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on 18 October 2017
I have had this for a couple of days and have by no means tested everything but I will update this review as I go along.

The model I received was the TL-WR902AC(EU) Ver 1.0.
There are other versions out there.
Also, this model has a recent firmware update available from the tp-link UK website which I have applied.

The first thing to do is check that the built in Wifi networks have a password.
Set the switch to ETH and switch it on. Don't plug it into a network.
When the unit is ready, use a tablet or laptop to visit the WR902 admin page tplinkwifi.net and login.
Check the Wifi settings and make sure both the 2.4G and 5G networks have a secure password set. If not, add one.
I didn't do this and just plugged it into the home network.
The WR902 promptly created 2 completely open unprotected Wifi access points to my home network. :( :(

The wifi range of the WR902 is surprisingly good even though it has no external aerial. However, the unit has to be powered externally (there are no batteries) although it can be powered from a USB port (on your laptop, or car socket for example) so you don't require a mains socket. There was no manual provided. Just a quick guide. I did find a bigger manual on the USA TP-Link website (but not on the UK one). The documentation is not good and neither is the support website. If things don't work as expected, you can spend a lot of time tinkering trying to make it work.

Test scenarios:
ETH switch setting:

Wifi access to an existing (wired) network. Plug the WR902 into a handy RJ45 ethernet port on the network and switch on. After a couple of minutes the WR902 should provide 2.4G and 5G wifi access to the network. This works flawlessly. As long as the WR902 can get an IP address from the network there is no more to do. If the local network requires the WR902 to have a fixed IP address, you can use the WR902 admin page to enter it.

Wifi access to 3G/4G mobile network. Instead of plugging the WR902 into an existing network, you can plug in a USB mobile dongle. However, the WR902 is very choosy about which USB mobile dongles it will talk to. It doesn't recognise my Vodafone K5160 4G dongle and it doesn't like my old K3520 3G dongle either. Luckily it likes a K4201 3G dongle. The WR902 takes a few minutes to recognise and connect to the internet via the dongle AND you will probably have to do some configuratoin via the WR902 admin pages to make it a plug and play process but it can be done.

More later.
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on 28 May 2017
This is nice, I have so far purchased 4 of them.

I only came across it a few months ago while looking for a device that could be used as a portable VPN router, taking it abroad with me.

So, the stock firmware which is realy good and personally I can't fault doesn't facilitate a VPN option but this router can be flashed with dd-wrt/open-wrt. I have used both and it's perfect.

Don't buy a second hand one when there are deals on Amazon currently (May 2017) £16.89. I thought I was getting a good deal when buying one on ebay for £14.00 all in. But it turned out faulty. So for £2.89 more I can get a new one with the guarantee etc from Amazon.

I only have two issues with this device, which to be quite honest are in the noise level any way.
1) It has limited memory which might cause the odd frustration if it's flashed. If not flashed you would never know.
2) Its known as a 'Travel Router' but it only comes with one mains adaptor in the box, in my case a UK 3 pin plug. It would be nice if it came with UK/EU/US plugs. Then when you go on your travels you don't need to plug it in via a travel adaptor as it makes it stick out further. In fact that is another thing. It does protrude may be too much.
Other than that, it's brilliant and I love it.
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on 28 November 2016
I bought this due to having a very locked down WiFi network, which I am happy with, excellent speeds, but fairly locked down security wise - could not connect some of my devices to it due to change of standards, but I do have a fantastic Ethernet connection. After asking a friend who is somewhat knowledgeable with networking, he recommended this product, and I can't thank him enough. Its created my own personal WiFi hot-spot which I can connect my devices to, such as my PS Vita.

I paired this with a simple TP-Link 5 Port 10/100 switch - which has cut down what speed I could get to almost 10% of what it was before, but still blisteringly fast. This allows me to continue using my Ethernet based PC with no issues, and still allows me to have my little WiFi Network. Even though I have a password on this network, I wanted to disguise it even more, easy enough done by changing the SSID.

The device itself has a built in USB port (Not that powerful, but good enough), that allows it to act like a charger, or if you don't have a wireless printer or want to create a mini network-based storage solution, you now can - I personally haven't tried these as I have a load of local storage for my main PC and a wireless printer with its own hot-spot, but it should work as the item describes.

Speaking of changing settings, lets talk about some of the issues I have seen people having with this device.
To put it plainly, I haven't experienced any. No signal drop-out, no connection limits, no slow speeds (apart from my own doing). Set up was a breeze. I currently use it in the Access Point mode, and its perfect. The "local login" to the device presents you with a nicely laid out GUI which is simple to follow, and if not, there is a very comprehensive user guide included on the software disk.

TIP: I would change the default username and password for the settings ASAP, as they are not secure at all...Seriously, the ones provided are the first things any person who wants to do malicious damage to a system would try.

Overall, this product is exactly what I have been looking for in the past 4 months or so. Does everything I need and more.

