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on 30 May 2013
I purchased this product to avoid having to walk out to my smoker's location to verify the temperature and the fact that it measures both the chamber ("BBQ" temp) and meat ("Food" temp) at the same time. This convenience avoids having to rely only on one probe to estimate meat temperature, or opening the smoker to stick an instant thermometer, thus maintaining the heat more consistent throughout the cooking process. All the other features like food high temperature alarm and timer are nice to have, but if you are like me, you really don't need them. You can then concentrate on preparing the side dishes while just keeping the receiver at a readable location (I use the top of my fridge). Just make sure to insert the food probe on the cut of meat you want done first (poultry, for instance), then when they are done, clean and insert it in the next cut of meat (ribs), and so on. That way you will always be certain not to overcook them. The "BBQ" probe helps on determining when to "shake" the asses or replenish the coals. It even comes with a separate low BBQ temp alarm that helps you set that limit as well.
The range is excellent. I can have the smoker in my backyard and go to bed on my second floor (a total of 50ft away with 3 sheet-rock walls and a wooden floor in between), and can still get a signal. Nice for those "overnighter" beef briskets.
So far I have used it for approximately 52 hours of continuous cooking time (5 occasions) and still got the same batteries that came with the unit new in January.
The accuracy is not a big deal for me, even though I did put the probes into boiling water and iced water to confirm variability. I found the probes reacts somewhat slow to a sudden change (it took aprox. 30 seconds to stabilize), but the differences where not that much (both indicated 215°F in boiling water and 36°F in iced water). The chamber and food temperatures are always an estimate, no matter what smoker you have, plus it is always a difference in the piece of meat you have and where exactly you are placing the probe in the shoulder, ribs or whatever it is you are cooking, so a 5°F difference will not make a big deal of a difference. You do want to know where the shift is so you can account for that when deciding it is time to take the meat out or wait 15 more minutes...
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on 8 July 2013
Looked for some time to find a digital dual probe for using with the BBQ. Was initially put off by some negative reviews, but decided to take the plunge having found no other comparable device with similar spec at similar price.

Concerns have not been justified so far...although it is only 1 month (and 5-6 uses) since purchase. Worked perfectly out of the box. There were some comments about the receiver and transmitter not "finding" each other. Found the best way was to switch on the transmitter, then the receiver, and then immediately press the refresh button on the back of the transmitter. Works every time for me so far.

I also notice that the cable does get pinched slightly between the BBQ lid and side - I will look to improve this and prolong the lifespan of the cabling and probes. Not keen on drilling my BBQ!

All in all, I have been very pleased - keeping the BBQ temp around 110C for 3-4 hours to cook some top notch ribs, smoked chicken, pork belly etc has been very straight-forward, especially with the alarm for min/max temps. Ditto with the meat probe, which I have also used with meat cooking in the oven.

I would recommend if you are keen on proper BBQ (i.e. not just grilling).
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on 6 June 2014
Simply brilliant. I can now leave stuff smoking for hours while I enjoy my day with everyone else. I'm constantly having to go outside and check my grill temperature and lift the lid in order to check the internal temperature of my meat.
I've used this a few times now, never had a problem with it syncing and am still on the first set of batteries after at least 18 hours of use. The range is good enough that I can have my smoker anywhere in my back garden, the receiver in my living room at the front of my house and the signal is strong enough to go through 3 brick walls.
This has made such a difference to my grilling and smoking. No more over cooked food, or over/understacked coals.
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on 3 August 2014
I've been asked to review this item only 3 days after purchase so limited use!

The product arrived the following day as promised and well packaged.

Set up was very easy and no problems linking the two units on each occasion.

Clear large screen and large black numbers make for easy reading. There is a button that turns on a back light for 5 seconds if required.

I live in a mid terrace house with my bedroom at the front of the house. When cooking a packer brisket starting overnight on my Kamado Joe BBQ which is in the back garden, the distance as the crow flys from transmitter to receiver is approximately 25m so not a hard test. The signal does have to travel through an external wall and a couple of solid masonry internal walls mind and does so with no problems.

I like the too low/too high temperature alarms although I had a piecefull nights sleep as the Kamado Joe BBQ I use was holding very stable around 235 deg f.

The braided metal sleeve protected the probes although I have only used it twice. I have a soft felt type gasket between the body and lid so the wires are quite well protected by this material.

I wouldn't use it on steaks as I cook these as high as 700 deg f plus and this is above the recommended temperature use for the probes. Having said that, this really is an appliance for low and slow cooking.

By the way, the brisket turned out fabulous and I took it off when the food prob reached 185 deg f.

I considered purchasing a two probe iGrill 2 for my iPhone but decided against it after finding out it used Bluetooth and had battery drain problems. Also other functional issues I read about.

Overall I would definitely recommend the Ivation. Good luck with your research!
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on 16 December 2014
Awesome! I should have purchased one of these with my smoker, but didn't originally see the point. Great for fuss free BBQ smoking. I consider this essential for lazy days BBQing in the garden. I can even go back to bed after an early start.
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on 17 August 2013
Used this a few times, and it works like a charm. The wireless signal is great, and picks up the transmitters signal all over the house. Takes a bit of fiddling around to get used to it, but once you do, you can have peace of mind that the food is going to cook well.

Fantastic for slow cooks, and lets you monitor the grill AND the food from the comfort of your armchair.
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on 18 March 2014
Worked straight out of the box with no issues. A quick read of the instructions, cables connected & powered on, both receiver & transmitter connected first go. Probes cables could do with being a bit longer. Plus the unit housings could benefit with a more ruggerized casing as a drop of either looks as though it could cause some damage.

Performance however of the device is very good. A huge ribeye steak, 2 inches thick was taken off the grill at 144F. Checking with a Thermapen showed an internal temp. of 143.7F. Not too bad at all.

So far so good. Definitely a worthwhile tool for the BBQ enthusiast.
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on 29 September 2015
I've used this now throughout the summer with my Smoker. Setup on this is quite clear and accuracy seems quite good. It does seem to lose the signal between the two quite regularly and no further than 50ft away, so far less than the advertised disctance. This means you have to keep re-synching or moving close to the BBQ so it can reconnect which is slightly annoying. Other than the re-synching it's ok
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on 21 May 2014
Package arrived on time and well packed

I have given it 4 stars because it doesn't have a range of 300FT its approximately half of that in clear sight also the refresh rate of the temperature is slow.

It says in the instructions to clip the BBQ probe to the Grill However they do not supply and means of doing this in the box

Other than the 3 things mentioned it is a handy piece of kit and helps when smoking on my BBQ
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on 20 July 2016
Hassle free barbecue. Meat cooked perfectly every time without having to hover around the barbecue. Ideal for larger joints of meat. I use it with my brinkman smoke & grill with perfect results every time.
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