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on 15 January 2015
Fast and Furious came about when boy-racer-ism was at its highest and preceded the likes of Need For Speed: Underground which marked an important date for street racing culture.

Fast and Furious: The early roots of the series where we follow a cop - Brian - who is looking to infiltrate and arrest a gang of criminals stealing goods from trucks. The first entry in the series focuses a bit more on street racing than the rest of the series.

2 Fast 2 Furious: Dropping one of the leading actors - Vin Diesel - 2 Fast 2 Furious introduces us to one of Brian's friends, Roman Pearce. Working for the police once again, Brian and Roman need to infiltrate and arrest a drug baron and his ring. To do so, they aim to become his drivers - tasked with beating other two-man teams to getting the job. This is where the focus of the series starts to stray from underground racing and becomes more about the criminal underground.

Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift: As if just to make me contradict myself, Tokyo Drift takes us back to street racing - if only for a fleeting moment. We follow a new protagonist - Sean Boswell - who is sent to Japan to live with his father after causing too much trouble in the US. Given his love of cars and street racing, it's only a matter of time before he thrusts himself head-first into the world of underground Tokyo. The difference being that this isn't just normal street racing, this is drift. Through a series of events, Sean ends up intertwined with a criminal ring and has to walk a fine line to stay out of trouble.

Fast and Furious 4: We return to Brian and Dom - Vin Diesel - and Dom has upped himself, taking on much bigger gigs than stealing electronics. Brian, working for the police, has been tasked with taking down a much bigger drug baron than he faced before and through a series of events, Dom is also targeting said drug baron - But Brian and Dom aren't necessarily on the same side in all of this.

Fast and Furious 5: Following the events of Fast and Furious 4, Brian has left the police force and Dom has a plan. Marking what could be the end of his life of crime, Dom enlists a crew to do the impossible - Steal 100 million from Reyes. But they're not just going to drive in and shoot up the place - Dom got a hold of the location of the money and has a plan, this is going to be a heist.

Fast and Furious 6: Dom is met with a ghost from the past and will do anything to get them. The problem is, this ghost from the past has no memory and is working directly under a new criminal - Shaw. Shaw has taken crime to a new level and incorporates technology into everything he does. He has eyes and ears everywhere and Dom looks to be outmatched. Dom gets a crew together to attempt to take down Shaw and get to the ghost.

The series gets off to a somewhat B-movie-ish start as the first two movies use a lot of cheap special effects, but as the series progresses it becomes apparent that this is a really great movie series and especially Tokyo Drift, 4, 5 and 6 which were directed under Lin - who seems to absolutely adore the series - the quality shows.

One problem with this box set in particular is that the discs for Fast and Furious 5 and 6 don't have any numbers on them and - in my case - were reverse positions from what all four of the other discs were. To make things a bit easier for you if you are unsure: 5's disc has one car on it, 6 has many.
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on 2 April 2017
For the price, I was very surprised I can get such a good box set. The set consits of 3 Blu-ray cases with 2 discs (2 films) inside each of them, bundled together in a slip case. But they don't have that cheap feel to them. The cases are very solid and also the slip case Is well made.

To the movies now, for fans of the series, get this Blu-ray box set, the older movies look stunning on Blu-ray, the new ones of course look even more stunning. Also, the price for all 6 movies and is great. Totally worth getting.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 20 April 2015
Having only recently discovered the 'Fast & Furious' films, I'm well and truly hooked!

As other Reviewers have said (so I won't repeat), only three of the films (Fast & Furious, F&F 5 and F&F 6) have Vin Diesel and Paul Walker in them and these are the best out of this set. Not to say the other three aren't very watchable - they are - but the obvious chemistry between Walker and Diesel plays out very well on screen and brings an integrity to the films which are, quite literally 'sit on the edge of your seat' thrill-fests..

Nice to see there is actually a 'story' running through the film with a beginning, middle and high-octane ending - not all 'action' films have that - and for car enthusiasts, it's Nirvana!

Don't waste your time reading any more reviews - just order the six-pack (boxed set), settle down and prepared to be thrilled.
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on 25 June 2014
I was only interested in four/six "films" personally with Vin Diesel and Paul Walker...who the later was, sadly the most strikingly good looking actor which the USA has produced in the last twenty years...but that is my own opinion as a photographer and with no deeper feelings!

These films are all to make us wake up and say "Bazinga" when you are feeling down and want a bit of adrenaline to move your feelings to a higher plane! But do not take them seriously. The feelings of "family" by Van Diesel are a nice touch considering the rest of the storyline; with the Rock joining the last two films and the usual suspects of interacting hotshots with their own characters brings a bit of zing to the films. Well done..But do not take then seriously when the CG I and technical guy/girls do their jobs well.
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on 18 March 2016
The films themselves are awesome. I know I'll watch them over and over. Love the fact I own them now. Marked it down because I'm disappointed the outer box is scuffed, dented in several places. It must've been like this before posting as amazon packaging is v comprehensive. Plus I ordered several films so there was no room for it to move about in transit.
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on 9 February 2015
Fantastic collection and I can't wait for the next and possibly last instalment of the franchise. If you've seen even one of these films, you'll know how much action is in these films, I feel completely worn out! Though saying that, I don't think I should have watched them back-to-back but they are really addictive to watch them all. The Blu-ray edition of these is a lot better as well as the clarity and smoothness of the images is much clearer.
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on 11 April 2016
Exceptional movies, quality cast, superb acting, fast action rubber burning action packed from start to finish. Brilliant stunts and amazing driving ten out of ten for excellence. Exquisite story lines drawing you into the characters life's so you feel part of the familia.
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on 14 June 2015
I definitely won browny points for this collection purchase. Comes in a 3 dvd pack (2 disc per case) and ultra voices (not sure what to do with this yet). Disc quality exactly as expected. Great collection
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on 16 April 2015
One of my favourite franchise of films ever! Beautiful cars, beautiful men, what more can a girl ask for! Went to see Furious 7 as soon as it came out and decided now was the time I wanted all of the originals together. Brilliant films, I love them, would recommend this box set especially as they are such good value
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on 12 January 2014
These films have never even been on my radar as a 'should see' let alone a 'must see'. However, after being persuaded by my son to get them for Christmas, I can honestly say that I am completely bowled over by them. All six films are very good. Very little bad language so that makes me happy. Lots of car chases and action so that makes my son happy.
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