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on 10 September 2014
Quality cycle computer, does everything i wanted and more. Battery life is very good meaning my phone battery no longer dies half way through a ride. The customisation of this computer is very good allowing you to see multiple data fields per page. Although it doesn't have a mapping function you can create maps via garmin connect and follow the line on the device. Virtual Partner is a nice motivational tool to push you while training. The menus take a little getting used to but i found them easy to navigate after a short time using. The touch screen is fit for purpose, it is not as sensitive a a smart phone but does the job well with or without gloves and even when wet. I have found the GPS and elevation data to be accurate more so then apps like strava. HR and speed and cadence monitors work very well and provide even more ways of monitoring performance. Bluetooth connectivity to a smart phone works well although more of a nice touch then a deal breaker for me.

Would highly recommend if you are looking a GPS computer without mapping then this is a fantastic choice.
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on 14 September 2014
I had been using the Garmin Forerunner 305 on my bike for about a year when I decided to upgrade to the Edge 510. And what a upgrade it is! So many new cool features, touchscreen, bluetooth connectivity, weather reports, live tracking and so much information available on your screen. Many say the unit is expensive compared to other similar products but I say it's worth every penny. It is the ultimate training tool for the cyclist. One big improvement from my old Forerunner is how quickly it locks into the satellites. On my old unit satellite locking usually took about 1-2 minutes, but the Edge 510 locks in only a few secons. I debated between 510 and the 810 but decided to go for the 510 since I did not need the map features and the 510 also locks quicker into satellites because of the GLONASS satellite system which is not available in the 810. Overall a great product but I rate 4 stars since the unit arrived with faulty touchscreen. Eventually I had to get the unit replaced but the new one works like a charm.
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on 4 June 2017
Inherent known fault in altimeter as far as I am aware.
Not what I expected from Garmin.
Thought I was buying a quality product.
Slightly disappointed with the altimeter otherwise a good product !
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on 17 June 2013
This is probably the best bike computer out there as of June 2013.
It does record all the details of your ride(s), which can then be seen in great detail on the free service Garmin Connect.
Of course it will work with any ANT+ device such as heart rate monitor plus speed and cadence.
One of good things is that what is displayed on the screen can be set in numerous ways, so you can have almost any combination of speed, cadence, time of ride, time of day, temperature etc visible as you ride.
The GPS is super sensitive, as it works with US GPS satellites as well as Glonass, so the Edge 510 works well under trees or close under mountains. Thus it is recommended for the mountain bikers.
Note that the next model up the Edge 810 has basic mapping, but does NOT have the super sensitive GPS..!
The annoying part of the Edge 510 is the implementation of the Bluetooth link. Why did they choose in 2013 the Bluetooth 2 version and not the latest 4LE..? OK I know Garmin wanted the adoption of the ANT+ protocol, of which they were a founder. But with so much other stuff utilizing 4LE it's frankly crazy to still have Bluetooth v2.
On the Edge 510 website Garmin UK advertises that you can connect via Bluetooth to weather via your mobile, to display on the Edge 510 screen. But this appears to be a US only NOAA system that does not work in Europe.
The screen on the Edge 510 is not the best, it's slow and not always easy to read in the shadows of bright sunshine.
The Edge 510 is designed to work with Garmin connect and the ride data does not automatically export to Strava Cycling, however it is possible, just a bit fiddly..
Having said all those negative comments, this bike computer is still probably the best available.
I am just surprised that Garmin did not make the best of the design. You would imagine that having all those riders on the Tour de France Garmin team that they could and should have done the design work better.
See also DC Rainmaker for a very full review of this device.
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on 28 July 2014
I have been using this device for the past 4 months now. I purchased it as I didn't want to have to fiddle around with my phone on long rides so I could easily upload accurate ride data to Strava. Also has a couple of occasions where my phone died in the middle of a ride so I wanted something build specifically for the job with a better battery life.

I have gone through phases of loving this device and hating it. So I will try and give my balanced opinion on it.

1) Decent battery life - About 20 hours when fully charged so it will last the longest ride.
2) Waterproof - Haven't tested this to any great degree but it seems like it will survive a rain shower so you don't have to worry about awkward waterproof covers etc.
3) Convenient - I bought a custom clip in bracket which looks good and makes it easy to access and use during a ride.

1) Touchscreen - It's terrible! Always have to perform actions at least twice if not three or four times and sometimes it wont respond to actions at all.
2) Turn by turn nav - To call it turn by turn navigation its stretching the truth. Up until the most recent firmware update it crashed if you uploaded a route longer than 30 miles. Frequently gets confused and sends you in the wrong direction or will report a turn 20 meters after you have passed it. Be prepare to be frustrated.
3) Device Crashes - Device will just randomly crash when out on a ride.

In Summary:
If it was £99 then I would say that its worth buying new otherwise I would try and pick it up second hand.

