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on 23 August 2014
I have my kindle fire for just over 12 months now, the first one I had lasted just under a month before something went wrong with the WiFi connection and it has to be sent back- amazon were brilliant at the ex- change and I had my replacement the day after talking to them, but it was still disappointing to have had to go through that experience.
My replacement has not suffered the same fate I am pleased to say and I use it for hours each day, surfing the net, reading books, playing games etc.
I have found lately that the silk browser has been locking up and closing and slowing to an absolute crawl each evening sometimes this is solved by clearing the cookies and switching off and on ( that old favourite!) But not always.
This is incredibly frustrating as I sit here watching the ipads and nexus that my family members have surfing away with no problems what so ever .
I run an anti virus which tells me all is well and it seems to be late evening that this problem raises its ugly head so I am at a loss.as to what it is playing at ( funnily enough it seems to be particularly prone to closing unexpectedly when shopping on Amazon, trying to look at product details, which is costing them money in lost business!!!)
I still love it dearly though and when things run smoothly it is phenomenal, but like everything it is when it is not doing as it should that I notice it more.
I love the nice blog, bright screen that makes things nice and clear ( so good I very often use with without my glasses- it really is that good)
I love the capabilities of it from movies to email and the thousands of books I can have in my bag when I have this with me, I would recommend this to others but silk is not the best browser and it would be better if it used a better one because the problems I have encountered would be solved.
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on 2 January 2014
In a lot of ways it confirms what I read about it being an Amazon controlled and restricted device, and so I am finding it pretty limiting and lacking in many ways, and perhaps more so than I expected.

If you are looking for a full and free Android tablet do not choose this. Probably fine as a family tablet but not for the serious....'I want to do the latest and anything possible' type of user.

Generally apps are limited and older versions, and I suspect you might wait a long while for latest versions, unlike my Android phone which is constantly updating.

Example; I bought it because I wanted to use Spotify largely as an occasional 'free' user. I find the version on here is over a year old and only works if you have a Spotify premium account. On a more annoying level is the lack of Flash Player support in the browser that I keep coming up against.

If you want to shop and do basic browsing and apps it's probably fine. If you are a Lovefilm Instant subscriber (as I am) it's a decent device with the 8.9" screen, but it definitely has limitations that most might find annoying.
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on 12 April 2016
It keeps glitching all the time. at the moment it has switched itself off and will NOT switch on, I dont know what to do. I have had this for 2 years and although this is the first time of it switching off completly, it has on many occations made me want to throw it against the wall.
Any help would be appreciated as I have all my music on there . ARRRRRHHHHHHHHH.
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on 22 January 2014
I bought this for my mother as a present. She was used to the 7" device and likes it, finding the silk system easy to navigate.
I set it up for her and it seems an ok device, but as a user of all different tablets, have to say it is just not in the same league as the iPad Mini or the Nexus tablets.
My money would be on one of those devices, IF you are new to tablets or if you are fed up of the limitations of the Fire.
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on 6 April 2014
The carousel just collects clutter and there is no easy way to tidy it up.
You cannot sensibly personalize the Kindle. i.e. You cannot select wallpaper / themes etc.
There is far too much Amazon advertising and it is easy to accidentally buy stuff from Amazon.
It is quite slow to operate.
The book reader is good, but is aimed at novels; I have not yet found a non fiction book available that I would like to read.
The music player does not integrate fully. If you are listening to music in the background, there are no quick music controls especially once the screen has gone to sleep.
It is not supplied with a charger and you cannot charge it from a computers USB port.
Otherwise I like it.
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on 29 November 2016
I would give it a 5 star if I could get all the apps working as I get on android. I can't get youtube to work properly on this.
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on 13 March 2013
I purchased this from the US before the UK version came out and I'm glad I opted for the larger 8.9 inch version than the smaller 7 inch Fire HD as there is a marked increase in resolution and screen real estate (this is better than full 1080 HD). I also have an iPad 4 and this review is based on a comparison of the two tablets as I believe they are the top two (Samsung Tab would be number 3) in the market.

Size and build quality: I like that this is slightly smaller than the iPad and most importantly it weighs quite a bit less, helping you to hold it with one hand (not for too long though). Obviously the screen is the most important aspect and being made of glass you will always worry about it breaking on a fall (get a case!) but it looks well put together and nothing feels as if it is made from cheap plastic/other materials. Has a solid feel when you pick it up but definitely not as heavy and bulky as the iPad (Kindle feels thinner). Kindle wins on this one.

