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on 13 March 2018
I first read this book about 4 years ago but having read so many books since then I couldn’t quite remember it except I remember it being one of my favorites. Having read Ruin which I loved I thought I’m going to read about Jake and Tru again. Well I’ve just finished it and it’s 3am I started reading it yesterday. I couldn’t put it down. What a rollercoaster of emotions and that’s just in me. Crying, laughing, angry, frustrated, happy it goes on. If a book can do that to you then you need to read it. This is one of my all time favorites. Thank you Sam for giving us Jake Wethers and Trudy Bennett.
Now onto Wethering the Storm and more emotional rollercoaster. Xx
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on 30 September 2017
Wtf just happened?? This book has been in my library for a few months the and I've only just read it now - I know, I'm an idiot!! If I'm honest rock stars are not my thing, scrap that weren't my thing, and that's because this book has been a major game changer for me.

Samantha Towle can write words. I'm in love with her brain. She writes comedy, sexy, angry and anxious which has you on a rollercoaster of emotions from the get go.

I loved Jake and his instalove for Tru, people get hurt both physically and emotionally and you can't help but love how the story develops.

I downloaded the through KU but went on to buy it it's THAT good!

Off to read the next installment now.......
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on 2 September 2016
Overall i thought this was a very well and fun book to read which evoked many emotions from extreme joy and humour to devastation. I found Trudy Bennett to be a real three dimensional person with depth and character which i think is really hard to create when making a couple. She's both a normal woman which the reader can relate to yet she is also above that which is why Jake Wethers loves her. The male lead was also an interesting read yet as a reader i did not want him as my book boyfriend (this is just a personal preference); i found him to be both a cheeky chappy but also a rock god which was a nice way to break the stereotype of musicians in literature. The minor characters such as Fletcher and Simone are also fun additions to the book but do not overtake the lead characters which is refreshing and allows them to act as compliments to the leads.
The writing in the book is another bonus as it fast paced yet not rushed which makes it for an exciting read. Fluid and easy the author makes it feel like you are living the book instead of reading it which made me, as a reader, finish the book in no time. The story matches the writing and while i will not give away any spoilers but i can promise that the book tugs on all your heartstrings, i therefore highly recommend it.
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on 30 July 2015
What a fab book I really loved this story. It was a real cliff hanger right till the end of the book. It is a chunky book of over 500 pages but I read it in about 3 days as i just could not put it down. The chapters were not to long which was great because i could sneek a chapter in here and there and the story line was interesting enough to keep me reading. There was a good amount of love and sex mixed in to not make it to smutty or over the top I had no problem giving it 5 stars and i loved Jake he was so vunerable and romantic. Overall probably one of the best reads so far this year and i LOVE reading lots of romance and erotica it brightens up my dull drab life. So now the question do I read wethering the storm the follow on to this story? As always I buy all the books in a set so I dont have to wait for the book to come BUT I really enjoyed the ending in The Mighty Storm and I feel maybe both these characters have been through enough heart acne and troubles to get to where they are now ? Do I need to have more turmoil in another book? I have decided I am going to look at the reviews and decide. Also in the end of The Mighty Storm there is NO advert for the follow on book which I find really strange and maybe that is why there is not so many reviews on it or if people where like me and the story had maybe taken it course at the end of book 1? Well I loved the book great read.
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on 9 April 2015
Loved this! Jake and Trudy were childhood friends, separated when Jake's family moved to America when he was 14. He's now a world famous rock star, and in London preparing and doing interviews for his bands tour. Trudy, or Tru, is now a music journalist. And her boss has organised an interview with Jake. And so the childhood friends are reunited.

I liked the storyline, it was well written, the characters likable, and developed. I laughed, I cried, and I felt for the characters. Jake has had a tough time. He's a bit broken. He knows what he wants, and is not afraid to go after it. Trudy is balanced and stable - a typical twenty something. It's believable. All written from Trudy's pov, with a bonus scene at the end written from Jake's pov. I liked the way Trudy would 'argue' with herself when she was torn between doing one thing, or another.
I've had this book waiting to be read for a little while now, and I can't believe it took so long to get to it. It certainly won't be long before I carry on with the rest of TMS series.
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on 20 August 2017
Item description:
The item came in perfect condition and safely packaged. The quality of the cover is not very strong, it is thin and bent easily. The paper inside is thin but okay quality. The writing size and font is easy to read and overall the item is good.

