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Customer reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
In My Dreams
Format: Kindle Edition|Change

on 30 May 2017
I was a little bit unsure of this book to begin with but I stuck with it and it definitely grew on me, we see how Michael and Lizzy have an unconventional relationship and how this develops is a main feature across the book, a light and easy breezy romance novel, now to move onto the next story.
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on 27 December 2011
All I can think right now about this book is: "What a marvelous heartbreaking and inspiring story". But I'm sure you all want to know more about the plot. First of all, don't think this book is about werewolves, is not. There is a wolf, but is not really really important for the story.
I don't particularly like sad stories but this book is a total keeper for me now. The story begins with Elizabeth running away from a dark silhouette that is approaching her in the middle of the woods. And it doesn't matter how much she tries to run, there's no escape. She then discovers a small cabin and decides to hide there... but this cabin is really weird, instead of one door it has four and the wind is always opening them and through the doors she can see this thing coming for her... Right then she knows everything is over, she is going to die.
The dark silhouette approaches her and it smells like roten and death. Raising her hands to protect herself she just waits for the final strike.
But it never comes. A voice screams to her and destroys the dark figure.
And she wakes up. It was all a dream, a horrible dream but a dream in the end. Right? Not quite...
Her live is about to fall into pieces. Since her dad ran away with another woman her mom dedicated herself to drink and forgot everything about her daughter. So Lizzy grew up taking care of her mother. But she wasn't alone, her best friend and now boyfriend Michael always stood by her side. It was because of him that her live had still colors in it. And they were about to celebrate their 4th anniversary.
But with a phone call from his parents everything goes down. Michael is now dead.
And she is the only one that can see him in her dreams. And Michael tells her that he didn't die in an accident, he was murdered and the killer was now coming for her.

With this book we can see how a single act can change lots of lives to better... or to worse. And we share beautiful and specials moments between Lizz and Michael. Their love is inspiring, is warming and precious. From the beginning you know that they won't have a happy ending, it's simply to late. But that won't stop you, the story is far more thrilling and you will want to know what is going to happen next.
This book, while it makes you cry it also makes you smile and laugh. I simply loved it.
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on 27 August 2011
In My Dreams by Cameo Renae is an absolute must read! We start off meeting Lizzy Hayes, who is currently waiting for her boyfriend to pick her up for a special date. But instead of Michael showing up, she receives a phone call with the sad news that Michael has been in a car accident. Lizzy's world is turned upside down as she struggles with finding out the truth and trying to survive without her soulmate.

I found myself tearing up throughout the book as the heart breaking pain rolled off of the pages in waves. But not only pain and suffering are felt, as this is a true love story about a love that will last forever, even in death. The reader will experience the sadness, love, joy, courage and determination of each character involved.

There really isn't anything more that I can say that expresses how much I enjoyed In My Dreams so do yourself a favor and get your own copy today. I know I'll be getting a print copy as well to put on my bookshelf because I will be reading it again.
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on 26 January 2013
Ebook: In My Dreams
Author: Cameo Renae
Fiction, Paranormal,
This review may contain spoilers
I was given this by the author for an honest review
Summary: It was happening again. The dreams. The nightmares. It was something that seventeen year-old Elizabeth Hayes thought she'd outgrown; dreams that would come true; detailed premonitions of how people would die. This time she dreams about her boyfriend, Michael Young, and soon discovers that he has been found... dead.
He has not crossed over because he was murdered, and now the murderer is after Lizzy. His spirit won't rest until she is safe. As a newbie spirit, the easiest way for him to make contact is through Lizzy's dreams. When she dreams, it's as if he hasn't died.
Lizzy must learn to pull on her inner strength to survive horrifying events, and is faced with a most difficult decision. Would she risk her life to save her best friend and the very person responsible for Michael's death?
Meanwhile, Michael learns everything he can about his supernatural gifts to help. But will it be enough to save her?
The Review
Well, I have such puffy eyes, I was enthralled with this one, I could not put it down, the author really got to me with this one, I cried like a baby, I am so emotional right now, this book really tugged at my heart strings, but it was brilliant, I did not want to put it down, I loved Michael, the hero of the story, for me he was the epitome of a hero, it did not matter that he was dead, nothing would stop him from helping out his Elizabeth, (Lizzy) whenever she needed it and boy did she need it, This is a great book for any and all, it gave me hope, that there is life for us all after we have lost a loved one, I was pulled into their lives, The author did a fantastic job, I would highly recommend this one to everyone, just make sure you have tissues beside you, you will need them, 6/5
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on 30 September 2012
I received this book free fom Cameo, in exchange of a honest review. Thank you, Cameo!! <3

One Word: STUNNING! This book is stunning, amazing, awesome, wonderful,beautiful and sad. I loved it from the very first moment I opened it and I started reading.

