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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 28 June 2013
Format: Paperback|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This the second book in the `Extinction Point series', and unless I greatly mistaken there will probably be another to follow, as the story and the events that have transpired so far seem , to me to be unresolved. Other reviewers on this site have given over the plot line to varying degrees. All I will say is that what you have here is death of humanity by rain to be more precise `Red Rain'. What the author creates is a post-apocalyptic world for a bike-riding journalist to explore, this is covered in book one. The second phase of the story sees the dead reanimated and the flora and fauna of Earth are being transformed into an alien landscape - Emily our protagonist has a road trip from hell as she battles her way to Alaska to join up with other human survivors. Emily will need all her guile to survive.

The key elements that I liked;

1. The atmospheric nature of the book and the building blocks used to create Emily's world is done well.

2. The action is nicely paced; the story is tense and quite well-written.

For me this book was a real page turner, and I believe it is well worth a good 4 stars.
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on 17 June 2013
Extinction Point was easily one of the best recent books published, which had the rare ability to be genuinely creepy. Exodus builds on this as well as throwing in a whole lot of new action and lots of little mysteries for us to ponder.

The way the relentless red storms sweep the planet is unnerving to say the least, especially when you are aware of the effect on all indigenous life, not just us, and the way the central characters deal with it is very down to earth - no expert scientists or weapons experts - as so commonly seem to be the ones who survive such catastrophies, just a young woman whose knowledge of boats and sailing goes no further than the re-run of Titanic she watched!

Without giving too much away Exodus can be upsetting, but in reality with what is going on around the planet earth of the story this should not come as too much of a surprise.

There is a third and possibly fourth book coming next year, which I really look forward to. So far the first two have been a work of genius, I really hope this continues.
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on 15 February 2014
This is the continuing story of Emily's journey from New York to Alaska in a changing world suddenly devoid of (most) native life.

First of all, I cannot understand why the book is entitled Exodus since the word exodus means "a mass departure of people" and although Emily does meet three other people, circumstances dictate that she travels on with two of them (so hardly a 'mass'...)

I struggled to understand lots of the choices made by Emily - some were stupid and illogical and I often found myself thinking that no-one would do such a thing in those circumstances. I prefer even fictional characters to behave something like real people.

Characterisation did not get much better than in the first book of the series and was somewhat ridiculous at times. While being chased by gigantic alien monsters, Emily was worried about the emotional well-being of the two children - how would they ever recover without the help of a therapist?!! At least that gave me a laugh (it's in chapter 18 if you need one too).

The worst thing is that the book is full of unnecessary waffle and sentences are frequently padded and convoluted (that was also my main complaint about the first book of the series). Thankfully it has been proof-read quite well though.

My final 'complaint' is that this book concentrated purely on the travel aspect of the story. To be honest, not a lot happens in this instalment and there was no progression at all regarding the aliens, what they were doing, why they were here, etc. Now, that's not an issue if you believe that the characters wouldn't know these things anyway, but my problem was that Emily and her companions gave no apparent thought to what was happening to the planet, or why.

So would I buy part 3? I'd have to read the reviews first, to check that the story is properly / satisfactorily concluded and if so, it would be worth finishing the trilogy.
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on 2 June 2014
By-in-large a good read with a generally good story line. Good enough to lead me to read through the whole trilogy.
However, I feel a touch irritated by the odd faux pas in this book. For example, the star of the show, Emily, somehow manages to be able to charge her sat-phone batteries with a solar-powered charger in the over the dead of night (wish I had one of those) and later on in the book when she was in Alaska, the same solar-charger failed to charge batteries because "the sun had not been shining" (solar chargers only require daylight and not necessarily direct sunlight).
I also get peeved when people on boats refer to charts as maps!
Oh yes, and my burning question is that there's never been a mention of how our Emily, and her alone it seems, has survived the initial alien pollution. Has she some weird blood-group or something, or maybe she aint human? Or have I missed some description way back?
But getting away from these details and many other inconsistencies the overall story-line remains a trilogy worth the read.
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on 2 May 2013
Format: Paperback|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I read the first volume of this on my Kindle after spotting it in the lending library. I was pleased when I was offered this on Amazon Vine. The main protagonist, Emily, has left New York behind and is heading North to escape the perils of the alien invasion. She is travelling by bike, because she cannot drive. That is soon to change. There are many abandoned vehicles littering the roads and it is only a short while before she will pluck up the courage to try to drive. Automatic cars are easy to drive, anyway and this is America! No struggling with clutch control there.