Story rating:
This book left me with a smile on my face. I absolutely loved it. From page one I was sucked into the drama of Jake and Tru and I couldn’t stop reading. I was obsessed. just loved it so for that i am giving it a 5+ stars
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on 26 February 2013
I actually only bought this book just to pass a couple of days before the final instalment of another erotic trilogy comes out later this week, this had great reviews and a fantastic price at 64p and thought why not.
Well I opened this book at 9pm last night and only intended to read a couple of chapters to get a feel for the characters and at 11am today Ive finally finished this book but that's including not going to bed and having NO SLEEP I've literally been up all this time!
But it was damn worth it!!
This book was fabulous..
It's about 2 best friends tru and jake they was neighbours and was brought up together. They was the bestist friends and were inseparable, unfortunately though they got separated from each other's lives at the age of 14 because Jake's family moved away to another country. They tried to keep in touch but eventually they lost contact with each other.
However 12 years later they are reunited..
Jake is a massive rock star, tru is a music journalist and has to go and interview jake.
Will there be fireworks when they finally meet?
Even though tru has never forgotten him and followed his career through the press she's nervous he won't remember her.
Will jake remember her? Will tru fall back in love with her one true love even though she's got a boyfriend WILL of 2years)
Can they both walk away from each other again?
Ooooooooo exciting isnt it?

I was hooked from the 1st page, you just can't wait until they finally meet and My stomach had butterflies through out.
I totally fell in love with jake wethers I want him to be mine.

This book absolutely captured my heart it's a beautiful story of 2 sole mates who (I believe we all have 1)
I really liked WILL too and felt for him he didn't deserve any of it but when 2 people are Destined to be together what can u do?
Not to spoil the story any further I'll leave it there but I promise you you WILL NOT regret reading this book.
It's a great easy read it's hot,sexy and a one hell of a beautiful story
I freaking loved it.

Just Read it!!

Am gonna get some sleep now haha......

Ooooooooo I've just found out there's gonna be a second book...weathering the storm(out August 2013) CAN'T WAIT!
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on 2 March 2013
Ok every now and then I find a book that I simply CANNOT put down, every now and then I find a book that stays with me looooong after I have read the last page, and every now and then I find a book that has me obsessively checking the authors page to see if the next instalment has been released it the last six hours since I last checked, this book my friends did ALL of the above! I am in LURVE with Jake Wethers and Trudy Bennett *sigh*. I am a rock chick through and through but find a lot of the rockstar books very OTT (ok I admit I still read them anyway) but this book was in my humble opinion PERFECT, Jake is all kinds of fecked up, Tru is a nice girl from a good family who has a perfectly nice life with a very decent boyfriend, and although I felt for Will (nice but dreary) I just loved Jake and Tru so much that I couldn't wait for them to tell him - hell if I had been Tru wouldn't have waited so long, most of us have "that friend" who we think about and smile from ear to ear who we haven't seen since we were thirteen that we'd love to see again so I found this part believable, I am soooooo happy that I stumbled upon this book as it has brought me a lot of joy and introduced me to the Thoughtless series too, TMS is however my favourite of the two. I could gush on and on about this book all day long! I also love that even after Jake gets Tru back it's not a case of HEA - she has to face obstacles she would have never dreamed of, the things in Jakes world are NOTHING like Tru's and I think Samantha has captured that really well. I cannot wait for the next instalment...I would recommend this book for maybe a mature 16 upwards as it does contain adult content but is not explicit enough for me to feel comfortable for my own 16 year old daughter to read.
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on 4 October 2013
I did it! I re-read a book without throwing in the towel or getting frustrated!! And I bloody loved it!

I read 'The Mighty Storm' last September, so I'd forgotten so much of what happened. Knowing I'd need to refresh my memory in order to fully enjoy 'Wethering The Storm' I decided to re-read TMS.

Now, those of you who know me and follow my blog, will know that I am absolutely useless at re-reading books. Even my favourites. I'm impatient and antsy about the amount of amazing books on my TBR list, so I struggle when I'm going back over old ground. But I really really enjoyed TMS the second time around. I think maybe even more than the first!

Sex, drugs and rock and roll. That age old saying pretty much sums up this book. In one. Boom!

Wow. I'd forgotten what a ride this one was.
It's sooooo sexy! I absolutely love Jake.

So, for those of you who've been hiding under a rock for a year, and haven't discovered Jake Wethers, 'The Mighty Storm' is the story of Jake and Trudy.
They were childhood best friends and next door neighbours, living in the UK, until Jake moved away to America at the age of 14.
The pair lose touch and Tru is left to follow Jake's successful, but turbulent, rock music career, through tabloids and television.
London based music journalist, Trudy Bennett is thrown, when her boss tells her she is going to interview infamous bad-boy of rock, Jake Wethers, for the magazine she works for.
And so, Jake and Tru are reunited and their story begins. Jake has no plans to let her go a second time. And Trudy is left questioning everything... her two-year relationship with the lovely, safe, dependable Will, her morals, her willpower and most of all, her sanity!

Samantha Towle is a fabulous writer. The story is gripping, well written and seamless. It's told from Trudy's POV and I was an instant Tru fan. She makes some seriously questionable decisions, throughout this book, but I still really liked her as a heroine. She's human. She's not immune to temptation. She's a girl who loves a boy. Who has always loved this particular boy.

Despite the fact that I think she handled things badly, she was still ballsy enough to own it and do the right thing in the end. This book does involve cheating, but it totally adds to the passion and intensity of Tru and Jake's story. It reminded me so much of 'Thoughtless' and we all know how much I love my Kellan... ;)

This is such a rollercoaster. One chapter I love Jake, the next I want to strangle him. One minute I couldn't care less about Will, and the next I'm bawling my eyes out for him. Jeez... emotional whiplash, much?!

