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on 1 September 2013
I bought a 600 watt travel kettle for work but the 150 watt power inverter I had was under powered. I could have bought a kettle that runs from the cigarette lighter connection but knew that boiling times can be long as a result so decided to buy a 600 watt kettle with this power inverter. I have had them now for 3 months and couldn't be happier. Boiling times are close if not the same to 240v home sockets. I would recommend this product to friends and family. The only small issue I encountered was the battery connection wasn't long enough to feed through to my vehicle battery and I wouldn't have been able to use the cigarette connections as the power would have popped the vehicle fuse this was easy sorted with some longer cabling and connections. I am thinking adding some extra cabling,sockets and charging my drill, screwdrivers batteries from it.

I would recomend upgrading cabling as leads it comes with are thin and short. Possibly to thin for regular use and may overheat.
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on 27 January 2014
Well, it was delivered very quickly, and out of the box it looked great. Connected it up to a fully charged battery and ran our Tefal Actifry fine.
So far, so good. Anyway, I need to install it in our motorhome, so I took the cables off, installed it and connected the cables again. Cable connections to the unit itself is a little tricky and getting a good tight connection is awkward because the cable fouls the screw down connector. It could do with a bigger ring terminal. Tried to run a couple of smaller items and it didn't seem too happy, it didn't seem to be able to run even small appliances very well. Then something started to smell hot. I turned it off, no smell from the unit itself, so checked the cables. When I pulled on the the positive crocodile clip, it came away from the cable. This is supposed to be welded, it wasn't done very well.
So now, I don't trust either of the cables and will have to buy two more at extra cost.
Selling an item that can draw something like 83 amps with substandard cables is very poor. If I hadn't noticed quickly, it could easily have got really hot and started a fire.
If you have one, check the cables thoroughly.
Hopefully, with new cables and a tight connection, it will work fine.
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on 17 March 2014
Last week I had a power cut, the power went off at 8pm and was still off at midnight (it eventually came back on at 3am, after I was asleep). By midnight I had done all the Sudoku puzzles I felt like doing, and I had caught up with all the reading material in my tablet. My laptop has a DVD player but a duff battery, so not much use.

Now, I live in a rural cottage prone to power cuts. I have emergency LED lights, and a gas canister powered hotplate, and while I do own a small petrol genny, I was reluctant to have that racket going on so late at night. Nor did I feel like sleeping yet. Then I remembered that a few months ago I had bought a leisure battery, solar panel and this Bestek inverter for a project that I haven't gotten around to yet... is it possible I could just hook the inverter to the battery and get moderate but silent power generation? So I connected the inverter to the battery, plugged in my TV and DVD player via a multiblock, switched on... and presto! What's more the inverter was almost completely silent at the low draw I was using (the fan started loud then in seconds switched to a much lower and silent setting).

From curiosity I did a little calculation after the event. My 12V x 110Ah battery holds 12*110 = 1320W/Hrs of energy. So, in theory it should power a 1300W device for an hour, or if I guestimate my LCD TV and DVD player together took around 60W, the battery should power that for 1300/60 == 21 hours! I could also have fired up my Internet router if I'd thought of it. In fact I had the use of these devices until I fell asleep, and when I checked the battery next day it still had a nearly full charge.

If you are subject to power cuts then be the envy of your powerless neighbours - keep one of these handy! (Plus a good quality leisure battery in a reasonable state of charge of course).
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on 17 October 2013
I love this inverter.
Use it in my van, charge my batteries for drill , impact gun portable jump pack and laptop.
All at the same time.
And it font kill battery on that type of usage, when 'better' inverters which I use before drain battery within 2-3hrs.
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on 18 October 2013
Run this in my Pimp-my-Ride van. Runs the Kettle, printer, phone chargers etc., Really quiet in operation and the benefit of both UK and continental plugs.
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on 1 September 2015
Love it. Plug it into cigar lighter on hook it onto the battery, cables included for both. I used it for blowing up my king sized airbed on the campsite. Worked a treat. Had a double socket extension lead plugged into it and it blow up two double beds together with no problems. Just a great bit of kit and I can see a thousand more uses for it.
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on 20 May 2014
This inverter is very well made with a robust anodised aluminium chassis and sturdy connectors. It came with battery clamp leads which was a very nice touch. It is fitted with brackets to allow it to be wall mounted in any orientation. It runs quietly and the low voltage shut off works. I have it hooked up to a 200 a/h battery and run my house lighting from it (we are off grid).

Please remember, though, that this is a modified sine wave inverter so not suitable for some applications such as anything with a motor in it, fluorescent lighting, sensitive electronic equipment such as computers or TV's etc. It will power them up but the items will run inefficiently with the attendant risk of damage. For those applications you need a more expensive pure sine wave inverter.

For things like kettles, lights etc, modified sine wave inverters are fine.

There is a very good pdf article explaining the advantages and disadvantages of the two types here:

Coming back to this one, though, so long as you do not overload it and use it for the correct applications, it is very good value for money and has everything you need, apart from the battery, in the box. This does not look like a budget device, it has the appearance and finish of an expensive bit of kit.
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on 17 August 2013
I was looking for a petrol generator for a motorhome but this seemed like a cleaner and quieter alternative.
On receiving this product I was very pleasantly suprised at the outstanding quality given the low cost of the unit.
My only concern is that the low tension leads to the battery can become quite hot under higher loads. This probably could be improved with heavyer leads. Other than that I could not fault the product as it has performed perfectly.
I have also recently sampled other BESTEK products and been equally impressed.
I would highly recommend this product to others looking for back up power supply's.
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on 6 February 2014
Very good price and a great job ,runs my microwave in my do not need an electric hook up just run your microwave from your battery.
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on 23 February 2016
Solid well made inverter. When I had my campervan conversion it came with a cheap looking far east 1000w max 2000w inverter. When I ran a mini 500w fan heater (£12 from Q&B) it pulsed and the red warning light came on. This one is different. I have no intention of running 1000w from it but nice to know I can use a low power toaster for instance without the risk of a fire. Recommended.
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