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on 9 March 2014
I have given this 5 stars because I would definitely buy another one and it is exceptionally good value, but there are a couple of caveats. I used this to mount an Optoma HD25. It took some time to figure out the best way to screw the 4 mounting arms into 3 mounting holes but it is possible to remove any of the 4 arms and still end up with a secure mounting. I liked the easy way you could attach the plate to the ceiling and then the projector mounting bracket to the plate. Adjustment was easy but took a little while to get the projector exactly where I wanted it (to avoid having to use keystone correction if possible) because when you do a final tighten of the two butterfly adjusting screws it had a tendency to move the projector fractionally. Not the prettiest of mounting plates (are any of them?) but highly functional and despite being the least robust feeling part of the assembly it does the job well. The rest of the assembly feels very robust.
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on 26 March 2017
Well made strong an versatile. Very good
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on 19 September 2014
Although its good value for money its not a good quality build. It comes in two main parts the ceiling bracket and the projector connecting legs attached via a ball joint. The ceiling bracket is robust. However, it comes with fixing bolts that are only suitable for fixing to masonry walls and ceilings. A lot of ceilings in residential properties are likely to be plasterboard so these fixings are unsuitable. I used some 6x80 coach screws with some washers and screwed directly into the ceiling joists as well as some heavy duty plaster board toggle screws.

The projector mount is flexible and I was easily able to attach it to my Epson EH-TW6100. However, the projector connector feels flimsy and there is a lot of flex in the legs. The main problem with this section was the ball joint that connects to the ceiling bracket. It was loose and wobbled which made it very difficult to position correctly. The ball joint is attached the to circular section in the base that connects to the legs by being compressed into a hole. It wasn't securely attached and there was enough play to be worried that it wouldn't hold up. The ball joint is attached to the disk by compressing the metal into the hole so it expands inside and outside the hole deforming the metal to effect a crude joint. So I had to take it apart and hammer it and further deform the metal joint until the ball mount was secure with no wobble and then rebuild it. I don't mind DIY but you shouldn't have to do that. I probably should have sent it back but once I'd done the hard work of attaching it to the ceiling bracket I was less inclined to take it all off and return it.

Connecting the projector mount to the ceiling bracket is done by pushing in the ball joint and tightening the knobs to secure. However, its really difficult to get the alignment correct. Once you move the projector into position and then do the final tighten of the knobs the projector moves. So you have to loosen, adjust and re-tighten again and again until its right. When I finally got it about righ I plugged my cables in and the cursed thing had moved again. Grrrrr! Also the legs flex while your aligning it again making it difficult to do the final adjustments. Its probably not an issue if projecting onto a wall but I use a fixed screen so correct alignment is essential. When you finally get it about right I noticed that it slightly moves over time. Probably settling into position with the weight of the projector.

The instructions are laughable, badly translated and very simplistic. Some excerpts: "Thank you for purchasing projector hanger very much" - hanger is about right since it reminded me of a coat hanger. "The holes should be symmetrical and balanceable in the horizontal and vertical direction" - what that means I've no idea. "Place the projector as center as possible, then scnew all the bolts" - maybe that's where I was going wrong - not enough "scnewing".

Now its finally up and it does work. It was cheap, very cheap, but I would have preferred a model that was better quality and easier to adjust.
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on 27 April 2014
Had to juggle the fittings around but it did the job and was cheaper than other alternatives. I bought this for an Optoma Projector.
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on 9 May 2015
review image
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on 20 November 2014
It came, it fitted perfectly with my TW6100W, fitted to the ceiling perfectly, 2 screws and it was solid, but i put the additional two to make sure.
Only down side is it moves easily in time this could be a problem over time this thing might slip to a final position lower than required, im just going to avoid moving it in any way at all.
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on 30 September 2014
I agree with the review left by Dr. P. J. Netherwood on 19th Sept 2014 which I wish I'd seen before I purchased as it would have saved me a lot of hassle.

The mounting bracket is actually 90% very good, unfortunately the last 10% is what makes it unusable.

As the above reviewer states - they've chosen to attach the bottom spigot to the lower plate by swaging (basically hitting it with a big hammer so that it deforms and holds the lower plate in place). This means that with everything tightened up nicely the lower plate can still wobble a large amount. There is nothing you can tighten to overcome this.

It's a shame as this would have been a good bracket for the price.

I can only assume the other reviewers got one that had been tw***ed with a bigger hammer than mine had.
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on 25 May 2014
dead easy to install needed to align the bracket to the projector simply connect the screws and your away
I think its easy when its two persons installing to align the holes to fix to celling can be heavy to hold up and mark the holes
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on 23 February 2013
Has a good level of adjustment and can be fitted to most projectors. Can be angles through 90 degrees, have fitted one to ceiling to point down (needs stand off or suitable size projector to do this.
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on 27 August 2014
This is actually a great projector bracket. It requires some thought and assembly depending on your projector but I think it probably fits most sizes absolutely fine. I have an Optoma HD25e which only has 3 holes for a bracket but this fits fine. I had to reverse one of the arms but I think that's part of the design to allow that.

It comes with two different lengths of pole in case you need your projector lower down and it comes with all the screws and attachments you need to fit it to any ceiling. Really really good.
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