Display: Almost perfect colour reproduction, text clarity and video. You will not notice anything deficient in the display, it performs excellently with everything thrown at it. I like to read books at night in white font on a dark background and then switch to the browser with dark text and white background and have never had any issues when making the switch instantly. Likewise watching movies, even something like 'The Dark Knight' which has very dark scenes was perfectly well reproduced with no discernible difference from a TV (provided you use the HD version of a movie). As there is a built-in mini HDMI port you can connect the Kindle to a TV and share what is on the screen or play a video which is very handy. The ONLY slight negative is that the iPad retina display just has that added wow factor that means I always favour its display to others, because of the higher resolution and technology which reduces the layers to make the screen sharper. In all though there is not much to choose between the two for 99.999% of people and uses.

Audio: Definitely a winner here, the stereo speakers pack more punch than you think and is definitely the better performer when compared to the iPad. Obviously not as good as a state of the art hi-fi system but for a mobile device this is as good as it gets. Mid-range is good and audio comes across with great clarity, you won't get distortion unless playing something crazy from YouTube. Kindle wins here.

Wifi/Browser: I got the wifi version (16gb) and can honestly say it holds a signal better than the iPad 1-3 but no difference with the iPad 4. The web browser is not as snappy and the system runs slightly slower than the iPad but you will only notice that if you are running them side by side, otherwise it's pretty fast on all fronts. Obviously no flash, but the web browser does the business, maybe lags slightly behind Safari and Chrome but not noticeably.

Books: Because the screen is of high quality reading is a pleasure and the integration with the Amazon store is brilliant so you can find books and download very quickly. Text can be enlarged and fonts changed to suit your reading style, no reason why ebooks cannot be compared to normal books now in terms of how you read the text. Page turning animation makes it feel like you are reading a paper book and the fact that you can switch to another title so quickly means you are now truly in control of a library. Performs as well as the iPad in this regard.

Apps/games: Don't respond as quick as the iPad nor are there as many choices, but should have everything you would use regularly. I can't say the store experience is better than Apple either but it did feel that this will only improve with time. iOS is ahead here.

Bluetooth: Connected to headphones just fine and played music in stereo, can also be used to connect a keyboard which is a better option for productivity (see below). Worked with a bluetooth headset as well when making Skype calls.

Email/typing: Touchscreens are not well regarded for either use and this is the case here, not good for more than a few lines and you will get regular errors. The iPad is the better performer here as the keyboard is organised better (and better spaced) and less errors are made. Kindle behind here.

Battery life: The 10 hour claim is about right, obviously reading a book in plain text works the tablet less than say a video and you will get more use out of it that way. It doesn't get as hot as the iPad so definitely an advantage here with roughly the same running time. Only a USB charger is supplied which is a definite negative as it takes well over 12 hours to charge fully from a USB port. The iPad has a wall charger so Kindle is behind here considering you need to pay £13 to get one.

Camera: front facing camera is not as good as on the iPad but does the job for Skype calls and any other apps that require video. Definitely not for taking photos. There is no rear camera, so the iPad wins on this front.

Memory: 16gb was fine for me and the Amazon cloud storage should cover you for most of the future purchases (it only covers Amazon purchases and content, other content will eat up your free allowance). Books don't use up much storage space, so you should get in well over 2,000 books on this without a problem.

Price: Around £170 cheaper than the iPad and definitely more value for what you get, hands down winner on that. Buying from the US was quite a lot cheaper than what it is being sold for in the UK. At £229 I think that Kindle Fire HD 8.9 offers the best features/price ratio against major rivals and makes it easier to justify the purchase for this sort of device.

In summary, this is a very good tablet, number 1 for me if price is factored in. Minor gripes about the charger not being included, ads being intrusive sometimes (you can pay £10 extra to get rid of them) and app store still weak compared to iOS do not really affect the device overall. If you are picky you will knock off one star (especially if you compare to iPad 4) but most people will be very happy to pick up a high quality tab for £229. In conclusion, best tablet for the price and if this is your first one then you will not be disappointed.
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on 21 August 2017
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on 24 November 2013
I purchased the Kindle Fire about a month ago and I am happy I've chosed this one, it's easy to use, quick, the battery life is pretty good compare to other tablets I've tried or owned and it is just the right size, not too big, not too small.
I give only four stars because of the lots of unwanted Amazon adverts, I like to personalize my tablet more, chose background etc. I can't do it with this one, every time I open it some advert comes up instead of my favourite pictures.
I will buy a new cover if I need it, it is no point to offer me at least five times a day.
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on 12 October 2013
i really loved the kindle fire HD 8.9 I have had all the kindles and this is by far the best, the only down side is the battery doesn't last that long, I would recommend this to my family and friends.
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