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on 8 September 2013
I was looking for some in ear ar headphones around the £30-50 range to compliment my akg-k451s which are on ears. After much research, I was down to the soundmagic e10s, sennheiser cx175 a few other sennheiser variants and these!

Whathifi magazine actually gave this product a five star rating a couple years back but dropped it to four because newer competitors came out and slightly out did it at the same price range. Given that the headphones were roughly £80/90 at the time, purchasing some five star headphones for almost half their original price is a bargain!

Don't be phased by the relatively anonymous status of the brand. If you do your research you'll realise this Swiss company have released some solid products in the past as well as present.

The only improvement I could suggest is some kind of clothing clip as the headset component combined with the heavier flat cables can cause the headphones to slip out slightly.. Otherwise I would say a perfect product right here!

Don't hesitate to purchase. Don't deny your ears blissfull audio heaven.
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on 2 January 2015
This is the second pair of these Nocs (a replacement pair) and I honestly wouldn't waste another dime on them. Sound quality is very good, YES, but that's not worth much when the actual products lasted just over a month each time (ie- the replacement pair lasted the same length of time as the original purchase) before one of the plugs went dead in one ear.
I would love to have something kinder to say for these plugs as I was looking forward to them after reading other favourable reviews, and I refrained from acting on impulse to review the first pair in case my judgement was negatively based on what might just have been an unlucky pair that skipped past quality control, unfortunately that does not seem to have been the case.

Prior to these nocs I had been using cheapo £1 earplugs that lasted about 6 months each time - sound quality was far from the greatest, but they were far and way better lasting than this costly experience. I would question the legitimacy of putting what IS definitely a good sound quality ear speaker into ear plugs as the fragile nature of ear-plugs is wholly incompatible with the expense of the sound quality. These claim to have a more rubust cabling - which certainly looked the part - but in reality something is clearly wrong when two pairs go dead in one ear after such a short period of time.
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on 24 May 2014
Although I would like to like them (I like Swedish stuff and good quality), for me these Nocs fail on two parameters:

1. I carry them around in my bag. I am not particularly rough with my stuff, but at least ½ of the times when I take the Nocs out of the bag, one of the silicone-buds have fallen off. Additionally, this happens when I handle them, and it is quite surprising that it hasn't yet disappeared entirely. The equivalent hourly wage spent on this searching translates to at least two deluxe burger-menus. Which in my world is a lot.

2. It might be too much to ask, but I do wear them while moving. On the other hand, they are made for a mobile device... When it is slightly windy or I am on a bike, a whooshing sound drowns much of the earphone-sound. I assume this is caused by the small holes at the vertex of the curvature. Similar to when you blow across the top of a bottle.

That being said, the sound is good. At least when the above parameters are not present.
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on 30 June 2016
Update after 2.5 years use. Good and bad.
Great sound quality. Loved the solid feel of the tangle free cable and metal ear tips including the minimalist design - the whole thing felt well built. Microphone worked well. Did I mention the sound quality - excellent. Mid and high tones clear. Bass pronounced but not over-bearing.
But, after 2.5 years, one of the ears has stopped working. Well out of warranty so good bye Nocs.
Controls worked on my android for start/stop/skip but not volume. Nocs App not the best design.
Also suffered cable noise and, due to their minimalist design, the ear buds often fell out, despite being securely stuffed into my lug-holes. Annoying.

Would I recommend? At £40 odd, yeah they're good but there's better around now and if you're on the go a lot, then I would suggest alternatives as you too may get a little peeved at the constant need to give then another push into your ear.
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on 26 October 2013
The earphones arrived on Thursday, the bass arrived on the Sunday...
Upon unpacking and listening for the first time I was disappointed as the bass was non existent and the mid treble was too overpowering. However after leaving my mp3 player kicking out a variety of different music for approximately 35 hours, the sound had transformed and I was amazed. The bass appears strong and deep and while the mid treble remains lively, a few tweaks to the equaliser soon resolves that. The range and balance is now superb.

These are the best sounding earphones I have owned and I've tried the typical brands eg seinheser, Sony etc at this price point. The audio reprodeuction is outstanding sounding, but they are unfortunately slightly uncomfortable to wear.

UPDATE: After 2 and a half years the left earphone no longer works.
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on 6 August 2013
If you want something better, you need to be looking at double the price. These earphones handle highs and lows very well. There is no distortion and listening to FLAC records the sound is very clear. I had to adjust my player to reduce the treble slightly and ramp the bass up slightly, but that is all personal preference I guess.

Don't be put off by the relatively unknown brand, there are so many out there it is hard to keep up. I don't think you will be disappointed with these.

The remote is compatible for Android phones. Get the NS400-101 (Not the NS400U-101) for iPhone
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on 12 October 2013
I'm not too much of an audiophile but these are certainly better than my old CX300s. Good all-round sound with punchy bass, the build quality is good, I've been using them for a month and they're still good as new.

Shame about late delivery from UPS otherwise it'd be 5 star....

Update: After 2 months use the left headphone stopped working, I'm sorry but 2 months use is too little hence 2 stars. Obviously poorly made internals despite the good appearance on the outside. Now using Shure SE215s and they are definitely the best headphones that I've ever used. The Nocs wouldn't get close. Well worth the extra £30.
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on 13 May 2016
I really like the Noc headphones, this is my 2nd pair after the first developed a problem in the right ear and then I managed to lose them on my travels. Replaced them with this pair and they have been faultless. I use them on the bus everyday to and from work with no issues. They fit snuggly into my ears and block our a lot of the surrounding noise. Controls work well on my Android phone so no problems at all, microphone picks up my chat well and people have given feedback that the mic works fine.
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on 10 January 2014
The build quality is great - I'm not concerned with them being damaged easily, but now and again the right ear piece will drop in volume significantly compared to the left. This change in volume happens every few days and for no apparent reason and this can be very frustrating until it corrects itself after 20 - 30 minutes.

Other than the above complaint the sound quality is great and I'm happy with my purchase but would perhaps have avoided it knowing what I know now.
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on 2 October 2013
I do like these headphones and they do sound good, I almost rated 5 stars. I just have trouble getting a comfortable fit. I've tried all of the tips but all fit so tightly that it feels like my ears will pop when I put them in (a bit like the feeling you get in an aeroplane taking off). I've never had that problem with similar in ear headphones before. Maybe its just my ears but its put me off using them as I don't find them easy to wear.
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