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on 29 May 2016
I love the modular cables on this power supply. it means that I can leave off a whole bunch of cables that I don't need which improves air flow and keeps the case tidy.

The power supply is working well and will work on any TKX motherboard.
this is referred to as "semi modular" as the main supply needed for the motherboard is hard wired into the power supply. this isn't a problem as you need this connection any way, so having it modular is a waste of time, money and effort. Having this cable fixed is the right thing to do.

Molex and floppy cables are included, but devices that use these are not too common now. I now there will still be some kicking about - I have a few old drives in boxes that could use them, but for reasonably new kit, you will most likely need and use the SATA cables.

It's reasonably quiet so it wont interrupt your gaming or movie watching. Standard UK "kettle lead" type power input cable is supplied with this.

Good piece of kit. it works well and stays quite. what else do you need?

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on 3 January 2017
Just about OK, I guess.

Bought the modular, 650W version of this power supply to replace a defunct 'be quiet!' supply that had given several years faultless service, before expiring just before New Year.

Having read the reviews, I was fairly confident that the Corsair supply would fit my needs well enough. And it does, sort of.

It's well enough made, with a suitably weighty feel to it. The modular supply has 5 ports on it for your 'extra' components' needs, along with a 24 and 8 pin fixed lead for the motherboard itself - these fixed leads are sheathed, and are neat, and long, enough.

My major issue with this supply is the lack of flexibility one might assume a modular supply would give a system builder.

In the box there are 5 leads, one for each port available on the side of the supply.

Two of the leads are supplementary power leads for PCI cards that might need them (I don't have any, as I'm not running power hungry graphics on this system), so they have a genuine benefit for anyone with, say, high powered graphics cards etc.

The other 3 leads offer either SATA, or legacy, power connectors. One lead has 3 full-sized legacy connectors and a smaller FD connector. Another has two SATA power connectors, and the last has 4 SATA power connectors.

The leads are of a reasonable length, but no more - I think you'd struggle to reach from one corner to an opposite corner in a Full tower, though the cables will reach across a Mid sized tower, such as mine. So the length you'd think would be adequate?

Well, yes, and no! If the SATA power connectors didn't need twisting around through 180 degrees to fit the hard drives, everything would be fine. But in my case, with the power supply at the top rear, running to each of the hard drives in turn meant the cable had to twist through a full 360 degrees at each connector (180 to fit, then another 180 to continue it's journey downwards)! This results in the useful cable length being shortened considerably, to the point where I couldn't power my (3) hard drives and Blu-Ray player from this single cable.

The legacy power lead is again too short, and not populated with enough connectors. Leading to a veritable mess of Black, Red and Yellow cables strung between various points in the case (two 120mm cooling fans, a USB 3 PCI card and legacy DVD Writer).

So my issue is this, and the reason for loss of stars. There is no flexibility afforded by the leads and connectors on offer, the leads are only just adequate, if your components happen to facing the 'right' way - which would be non-standard in my book. Buying the modular system has been a complete waste of money, as I've ended up re-purposing leads from my old power supply to make-good the inadequacies of this one.

What should have been a five-minute job to switch out power supplies, turned into a couple of hours of chopping up old leads, soldering, cable-tying and heat-shrinking to make good the failings of this supply!

On the plus side - it does actually work after all that!
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on 22 January 2018
This isn't a particularly good power supply. It's built to a price point with cheaper parts than others and other than the name behind it, doesn't have a lot going for it.

The modular connectors are handy to an extent, I appreciate that you can remove the cables you don't need and would choose them again.

The problems with this though are that it's rated at 30C only, any hotter and the maximum power output can't be reached (read any review) so it's a bit of a moot point being rated for 750W if it can't do it under normal conditions, and for me, the fan totally seized after 5 months moderate use. But I had no way of knowing that until it started making odd clicking noises and I investigated further. The circuitry didn't seem to do anything when the fan wasn't spinning, in fact it was only that it continued to get hotter and hotter until the PC crashed and rebooted, but it didn't shut the computer down at any point so I have no idea what was going on.