This is the saddest book I ever read. Tears stremed down my face every time Lizzy speaked about how much she loves Michael and how much she misses him. I have to warn you, this book will break your heart. The emotions are so well described that you actually feel them. You cry along with Lizzy , feel her pain , love with her and hate with her. This is the best thing about "In my dreams" . It's not the easy reading type. Reading "In my dreams" , the emotions invade you and you pray for the characters. Also, the story will take your breathe away. It's one of the most beautiful love story I ever read.

Cameo is a very good author. She knows how to take you from your world and place you in Lizzy's sad world. Also, there is soooo much suspense in this book! I was breathless when Lizzy was kidnapped. There were passages that scared me horribly. So if you think that "In my dreams" is just a love story, you're wrong. "In my dreams" is also a excellent thriller!

I loved the mix between love, fantasy and thriller! That's why "In my dreams" is one of the best book I've ever read. I found everything I liked in it : fantasy, love and thriller. I enjoyed every single word of it and I want more! I was very sad when I finished and I wanted to restart it all over again. This was definitely one of the best reads EVER! I recommend it to all of you, you will love it!

I don't know what else I can say to show you how much I loved this book and how good it is , so I am gonna relate you some action. J

Meet Lizzy. She is 17 years old and her life is not perfect. With an alcoholic mother and a dad that left her, she had to confront the life from a fragile age. The single thing that is perfect in her life is her boyfriend, Michael (lovely boy) . He is perfect: romantic, careful and ,well, perfect. Lizzy is happy with Michael and loves him more than anything.

But her world is turned upside down when she receives a call from Michael's parents. They tell her that Michael had a car accident and died. Lizzy is broken and she doesn't know how she will live without her soul , Michael.

In the evening of the accident, the girl was waiting for her boyfriend to come and take her to their fourth Anniversary. But Michael never showed up. And waiting for him, Lizzy falls asleep and dreams that Michael dies. After Michael's parents' call, after a loooooonnnngggggg cry, she falls asleep and dreams Michael. She dreams that Tyler , their best friend, was somewhere in a cabin with a strange men that insist that he wants his money. Tyler tells him that "he" will bring them. After some time, Lizzy will find out, with horror , that this "he" is Michael. The girl easily figures out that the strange men is a dealer and he wants the money from the drugs he saled to Tyler. Michael didn't bring them , thinking that maybe he can fool the dealer. But he can't , so now they are in danger. The dealer wants his money, and Michael , Tyler and him go to bring them. And then, Lizzy wakes up.

The next day, Elizabeth goes to work. There, a women come and tell her that she is a shaman and that Michael contacted her. She tells her that Michael was murdered and didn't cross over because Lizzy is in danger , because his killer is coming to Lizzy. She also says that Lizzy has "the gift" and she can see Michael if she leaves her mind and heart open. Lizzy belives every word that this women says.

Now, Lizzy sees Michael in her dreams. She touches him, kisses him, speaks with him. It's like is real. But when she wakes up, she remembers that a killer is looking for her. And when he finds her, she has to be very strong to survive these horrifying events. Do you want to know how this danger adventure will end? Then read this amazing book!

If you're searching for something that will take you breath away , you found the right book! I recommend this book with the biggest pleasure! It's a must-have!
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on 12 December 2012
I love everything about this book and must Thank Cameo for gifting me a copy of it :)

In My Dreams - Cameo Renae, a Young Adult Paranormal Novel.

Elizabeth Hayes, better known as Liz to her friends and family, suffers a fate worse than death. She is held tightly by her dreams, dreams that are visions of foresight. Dreams that reveal events that have yet to happen. She doesn't know that they will when she has them, but from her past experiences she knows not to dismiss them.
When the life of her friends, and herself are endangered, she must remember the way out that her dreams revealed to her. But she doesn't just rely on her dreams. She has Michael to help her. Her friend since childhood, and boyfriend of 4 years would never let harm befall her if he could help it.

But what happens when Liz wakes from a dream so real? When she wakes to her phone ringing, the caller on the other gives her some bad news that she finds very hard to accept. Another dream of hers has come to pass, and reality breaks before eyes. She now finds herself in danger and must trust her dreams even more.

In My Dreams is a heart-breaking tale bound by love and compassion, wrapped in forgiveness and sorrow. From the moment you turn that first page, you will be left grasping tightly as you yearn to know what will happen. In a world where love is stronger than you can imagine, the lives of those affected will be changed forever - and with it your perception of your own reality.

When I had the time to sit and read this book, I couldn't put it down.

Cameo Renae has done a wonderful job in creating fluent characters that you could trust and bond with. Characters that you can connect with from the start, is a hard thing for writers to portray but Cameo managed it with apparent ease. Such ease to the reader is hard for the writer. Credit given where credit is due. This is one writer to keep your eyes open for in the future!
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on 29 July 2011
4 stars/4 stars

Wow. `In My Dreams' by Cameo Renae definitely takes you on one long emotional journey! It's jam packed full of action, suspense, drama and successfully manages to deal tough subjects such as murder and drugs.

I really enjoyed read `In My Dreams', the plot was great and flowed effortlessly. It was constantly turning and shifting with new situations to deal with. I liked the splashes of humour that were thrown in, which made the story lighter.

