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4.9 out of 5 stars
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on 1 July 2014
I never watched this when it was on the TV but I have always wanted too.

I am glad I purchased this without watching it on TV first because I absolutely loved it. I can see aspects of myself in Rae. We both have journals, I don't like myself and my weight etc. So watching this has been a bit of an eye opener really. It is very comical at times which helps to lighten the mood after a particularly dark point in the series. Each character is lovable and has something going for them so no one really fades into the background.

I look forward to watching series 2.

I recommend this product to teens and adults. It has adult humor but many teens will relate to some of the characters. I also like the fact that it is set in the mid 90's so it isn't completely void of technology but not packed with mobile phones and he internet like some series are today. It helps to create emotional attachments and keeps the story interesting. I especially like the fact that letters and postcards are used as a means of communication. You don't see that very often anymore.
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on 5 March 2017
Bought for daughters Xmas. She loves it.
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on 13 February 2013
I am in love with this series and its loveable characters. I remember when I saw the trailer, I thought it looked a bit naff but I couldn't have been more wrong - it's had me laughing, crying and reflecting. The series follows the diary of Rae, who has just left Lincolnshire psychiatric hospital, after spending four months there. The series follows her try to lead a 'normal' life as she reconnects with her old best friend, Chloe and tries to fit in with Chloe's group of friends. Battling with recovery from her mental health and body image problems, she slowly becomes part of the group whilst trying to keep her past from them.

You follow Rae's mission to get a boyfriend, have her first kiss (and more!) and there's an amazing 'will they? won't they' storyline that kept me so hooked to the end! Rae has a psychiatrist (played by Ian Hart) who is brilliant and the dialogue between them both is so well written and actually incredibly insightful. Particularly noteworthy is the incredible acting between these two in the finale, it had me in tears.

The series is so original and attempts to paint an honest picture of mental health problems that is at times painful but also incredibly funny. Mental health needs to be more prominent within the media and with new programmes like this and Ricky Gervais' 'Derek', I'm optimistic that society might start to become more understanding and 'clued-up' about such a relevant issue. My Mad Fat Diary is honest, sometimes very rude, hilarious and moving and the acting is brilliant. It certainly tapped into some of my experiences and struggles growing up which made the characters even more believable and their stories more poignant and resonant.

If you didn't catch this on TV, then please give it a go! You won't be able to resist the lovely stories, struggles and relationships of Rae and Chloe, Izzy, Archie, Chop and Finn (and Finn is absolutely gorgeous!). If you grew up in the 90s like me, you will certainly appreciate the amazing soundtrack to this programme.

The only negative thing is that there are only 6 episodes!! PLEASE hurry up with a second series because in my opinion, My Mad Fat Diary is nothing short of perfection.
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on 19 February 2013
Okay so I'm a 24 year old man, so a show like this should never have appealed to me, but trust me when I say it's one of the best things on television at the moment. The writing is superb, the characters complex and well developed, and the show isn't afraid to deal with difficult subject matter.
I've watched a lot of brilliant tv over the years. Breaking Bad, The Wire, Misfits, The Sopranos and The Walking Dead to name but a few. But what really surprised me about this show is how well it stands up to the best in the business. When I first saw the trailer for the show I thought it looked interesting but felt that it was either going to be pretty good or a complete disaster. The trailer basically painted Rae as an overweight, slightly mad teen who's only after one thing and doesn't care how she gets it.
Well trust me, that rubbish trailer does not reflect the show's overall quality. First of all, Rae is amazing. If there's ever been a more loveable female character in a drama series, ive yet to meet her. She's adorable, loveable, cool and isnt afraid to tell it like it is. Never before has a character made me feel so many emotions in an hour long show. I've laughed at her great sense of humour, felt sorry for her when everything in her life was going wrong and I'm not ashamed to admit that on a few occasions, especially during the superb final episode, that I felt a few tears welling up inside.
The acting in the show is simply top class. Sharon Rooney is perfect as Rae. I honestly cant think of anyone else that could have pulled off such a demanding role and make it look so effortless. The scenes between her and her therapist Kester are always high points. It's here that Rae opens herself up and you get to see her as she really is, warts and all. But the thing is, you don't see a crazy girl who hates everyone and everything. You see a harmless child who just wants to fit in and to be happy.
That's another reason this show deserves the highest level of praise. Not only is it hilarious, heart warming and very cool, it's probably one of the most important shows made in the last decade. Mental health has almost always been a taboo subject in most tv shows. There seems to be this idea among certain people that the depressed or mentally ill should be put away and should not be let out again until their 'normal'. But if that's the case, why do I connect more with Rae than with any other television character I can think of? Maybe we're all not so different after all? Hopefully after watching this show, people will start to realise that.
I very rarely give five stars. But in my opinion, this show truly deserves it. It's gets so much right and has a massive heart. And if you grew up in the 90's like I did, the show's soundtrack is nothing short of perfection. At the time of writing this review, the first series came to a close a few hours ago, and yet I find myself already missing it. Series two can't come soon enough. Now if only E4 would hire someone suitable to produce the show's next trailer...
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on 31 May 2013
If you missed this, buy it. It's funny, touching, perfect, lovely, crazy etc. etc. Because it's set in the 90's it doesn't make me feel too bad for watching it in my 30s as it's kind of nostalgic.