There are many better power supplies out there, maybe this is ok if you're on a budget but only that - I realise the value in paying more for better and more stable units with Gold or higher efficiency ratings, better quality bearings and Japanese capacitors.
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on 29 September 2017
My power supply is malfunctioning within a year of purchase. It makes a vibrating noise and makes my entire desk shake. I do not trust this product anymore and im scared that it will damage my other components. I take great care of my pc as you can see in the picture, removing dust every month. I am sad to see that this part has failed. I tried fixing it by turning my power supply upside down, this made the noise even louder, when I returned it in it's old position the noise was gone. But im afraid this will happen again. I will make this a 4 star review if corsair solves this proffesionaly.
review imagereview image
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on 27 March 2018

There isn't much you can really say about a PSU, rather you have to rely on reviews, and this one gets pretty good reviews. It's not a top-end PSU so you can't expect the very best, but it is far better than your cheap PSU and it will perform better for longer. Don't eve expect any PSU to last forever though because they just don't.They may well keep providing power for years and years but most seem to develop irritating noises well before they actually fail. The more expensive they are generally the longer they last, but there is no real guarantee. I bought two CX's and one started making strange noises within about four years. The other is still going strong. This one is to replace the one that's gone all noisy. Not bad really,
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 18 November 2017
I had the previous model CX600 in a system I put together. It failed, and when I looked in to fixing it, I was shocked to find the system was over 6 years old! I found this newer model and decided to stick with "the devil I know". It is working fine and my system is back up and running. The only problem I had was with the SATA power cables. The leads on these supplies are all pretty long, but the SATA power connectors on the new supply are upside down on the cables compared to the old one, and so I had to be slightly more creative in the way I ran the power to the 3 hard disks I have in this PC.
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on 12 February 2016
although ive only had this a short while ive noticed a buzzing sound coming from the unit under load, it doesnt seem to be causing any issues in voltage to my components (using HWiNFO to confirm the voltages and temps) and seems to be a common problem with these units after doing a google search, im hoping its just a built in feature that is pulsing the fan (like a fan controller circuit) as like i said kicks in under load but still a little worrying for a brand new unit and i guess time will tell,

Ive given the unit 4 stars for now because
1) It looks well built inside and out
2) its semi modular so cable management can be easily done
3) has built in surge protection and over voltage protection
4) doesn't get too hot under load thanks to the beautiful corsair fan design
5) cables are black sleeved and labelled clearly
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on 11 November 2017
Not very powerful (obviously 450) It's quiet enough, though audible enough it's still not very loud, easy to install, very tidy & cable management was a breeze. It's also a very small unit so if you do have a small case this is a good pick; in my relatively generously sized case it just made cable management even easier.
I've had it for a short while now and it runs very steadily, I play demanding enough games almost everyday and it's a solid temperature. I would recommend it, I wouldn't buy 450 again myself as when I do buy another it will be more powerful this was just to replace a 650 that died from a different manufacturer.
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on 13 May 2018
Corsair CX 450W:

A well priced and well performing power supply for prebuilts, office computers or lower power draw gaming PCs. The horrors of the Corsair CX (GREEN) models aren't to be confused as this is a well rated unit with 80+ Bronze efficiency.
I needed this for a R3 1200 | GTX 1050 system, with some headroom for a small upgrade; a higher end system would be better suited with a higher wattage unit in order to not stress the PSU and keep within the highest point of the 80+ specification - efficiency rating.

£40, going budget doesn't always mean a huge loss of quality or features
80+ Bronze Rated
Simple, not industrial and not 'gamery' aesthetic with a well fitting label.
Fan noise doesn't stand out from either my Corsair AF 120 (Quiet Editions) or my AMD Ryzen Wraith Stealth cooler.

Disadvantages / Desired improvements:
One feature you do miss out on is modular cables (At least for the unit I got), and since the cables are wrapped and have some 'heft' to them cable management isn't as much of a breeze as with modular units.
Whilst a low wattage unit, which also runs "cool" to "luke warm" from idle to full load; there is no ventilation on the front of the PSU - the side that faces inside your case. Again, this seems like a minor flaw due to the small amount of power it will put out, but if I was running my computer under load 24/7 as a, say, budget home server - I would get slightly uncomfortable about any possible hotspots.

Though not exactly a disadvantage; I've only had this for a couple of months, it may fail on me tomorrow as it is my first time using this specific line-up, so do take what I say with a grain of salt as your results may vary.
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I bought this to replace a cheaper PSU that couldn't cope with the power supplies of my new rig. The modular nature of the cabling is brilliant as it means you only use what you need and the cable lengths are easily long enough for use in a full tower. The Thermatake Lvl10 is a monster of a case but I had no trouble running these cables. Again the modular-ness made cable management a breeze. For it's size it's pretty quiet too.

ASUS M5A78LM LX PLUS motherboard
ASUS Nvidia GeForce 960
Thermatake Lvl10 GT case with 4 fans
16gb RAM
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