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on 21 September 2013
Cyclone - A man named Rick has designed the ultimate motorbike, it cost $5 million dollars, is armour plated, and comes fully equipped with rocket launchers and laser guns. When Rick and his girlfriend, Teri, go out for the night to a club, someone sticks an ice pick in the back of Rick's skull. It's now up to Teri to make sure the bike doesn't fall into the wrong hands, but who can she trust?

Cyclone is ridiculous, but it's also a lot of fun. It was one of the early films directed by B movie extraordinaire, Fred Olen Ray. The dialogue is hilarious, the acting is mostly terrible despite Jeffrey Combs (Re-animator, From Beyond), Martin Landau (Academy Award winner for Ed Wood) and Martine Beswick (Thunderball, A Bullet For The General) showing up. The amazing $5 million dollar bike seems to be a lot slower than the beat up old cars the villains use to chase her, but Heather Thomas is a sexy and feisty lead as Teri. I knew this film would be really fun when the first shot of a woman is a close-up of her heaving cleavage as she uses the butterfly press at the gym, that told me exactly what this film was and I was happy to be taken along for the ride. It certainly isn't a well made film, but it's a good way to pass ninety minutes. Picture quality is pretty good, no extras.

Alienator - On a space station where prisoners are kept awaiting the death penalty, a criminal named Kol escapes and crash lands on Earth. The commander of the station sends The Alienator to earth to capture Kol. Kol ends up meeting a group of teenagers, and the group find themselves on the run with The Alienator close behind.

The Alienator is also directed by Fred Olen Ray, it's just as cheaply made as Cyclone, but I felt this one lacked the fun and pace of Cyclone. It isn't all bad, but it's certainly the worst film in the set. The Alienator looks awful, the dialogue made me laugh now and then, but nowhere near as much as Cyclone did. The acting is again poor, but Jan-Michael Vincent from Airwolf shows up as the commander, and John Phillip Law from Barbarella and Danger: Diabolik finds himself trying to protect the teens. P.J. Soles from Halloween and Joseph Pilato who played Captain Rhodes in Day Of The Dead appear in small roles. You know a film isn't great when the almost unstoppable killing machine can be taken down by a bit of chicken wire. Really cheap and cheesy but I didn't really enjoy this one, but I'm sure a lot of other people will. Picture quality is pretty good, no extras.

Eye Of The Tiger - Vietnam War veteran Buck Matthews has just been released from prison and returns to his hometown where his wife and young daughter are waiting for him, but he soon finds out that while he was gone, a motorcycle gang have overrun the town and terrorise the locals. When a nurse is attacked by the gang, Buck comes to her rescue which the leader of the gang called Blade, takes personally. The gang break into Buck's house and beat him badly and kill his wife, with his daughter traumatised and the local corrupt sheriff not prepared to do anything, Buck needs to take justice into his own hands.

I loved Eye Of The Tiger, it's a classic '80s revenge thriller that is surprisingly low on exploitation. Apart from the absolute best revenge/vigilante movies like Death Wish, Vigilante and Street Law, this is just about as good as any. Hollywood's favourite nutter, Gary Busey, is great as Buck, he really proves here that he should have been the main star a lot more often than he was. William Smith was perfectly cast as the villain, Blade. Seymour Cassel is good as the sheriff, and Yaphet Kotto is a blast as Buck's crop duster flying, bomb dropping friend. Judith Barsi was also very good as Buck's traumatised young daughter, Barsi was tragically murdered by her own father when she was just ten years old. The initial attack on buck and his family is almost skimmed over, but this isn't a film about the attack, it's all about the revenge. Survivor's Eye Of The Tiger is played in the film, more than once. It's really cool that it was used, but it's a song that instantly makes me think of Rocky whenever I hear it. It is ridiculous in parts, but it's a well acted, exciting and definitely underrated revenge/thriller that should be much better known. It's directed by Richard C. Sarafian who is best known for directing Vanishing Point, I've just seen that he sadly passed away just three days ago from the time I wrote this review. Picture quality is really good, no extras.

Exterminator 2 - John Eastland is once again prowling the streets of New York looking to waste the scum that inhabit them, starting by frying two liquor store robbers with his trusty flamethrower. He's dating a dancer and has just bumped into an old friend and Vietnam veteran called Be Gee who now drives a garbage truck. When a gang led by X rob an armoured car, Be Gee scares them off with his truck. A few days later, Be Gee lets John take the truck and the gang assume John was the driver a few nights before, they get their revenge by beating his girlfriend, leaving her crippled. A huge mistake, as X and his gang have no idea that the man they just angered is also The Exterminator.

