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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
Size: 750 W|Style Name: Semi-Modular Cables|Change
Price:£81.32+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on 29 May 2013
Cables are minimum 600mm long with the floppy cable reaching 760mm. So plenty of length here for a tower system.
Main connector 24 pin ATX
1x 8pin cpu power connector (8pin/4pin - it splits for compatability)
4x PCI-express cables (8pin/6pin - 2 split off if needed) (I needed 2 for my card so this allows for an sli expansion later on)
8x Sata connectors
6x peripheral 4pin molex style connectors for drives/fans etc.
2x floppy connectors (going unused by me but still useful to have)

+3.3v @ 25A
+5v @ 25A for 130W across 3.3v and 5v combined.
+12v @ 62A for 744W max (Very nice for even the most demanding graphics cards)
-12v @ 0.8A for 9.6W
+5Vsb @ 3A for 15W

1 mains power cable (3 pin uk) with molded plug + fuse
A bag of black cable ties for tidying up your new cable jungle.
4 screws for mounting the psu.

It went in without a bother and is quieter than my case fans.
I give this 5 stars because this is a bargain (currently 30% off rrp) for what you get from a quality maker of hardware plus this is 80+ Bronze efficiency rated and comes with a 3 year guarantee .
This has more cables and power than I currently need so plenty of room for later expansion.
I was considering the 600w cable management version but for the difference of a few pence it was silly not to get this one.

For something that is attached to all your hardware and a critical piece of kit, you do not want to skimp on quality with a psu, it is worth it for having peace of mind rather than the false economy of buying some cheap high wattage psu that could fail in less than 2 months.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 25 February 2015
As a computer technician and part-time system builder i purchase on average around 50 power supplies each year and the CX600m is my go to power supply. If i have to replace a power supply in an office computer or low/mid end gaming system then this is the one i usually recommend to people, naturally that also depends on what (if any) graphics card you use or plan on using.

With the TDP (watt usage) of many computer components coming down each and every year the need for 800W+ power supplies is reducing year on year and we have now reached a situation where you can run a high end gaming system off a 600W power supply (depending on the parts you use). This power supply offers a dedicated single +12V rail which will be compatible with most components. I also like that the cables are fully-sleeved which keeps everything looking neat and tidy and for those that worry will the cables reach in a full tower (E-ATX), the cables are extra long so they will fit even the largest of cases.

Being a Semi-Modular power supply means aside from the two motherboard connectors 1x 24pin and 1x8pin (which can be split in half if your board only requires a 4pin) all the other cables can be plugged in as and when you need them which makes installation ten times easier and also means you don't have spare cables around the back which in turn makes cable management a breeze especially in smaller mATX cases.

Verdict: Good quality Branded Power supply which comes with all the cables you could possible want, being a semi-modular design simply makes it easier to handle and install, Bought many of these over the years and if you are looking for a 600W unit then i honestly wouldn't bother looking at anything else especially when you consider Corsair include a 3 year warranty! Recommended!
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on 6 May 2013
Ill dive straight in

It is very quiet and as your playing doing tasks or whatever on your computer you are not going to hear it.
All cables needed are included as well as some removable ones, in case you don't need them.
The cables are sheathed to stop them from being damaged
Supports bottom mounted and top mounted PSU installation
There are stickers on either side of the box so that you can read the model number and name either way if it's installed up or down in the case.
It remains cool and will supply easily enough energy for your graphics card

one problem, mine didn't come with a sticker but that is the least of my worries;
overall the quality is extremely good and this PSU performs excellently. Well worth the money

I had a cheap PSU 500w that kept surging the motherboard, luckily it din't damage any components. That is why i purchased a new PSU
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on 16 February 2013
This PSU is quite powerful at 62A on the 12V rails and I got it for a nice price at around £65 and is currently powering my machine that has an i5 3570k, a EVGA GTX 680 SC and 16gb of corsair vengeance and it is quiet about it.
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on 19 April 2015
Good power supply .. cables are not very flexible and no 4-pin for processor .. had to get a 4 to 4 pin connector from Maplin 4-pin-p4-power-cable-to-4-pin-female-atx-connector-0.15m, otherwise I would have to return it. Supposed to be modular !! .. Otherwise runs very well. So check your connectors first.
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on 22 March 2014
Worked for 6 months, even with regular cleaning and a lot of care that i give to all and any of my equipment, then one morning just didn`t turn on. Warranty - 3 years, but shipping is at consumer`s cost, from Ireland it is the same money as buying a new unit, so think for yourself if you want it or not. Overall a very quiet, stylish, yet completely unreliable PSU.
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on 4 February 2015
Inslalled without a problem in a Core i5 3400 system. Virtually silent in operation.

The efficiency never drops below 85% and is generally better than 87% whilst up to about 50% load the fan noise is around 18dB (so whisper quiet) only rising to 37dB under 100% load).