Oh, the angst. The emotion. The drama. The sex. The... everything.

The Mighty Storm is super hot. The sexual tension is scrummy! It's sensual, more than graphically erotic. If that makes any sense. But I love nothing more than a good dose of sexual tension. If a book can get my pulse racing and get me hot under the collar, I'm all in. It's a huge selling point for me. So Samantha Towle scores huge bonus points in that department.

And Jake is as delicious as book boyfriends come. My God, the man has issues! Like I said, `Sex, drugs, rock and roll'. Jake Wethers is that, personified.

He oozes sex, beds anything in a skirt, has been addicted to drugs, drinks too much and is arrogant as hell.

At times, he drove me crazy. He was so irrational and a total spoilt brat. He's used to getting his own way and someone needs to start saying `No' to this man. (Hey, I didn't say I'd be able to say `No' to him, I just someone needs to. Preferably someone who doesn't fancy the pants off of him. Not me then.)
He made things so difficult for Tru, with the whole Will scenario, and I just wanted to slap him upside the head. But, again, despite his faults, I couldn't help but fall in love with him. Whilst he was a sexy, demanding, womanizing, force to be reckoned with, on the outside, he was clearly a vulnerable, broken, lost young man, behind closed doors. And my heart ached for him.

(And can I just take this moment to tell you how totally smitten I am with my Jake casting. (see my blog) Holy hotness! Okay, moving on...)

Jake's the irresistible mix of uber-alpha male and lost little boy. In one breath he makes you want to love and protect him, and then he'll rip your panties off and ravage you, the next. Yes purlease!

I felt his need for Tru, so profoundly. There was such a desperation in the way he clung to her, once he had her. These two are meant to be together. They are made for one another. Despite the odds being so heavily against them, everything about them together is so right. They are intense. Jake doesn't just want Tru, he needs her. He's suffered a huge amount of turmoil and loss. He's hit rock bottom and clawed his way back up... and now he's found the part of him that he's been missing. Awww, it's just adorable. My heart was hurting and fluttering all at the same time.

So often, my head-over-heels love for a book hero will totally overshadow my feelings for the heroine, even when I like her, and sometimes I'm even slightly indifferent to the female lead, in comparison to my adoration for my book-boyfriend... but with 'The Mighty Storm' I was totally in love with `Jake and Tru', the couple!

She's like the peanut to his butter. The flip to his flop. The twinkle in his eye. The smile in his tears. The sanity in his madness. The sweet in his dreams. The hope in his fears. The passion in his veins.
Wow, look at me getting all poetic on you.

So, if you haven't read this yet... Do! It's brilliant. It'll push you up and down, back and forth, inside out and back to front. There are a tonne of sub plots, yet it isn't long, drawn out or over done. It's just perfect.

This book does not end with a cliffhanger. The ending is happy, but it just leaves it open for the rest of the story.

I'm so excited to read the next book... but I'm nervous too... what more can poor Jake and Tru possibly go through. I feel like Jake is so fragile. And I'm so scared for them. For Trudy, who has turned her life upside down to be with him... and for Jake, who I'm not convinced can cope with much more drama. All crossable appendages tightly crossed, that they don't go through hell and back in book #2.

The Mighty Storm Statistics
Steam Rating (out of 5): ♥♥♥♥
Ending: HEA
Series: ✓
Reading Order:
Book #1 - The Mighty Storm (The Storm, #1)
Book #2 - Wethering The Storm (The Storm, #2)
Book #3 - Untitled (The Storm, #3)
Can this be read as a standalone? Yes
Rock star
Second chance romance
Love triangle
Warning. This book includes...
Sexual content. Drug abuse. Cheating. Death.
Writing: Great

Review by Smitten's Book Blog
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on 28 January 2013
Oh My! Oh My! Oh My! Well firstly I have to say I am so annoyed with myself that I left it so long to read this book as I loved it. Wow it is such a great story and it was more than I had hoped for. This book took me on a rollercoaster of every emotion and the build up to those emotions were fantastic. Samantha Towle has an amazing gift of almost letting you know whats coming but leaving enough doubt that you actually are almost holding your breath waiting to get there, and i LOVED that. This book is filled with moments that are so ridiculously heart breaking at times and other times of total highs of pure unadultarated love.

I totally fell for Jake almost from the moment he was introduced to the book and even though you think maybe you should not be rooting for him you do. He is so beautifully broken and it is potrayed so well in the way it is written. There were times I wanted to shout at him but at the same time I totally understood why he did the things he did. You get to know and understand Jake and why he is the way he is and you will end up loving him for it. As for Tru my feelings for her character were also a rollercoaster and boy did i wanna jump in my ereader and shake her a couple of times, but I also totally understood her by the end of the book and loved her for all she went through.

So all in all I loved this book and I loved the characters (need to just say I loved Stuart as he is awesome in this story). This is most definatly a 5 STAR book for me!
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