Emily has made contact with a scientific base in Alaska, at the top of the Ice Road known as the Dalton Highway. She knows at least one other person has survived the Red Rain that has killed almost everyone in the world. We soon find out that there is also a doomed survivor aboard the International Space Station. Will she meet other survivors, human or not, on her journey North?

Emily comes across at the beginning of the series as a shallow person, but by the end she has barely improved. There is not much psychological development in these books. On the other hand, she isn't super-human like some hero(ine)s are so that allows us to identify with her just a bit.

My main problem with these books is that I would like to know they are heading somewhere. Some years ago, I read Arthur C Clarke's Rama series, and hoped that after four books there would be something more than just endless descriptions of alien phenomena. Sadly, four books later, that was all there ever was. I fear that this series may be similar. We are going to carry on seeing alien life forms with different properties, but that is it.

The writing is on the whole good, apart from a lack of character development. I did notice at one stage that the author referred to "blacktop" (American for road) and nearby "pavement" (in the British sense on American Sidewalk, but actually American for Road) but I assume this mistake will disappear at the final published edition.

Will I carry on reading the series? Possibly. I haven't decided. That, in a way, says a lot about these books. If they were very good, I would not hesitate, but the thought of reading an endless series not going anywhere does not appeal.

EDIT: Only a trilogy! So, it may be worth reading book three after all: Revelations (Extinction Point, Book 3).
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 23 August 2013
Format: Paperback|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This is the second book in the Extinction Point series and I read both this one and the first one back to back. It's easy to get into and I really like the story but I was a bit apprehensive about starting this as I wasn't a big fan of Emily in the first book, which is unfortunate as Emily has been pretty much the only character for most of it up to this point. By the end of this though she was starting to grow on me...a little. She still frustrates me but if she continues to grow as a character then we might get along better in later books. The story- I like very much. Emily - Not so much.

This part of the series felt more 'road-trip' than 'alien apocalypse' if I'm honest, but I was relieved that at least Emily's bike wasn't such a feature on that road trip. It was ridiculous that she wanted to to travel from New York to Alaska (approx 4000 miles) on a bicycle as the world around her was being overrun with aliens so I'm eternally grateful that that frustration is out of the picture. The fact that she's 30 (I think) and was living in New York and working as a journalist on the New York Tribune points to her being a fairly intelligent and able woman but yet she has no idea how to even start an automatic car (far less drive one), it's just too unbelievable. She maybe never learned to drive but surely she's been IN cars and/or taxi's and saw how others got them started? I'm not buying it. It was just one of the many, many things about Emily that agitated me. Things like that just didn't make any sense and felt like poor plot devices.

Despite all that though I'm still looking forward to reading the rest of the books in the series as they become available, I'm just hoping Emily and I can connect a bit better than we have so far.
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on 23 July 2013
The concept behind this book (and its predecessor) is quite good. Basically, the world's gone to shit and the protagonist has to get from A to B whilst contending with various monsters. I'm fairly happy with that set-up. It's my kind of story.

However, the characterisation and pacing really inhibited my enjoyment of the story. Everything happens very slowly to some rather uninteresting and superficial characters. At no point do they approximate real people. At no point do you really care what happens to them. They simply exist to move the story along. The main character - Emily, I think - is tough, independent, a little bit sassy, but isn't afraid to get in touch with her emotions. And that's it. She's a collection of characteristics in search of a believable personality.

With regard to the pacing, the two books could easily have been edited down to a single volume. I appreciate books that are priced around the £4 mark because with the Kindle you're getting less product for your money, but when you're paying for two books at that price and when the two books are really just one, big, bloated book, then the economies begin to look a bit illusory.

Don't get me wrong, I'd happily recommend the book, but just be aware of what you're buying. It's (very) easy reading and will occupy a couple of afternoons for four quid of your money. Nothing more than that really.
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on 29 March 2015
I don't generally have time to read many books, however, this story of Emily's fight for survival became totally addictive. It resulted in me not doing what I should have been doing and ended up just reading this book instead. I'm looking forward to reading the next instalment of the journey.
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on 9 August 2016
Second book in the series, pace picks up and significantly more engaging. At this point enjoying the series much more than after the first book.

Now out of New York, with no humanity left, the landscape is changing and the new residents are starting to appear. Action and some very emotional events taking place. Worth reading.
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on 6 August 2016
Kindle sale purchase.

I purchased a load of kindle titles recently and so I cant review the titles themselves yet. My reason for 5 stars is because of the price and the overview sounds great.

I will be back later to provide a comprehensive review of this book.
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