Good Points:
1: Works as described - obviously, otherwise I wouldn't be giving it a 5* rating
2: Fairly stealthy - looks very similar to a laptop charger (I would say, very Apple-esque)
3: Fairly easy to navigate GUI - I'm no network engineer, and I found all the options I needed almost instantly
4: The ability to have network based storage and wireless printing - should you desire

If I had to give a few points about what I don't like about it:
1: It's a little bulky - probably would have liked it to be slimmer
2: Would like a built-in mini-switch, that would allow the user to pass through the wired connection and still use the wireless hot-spot, and not go the route I went with a dedicated switch
3: Speed - although, this is more my fault - this version tops out at 150mbp/s Wireless N. I know there is a 300mbp/s version, but I would like to see a Wireless AC version in the future

Other than that, I can't really say anymore. A great product that solves my issues, and it maybe able to solve yours.
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on 4 February 2015
I live in a old victorian style building with thick walls and have powerline adaptors to create wired network with a wireless router and an old router as a wireless access point. The back room wasn't getting much of a wifi signal from either WAP so I decided to buy this little beauty as an extra access point in the back bedroom for my tablets/phones/chromecast.

It was a bit of a pain to set up at first because the automatic setup wizard doesn't seem to configure the wireless settings as it should. Eventually, I set it up manually by making the SSID and password the same as that of my main router, switching off DCHP and making sure it was using a different wireless channel to the other wireless access points. Once it was working, it does exactly what I bought it for. Also handy for when you go on holiday and the hotel room only has a wired ethernet connection.

I'm very pleased with it indeed and for the money, you can't go far wrong.
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on 25 January 2015
This product does work.
I recently stayed in a hotel with wired broadband, plugged this in to the wall socket and the supplied ethernet cable into the router and duly got my own local Wi Fi hotspot.
Why not 5 stars?
Well, in many hotels the plugs are above a counter / desk / dressing table and any router is likely to be on this. If the plug is not very far above the counter then you re not going to be able to plug in the cable to the bottom of this unit. In the hotel mentioned above I only just could and I can see myself being frustrated at some other hotel because there isn't room. It would be much better if the outlets were on the front or side rather than the bottom.
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on 13 February 2014
Delivery was prompt. Product is quite well made, not up to Apple quality but hey, 1/4 of the price. Setting up was interesting; I have set up others around my home (apple) and they were quite straight forward with very clear on line instructions this TP-Link was slightly more challenging. As I was running this on a 10 Base T cable to the garage I did not want a £80 Apple sitting where it could disappear so this was a good option. I managed to get it on a Wireless Network almost instantly but the instructions for a cable connected were hampered by lack of initial connection information. Overall (and I'm quite experienced but not an IT geek) it took me around an hour. That said, it works, it seems to be stable so far and for the money I'm very happy. Not sure it will last as long as the Apple versions around the home but I can afford to buy another as it is well priced.
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on 1 December 2014
The worst router I ever used. It don't work as described. I have 50Mbps broadband and this router give no more than 2Mbps speed and it disconnects again and again. The area of coverage is not more than 10 feet. I wanted to increase the speed and range of my broadband but after using it I realised that I was already getting much better service from my main router. I wasted my 2 days playing with this piece of crap and then decided to return it.

Amazon return service is best!!!!
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on 6 March 2017
Bought this to use with my Youview box and connect it to my BT Homehub over Wifi so that I don't need a 20 meter network cable. After 2 hours of messing around i finally got it working, if you experience a problem where you mostly see re-direction errors in a browser when connected to this device it could be the BT HomeHub smart setup feature. I disabled this feature and my YouView box and the laptop that i was testing it with started working straight away.

To disable this, follow these instructions which i found online.

Open a web browser on any computer or device connected to your Hub and go to the Hub Manager. ( i am not allowed to post a link )
Select Advanced Settings:
Enter the admin password. ...
Select Continue to Advanced Settings.
Select Home Network > Smart Setup.
Select No to disable Smart Setup & select Apply.
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on 3 November 2016
I really don't understand why others are giving this product 1*. I have played with all the different functions offered by this and all work perfectly, I only purchased it as an extender to cover the garden, it is plugged in my garage and more than covers the reaches of a 20x15m garden. I found it to be incredibly easy to set up and when testing other features (purely out of interest) I had no issue and no faffing.
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on 14 July 2014
Well how do i rate this?
Well firstly it is a good, versatile bit of kit that works very well and is well designed.
On the flip side the set up is one of the most torturous things i have had to endure for as long as i can remember.
Trying to set this up almost had me in tears, the instructions are not full and miss out little things like the need to plug the unit into your PC, the URL didn't work and the customer service was very confusing both through the call routing and the quiet line with which i had to navigate the set up with a very helpful and patient anon english speaker.
A clear set of instructions with the alternate IP address would have saved me hours and a lot of time and stress.
And for the record i am an IT Professional and run an IT Service desk!!!
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