The power supply features a thermostatically controlled intake fan that will vary the fan speed in response to temperature resulting in a quieter power supply at low loads.

I was confused before installing the product as it had a 24-pin ATX power connector and and 8-pin (2x4) 12V ATX power connector for the CPU (also called a EPS connector) and my motherboard only has a 4-pin (2x2) 12V socket (known as a P4). However, a bit of research allayed my fears, the 8-pin connector is two 4-pin connectors clipped together. Simply unclipping them allowed the use of one plug (leaving the other plug free).

Similarly, the 24-pin ATX power connector also clips together to provide a 20-pin (2x10) and a 4-pin (2x2) connector. This 4-pin (2x2) connector is NOT a P4 connector - so don't plug it in if your motherboard has a separate 12V socket for the CPU (as mentioned in the above paragraph).

CONS (and hence only ultimately given 4 stars)

Included in the pack are several leads for connecting peripherals (hard disks, optical drives etc). The leads (I used the SATA power lead and the 4-pin Molex lead) have several intermediate connectors along the cable. Having two SATA units in the PC means that this cable isn't a particular problem, but the Molex lead (together with two floppy power plugs) has several unused plugs on it and several sections of cable - which means that the installation isn't as neat as the advertising would have you believe.

However, the installation was faultless and it makes a barely audible noise and is a vast improvement on the 250W unit it replaces.

Happily recommend this PSU and (at £69.99) it is good value for money.

If you don't need a 750W PSU, Amazon also sell the 600W (£50.49), 500W (£49.00) and 430W (£39.63) versions.

UPDATE: After running with this PSU for a week, I've upped the grade from 4 to 5 stars. Should be 4.5 but you can't have half a star and 4.5 rounds up to 5 - so 5 it is. Well pleased with a good buy. Recommended.

Hope this helps.

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on 4 September 2013
I have been waiting to get a modular PSU for some time now.

My old power cool PSU died so it finally forced my hand to buy this gem.

Not much to say really. Comes with a 3 year warranty. Plenty of cables.

Cables are a little stiff as other reviews have mentioned which could make it harder to a super duper tidy system.

However, the cables are thin and all black so really aren't obtrusive as they could be.

The 750 should provide plenty of power for future upgrades.

Overall a great buy and I'm very happy and would recommend this PSU to anyone.
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on 9 March 2014
Revisited at 30-06-2016 almost 3 years after purchase.

This power supply is good. It's quiet, it has plenty of connectors/ cables and it throws out a lot of power. However, Corsair's VS and CX series power supplies are made by CWT (channel well technology) and they're not the highest quality. On the PSU tier list, they rank as tier 4, along with Corsair VS and CXM units. The description for tier 4 is as follows:

"No Japanese capacitors found. Only Taiwanese capacitors and may even include Chinese capacitors. Very basic safety circuits or even thin gauge wiring used. Not for gaming rigs or overclocking systems of any kind. Avoid unless your budget dictates your choice."

Now, this may sound alarming and it is. The problem with CWT is they make cheap products and with cheap components. Your PSU is the life blood of your rig and if you're using this to power graphics cards and overclocked CPUs, then you're in trouble. The reason why this PSU is rated to operate below 30 degrees celcius is because over time the capacitors lose life if they operate above that temperature, meaning an increased likelihood of your PSU dying. Fortunately for me after almost 3 years, it has not died. It has ran an i3-4330 and an i5-4570S and an R9 270X just fine. However, the PSU has been running warm all of these years which makes me concerned about how much life it has left.

Corsair provide a 3 year warranty with this power supply which may be good however considering the problem with the cheap capacitors, I'd imagine these PSUs would die shortly after their 3 year warranty is up. Granted, they may not and there's no guarantee however after hearing about this myself, I have decided to be smart and replace my CX600 with a Seasonic Platinum 1000w power supply, which is on tier 1 of the list, using top quality components and has the best safety features.

There's no reason to buy this power supply. You should consider other models for a slightly higher price. Some examples are listed below.

Instead of a Corsair CX430, get an XFX TS 430W made by Seasonic. Instead of a Corsair CX500/ CX600 get an XFX TS 550. The extra money you spend is 100% worth it considering all XFX TS power supplies are made by a reputable company such as Seasonic.

Thanks for reading and I hope you decide against this power supply for gaming rigs or high load rigs.
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on 18 September 2013
Excellent PSU. Very quiet and reliable, I know its more expensive than other psu's but you want to get a good quality psu or else you could damage every component in your computer so its worth teh extra £35 or so. Its also very handy to only plug in the cables you need instead of trying to hid the unused cables. The contents are:
x1 ATX 24-pin
x1 EPS/ATX 12v 8-pin(but mine was 4-pin but no worries, you can split the 8-pin into 2 4-pins.)
x2 PCI-E 6-pin & 8-pin
x4 Peripheral
x1 Floppy
Its a really good quality psu and I recommend it to anyone.
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