Liz and Michael are very much in love and I found it heart breaking when events happened that caused him to die. I liked how he made sure she was safe even until the very last page. They're great characters who had faults as well as good qualities.

I'd recommend this book to anybody who loves their books jam-packed full of action, romance, drama and suspense!
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on 22 September 2012
Firstly, thank you do much Author Cameo Renae for the phenomenal "Gift" of your amazing novel, "In My Dreams".

What an amazing must read for all paranormal romance lovers. My heart was breaking for the two main characters, Lizzy and Michael as I was flying through this book.

Keep a tissue box close at hand as you immerse yourself in this spectacular read.

Lizzy patiently waiting for the love of her life Michael to arrive and pick her up for a very special date. She falls asleep on her couch while waiting...
Only to be awakened by a traumatic phone call, with the devastating news of Michael being in a car accident.

Lizzy is heartbroken as her perfect life with Michael is suddenly torn away from her in a flash... The struggles that she goes through are so "real to life" as Lizzy is wrapped up in finding out the true truth of how her soul mate died, and how she is going to survive without him in her life.

She is having strange very detailed occurrences while she is dreaming. She has like a front row seat of her Michaels death. And who had actually murdered him!!! Grrr, so not fair.

Lizzy can and does make contact with Michael, but only through her dreams. Michael is trying to help her find his killer, and she is also experiencing things along the way like being able to do things that they hadn't managed to do together while he was still alive. (totally awesome, I know right?)

Michael helps her survive against being kidnapped by the same person who had murdered him. The murderer is now after Lizzy.

Ok, I'm giving away to much again of the story, so with that being said I will say this:
"In My Dreams" is a epic paranormal romance, unlike no other that I have read or seen, he love of Michael and Lizzy is so pure it warms your own heart, and yet it will also break it at the same time... it's a precious gifted love, inspiring you to believe that yes, there is a love that is so gripping as theirs.

In My Dreams is so full of thrilling rides, and I do mean "rides" with unexciting events that will take you around corners faster than ever. Cameo Renae gives us everything in hr debut novel, that most definetly leaves you eagerly waiting to wee when her next novel is due out.

~~ A love that is truly magical ~~

Recommend: YA
Rating: 5/5 angel stars

Angel Anne Reviews
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on 31 May 2012
4.5 Stars

OK, I've read this in a day. That tells you something straight away. Now, where to start with this one and how to right a review without spoiling this book for anyone???? Here goes...
This book is heartbreaking and had me in tears several times. Now believe me, that is no easy task. The love between Liz and Michael is one that everyone with a heart dreams of. It's beautiful. Their story is so well written, it grips your heart and soul. You feel everything they do, see everything they see. As far as I'm concerned (and you won't hear this often) the powerful romance, the chemistry, the characters personalities, everything to do with their relationship... was perfect. Heartbreaking, but damn perfect.

This (again as far as I'm concerned) is one of those books that will stay with you forever. You'll think about it afterwards and smile, even though on the inside you're still breaking your heart crying.

I'm not telling the plot. But it's good. No, scrap that... its awesome. I would like to say this is a love story where I would like to be the female. But I don't think I would be as strong as Liz. So I won't wish to be her, but this will definitely stay me.

The only gripes I had were the repetitive sentences and that sometimes the story would jump around. Things were put in this book that just weren't needed (like hovering the curtains when all I cared about was what had happened to Michael.) and they were put in there at bad times. One minute she was talking about feeling ill, the next minute about another character, followed by a long description of him them. Bad timing. But they are the only gripes.

Pick up this book, go somewhere quiet and enter a world of true love, sacrifice and bravery that will capture you mind, heart and soul, just as it has mine.
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on 10 June 2012
I must admit that I was cautioned that Cameo Renae's debut novel, "In My Dreams," might be too much of a "chick" book for my taste ... but, while it will certainly appeal to those who love a good paranormal romance, there is plenty of pulse-pounding action and danger mixed in to make a wide and diverse audience happy. The writing is tight and focused, the plot strikes a balance between being too straightforward and overly complicated, and the characters are well-constructed, likable, and--most importantly--believable.

The setting is interesting. It might not be the first book I've ever read that takes place in Alaska, but it's the first one I remember. The town, the weather, and the wildlife combined to give the book a rustic, yet otherworldly, feel that really worked for the story. But, as a native of New York--where residents like to brag that we have four distinct seasons, as if we're somehow responsible--the thought of days with only four or five hours of sun makes me claustrophobic (and happy that it's 82 degrees and sunny as I write this). I liked the reference to "I'll See You In My Dreams," the lone Top-40 hit for AOR band Giant (in 1990) and the inclusion of the Hawaiian state fish (which I still can't pronounce).

"In My Dreams" appears to be a stand alone novel, but the world and situations that Renae created can easily be expanded into further novels, or even an ongoing series. As I said earlier, I think many readers will enjoy this novel--males and females, alike--but I would particularly recommend it to fans of YA, Paranormal Romance, and love stories.
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