I have quality. And that's what this release most definitely is: quality. Top quality. Tom Moulton is as great a master of the remix as he ever was.
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on 7 July 2013
Tom Moulton does it again with the third edition of Philly Regrooved. Never get tired of these great dance tunes. A few are a tad too long but it still sounds good. Where were these remixes when we needed them 35 years ago?
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