Oh it's beautiful. Just watch it. Touches your heart!
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on 5 January 2014
The main difference of this programme to others is its relatability. Most programmes now that are centred on growing up as a teenager are so far from real, you find yourself not having that attachment that this good drama/comedy gives you. For example I watched skins the first couple of series and it just seems to me that it was a party every night, sex and drugs and all of the characters were not that likeable.
All American teenage growing up dramas of late I think are terribly fake and I feel sorry for the teenage generation now when they watch these teenage programmes and may think that that's what there lives should be, being a size zero with unlimited plastic surgery and rich, its very boring and has been done over and over again.(my so called life, was a great American show)
This programme should be watched by all teenagers because there is something for everyone. There are many opportunities for programmes in the UK to be made for teenagers (and adults) like this show dealing with different problems growing and living with. They don't do enough programmes about ethnic groups growing up in the UK or any where else, or homosexuality as a teenager or disability. It just seems that there are a lot of super hero/rich/singing/celebrity shows that are so fake and boring, this show is far from that its as real as you can get and its refreshing to see. roll on series 2.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 15 January 2014
Seduced by the 5-star reviews I rented this series. And, after initially cringing for about 10 minutes (let's face it, the main heroine, Rae, is not very pleasing to the eye; plus the Northern accent was hard for me to swallow), I ended up watching the Season One of "My Mad Fat Diary" in one sitting. Yes, you read that right.

The characters, and especially Rae, are all very lovable (perhaps with the exception of Rae's "bestie" Chloe), the narrative is fast-paced and full of humour and sarcasm, the show is very insightful and tackles almost all of the problems generally faced by the teenagers, from first crash to buying condoms in the pharmacy, from mental health issues to body image and generation gap. Plus, it very cleverly shows the good and the bad, and you just can't help but sympathises and fall a little in love with Rae and her good heart. I digged for her.

And last but not least, the soundtrack of the show is truly fantastic, it's like a separate character, truly a best friend of amazing Rae. Fantastic series, very funny (with a lot of sarcasm thrown in!) and honest, add to this a witty and lovable main heroine, engrossing storyline and excellent music - and you have one amazing series (and not only for the teenagers!).

I definitely recommend!
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on 1 May 2013
I originally watched this online since I live in the US and when it became available I couldn't wait to buy it, the only problem now is that we have to wait so long for the next series. Highly recommend.
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on 11 March 2013
Really insightful. It manages to tackle teenage mental health issues and just about everything teenagers worry about on a daily basis. This series makes you laugh and cry - can't wait for series 2!
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on 28 March 2013
Heard about this show through the blogosphere-I live in the USA and couldn't wait for a stateside release. Touching, honest, funny and brave. Amazing soundtrack. New favourite show!!
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