Its a decent bike computer but considering how advanced devices have become over the past couple of years this is really basic and considering that you can by a Google Nexus smart phone for £299 this device is ridiculously overpriced...
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on 7 September 2013
Fantastic bit of kit. It has been a massive help to me in my training and works well with Garmin connect. The battery life is good, it hardly needs charging. Its easy to connect to the ant+ add ons. Very straight forward to use. I can't believe how good it is.
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on 12 June 2014
I bought this a few months ago, and at first it was fantastic. However, 2 weeks ago I picked it up to go for a ride, and when I turned it on as I got on my bike it looked like it was half way through doing a software update that I was unaware of. I switched it off and then back on, and got a message saying "Software Missing", and it wouldn't work. When I finished my ride I had a look at Garmin's forum, and this seems to be a reasonably common problem. Garmin had no help for it on their FAQ's, and the only de-bug suggested was a 34 step unofficial solution, which I didn't want to trust. I emailed Garmin, but heard nothing for a number of days, so I called their helpline. I got through to someone who was actually very helpful (thanks), and he sent me software to correct this. Unfortunately this software fix didn't work, and it seems that it wasn't compatible with the region my machine was registered to! The machine then displayed a "Loader Loading" message, and wouldn't turn off. Since then, I've written about 4 emails to them, and phoned them on about 7 or 8 times, spending a total of over 3 hours on hold (the record was 34 minutes) without ever having my call answered. As I'm in Guernsey, this isn't a freephone number (thanks, Garmin), so I've been charged a fortune to listen to lift music and get very frustrated. 2 weeks after initially trying to resolve this, I still haven't succeeded, and none of my emails have been answered.
The bottom line is that Garmin are head and shoulders the market leaders for GPS bike computers, but are totally let down by their Customer Service Dept - if they work without an issue they're fantastic, but if you have a problem make sure you set your expectations for help from them extremely low, or you'll just get yourself very wound up!

Update on 10th July

On the 23rd June I finally got through to Garmin's helpline, and was given a repair number and promised that I would be sent an email giving me details of how I could return the unit to them. This email should have arrived in the next 10 minutes, but because of the past issues that I had had with Garmin I made a note of the repair number. When I still hadn't received this email after 5 days, I Googled Garmin's repair centre address and returned the unit with a letter explaining my frustration at their customer service. On the 3rd July at 12:18 I finally received the email promised 10 days previously, by which time they must have received my unit for repair as I got an acknowledgement of receipt email from them on the same day at 13:12. This was followed by another email on the same day at 15:13 saying that a repaired or replacement device had been sent to me. This was received by me on the 8th July.

From all of the reviews I've read and the forums I've been on, it appears that almost all of the comments are very similar to mine - Garmin's sports GPS products are fantastic when they work, but it's a very frustrating and slow experience if they go wrong. I've upgraded my review to 2 stars mainly because I was sent a new unit on the same day that mine was received for repair, but I do really hope that Garmin gets their act together soon as far as customer service is concerned - the products are great, they just need their customer service department to match this.
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on 26 October 2015
I'm a little torn about whether to give this a 2 or 3 star review and have perhaps been a little generous here. I bought it in the summer of 2015 for £200 and have done maybe 500 miles with it so far. On the plus side, unlike my Garmin running watch, it locks on to satellites quickly, and installation was quick, and pairing to my iPhone easy. It syncs easily and the Garmin Connect software is nice, showing you the details from your ride, and loads of other info.

On the down side, I just don't find it very intuitive. It supports both my road and MTB but screen customisation seems to be horrendous, and you only seem to be able to go with the combinations they supply - I would have thought in this day and age you should be able to configure to your own requirements, even from a computer if they want to keep it to only 2 buttons on the device. The worst thing though, which I think is terrible, is that it seems to need a software update just about weekly, and it had been sitting on my desk for a month without use, and the sun was shining so I thought I'd go out. I turned it on and it said it was doing a software update. I had limited time and wanted to get out so tried to cancel that, so that I could do my ride. It then said the dreaded "software missing" which having Googled the problem, I've found to be very common. Anyway, more research and emails with support later, it transpires this is a terminal problem which can only be corrected by you posting the device back to Garnin. I just find it astonishing that choosing to defer an update results in a device so broken that it has to be sent back. Anecdotally, I hear you get a different refurb device back, and not your own one.

At this price bracket, they need to do so much better.
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on 30 October 2014
I've had the Edge 500 for a little under a year with usage nearly every working day with my commute,the total mileage is around 3500 miles. In the time I've had the unit it has had a few freezing up problems,once it deleted all my totals and recently it isn't saving any rides,it just goes into spinning ball mode and has to be shut off. Very frustrating. No amount of updates or reinstalling will work. When working it's a very good GPS with nearly everything the cyclist could ask for apart from maps but the next Edge series up would deal with that.
Anyone familier with smartphone/tablet touch screens will be disappointed with Garmins attempt and also the menus take a bit of sorting out.
I'll be contacting Garmin as the warranty should still be valid,in the meantime I've bought the simpler Garmin 200 so fingers crossed the software will be a bit more reliable.
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on 9 April 2014
As soon as I got this product I upgraded the firmware to the latest version (so other reviews stating the issues are with old firmware versions is untrue). I've had problems with the unit randomly losing settings. Which I could live with, however my 510 has now stopped working - I can't start a new ride in it.

This happened after the unit froze midway through a ride following a pre-set course and then when I rebooted the unit, it deleted the course - which made navigating the country lanes back home extremely difficult. It turns out the unit's memory had also been corrupted, and after Windows attempted to repair the problem, I'm now left with an extremely expensive brick. Master reset doesn't fix this.

Garmin support took 2 days to simply suggest that losing the course would be expected if I attempted to reset the unit (which I didn't!) and suggested I tried resetting the unit, which hasn't fixed the problem.

I don't think these issues are rare, check out the Garmin forum for the 510 to see how many other users are having difficulties with this product. I would have thought the Amazon reviews would also reflect this, but for some reason they largely don't.

I think the unit would be fantastic...if the software actually worked. I'm going to try returning my unit to Amazon.

Edit(1): Garmin have now informed me how to get the device working again (by formatting the memory module). But they haven't addressed any of issues that lead to this problem or that left me stranded in the middle of the countryside. I'm still returning my 510.

Edit(2): Garmin support have now requested that I send the device to them for an RMA, unfortunately this happened after I started the product return process. So I'm still going to send it to Amazon for a refund.
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