Robert Ginty reprises his role as The Exterminator and he's great, I liked him in this almost as much as I did in the first film. Frankie Faison is really likeable and charismatic as Be Gee, Faison will probably be best known for playing Barney in Silence Of The Lambs, Hannibal and Red Dragon, the only actor to appear in all three along with Anthony Hopkins. Mario Van Peebles is fun and over the top as X, it was only his second film with him only previously having appeared as young Sweet in his dad's classic Blaxploitation film, Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song. Not as good as the first Exterminator, which is a film I felt was made as good as it was by Christopher George's performance. It's still a very good sequel that has always been very hard to find on DVD, especially with a good transfer and a decent price. Not only does the film look great, it also has an audio commentary by writer/producer/director Mark Buntzen and Mario Van Peebles. Another underrated film that is a lot better than it's given credit for, it's just a shame Ginty never returned for a third film.

This is a really good set, Cyclone and especially Eye Of The Tiger and Exterminator 2 are all really fun, cheesy, classic '80s action films. I didn't think Alienator was completely worthless, but it's definitely the weakest part of the set and came out in 1990, though I believe it was shot in '89 and released early 1990. The picture quality is good on Cyclone and Alienator, the picture quality on Eye Of The Tiger and Exterminator 2 is really impressive. I, like many people primarily ordered this set for Exterminator 2, but the whole set is a great deal of fun and kept me entertained for a day. What's better is the set is going brand new for a little over £6 including P&P, I would happily have paid that just for Exterminator 2. Great fun, great value. Shout Factory have done a great job with this action-packed movie marathon, but be aware that it's region 1 and will not play on a standard region 2 player.
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on 8 May 2013
This budget release is a great pick-up. Both cyclone and Alienator are excellent Fred olen ray pictures, Cylcone being my favourite featuring a beautiful blonde protecting her late boyfriends advanced motorbike/war machine from a shady government agency. Eye of the tiger is a Garey Busey starring vigalante movie, with hollywoods most certifiable playing a vietnam veteran taking on a biker gang. All three pictures are tons of fun for people like me who enjoy daft and trashy action films chock full of cult actors. The final film on the set is EXTERMINATOR 2, a film that has been in demand from cult film fans the world over for a good few years now. A sequel to THE EXTERMINATOR (released in the UK by arrow and stateside by synapse) this features the return of Robert Ginty as the titular exterminator this time after a drugs gang led by Mario Van peebles. While not a patch on the James Glickenhaus origional its still a fun movie and worth checking out. Best of all its totally uncut (or at least appears to be) widescreen and has an audio commenatry as well.

At a little over a fiver at time of writing I suspect most fans would be happy to pay that for just Exterminator 2 (but lets not give scream factory any ideas for the future.) The fact that we get three other trash-classics thrown in for the money is a bargain that souldn't be passed up.

If you dont like trashy action films then give this set a miss but if you do then this release is an absolute bargain that should not be missed!
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on 9 March 2018
The first 2 movies on disc 1 are okay as action movie's with j Michael Vincent of air wolf in cyclon movie with disc 2 having better action movies with the sequel 2 exterminator.
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on 5 September 2013
This purchase was all about Exterminator 2 for me. 30 years after its release the film had still not been put out on any format other than VHS in England. There is a German hardbox going around for a small fortune, so this was the affordable option.

I was stunned to see how amazing the picture quality is from the film, and relived to see that it was uncut.
The first half does its job and is fairly entertaining, but nosedives after that.
Mario van Peebles and the director give a commentary which is an added bonus. Exterminator 2 is ok, but not great.

Eye of the Tiger had potential, but its not a good film and is something you watch, knowing you won't watch it again.

Cyclone is fairly enjoyable after a few beers- its over the top- and bad.

Alienator is b movie crap. Theres B movie good and crap, you see. This is a stinker.

All in all you would have to be a fan of one of these films to go and get this set. The one redeeming quality is that you can get all four films for under 10 pounds. Individually you're looking at £70 and up.

I'm tempted to give this 2 stars overall. However credit should go out to Shout for even thinking to release otherwise obscure films from the 80s. And the picture quality and the fact that the films are uncut gives this overall package an extra star.
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on 15 April 2014
i pick no bones i bought this 4 film set only for the exterminator 2 movie as it is not out in the UK only a cut old vhs. i payed under £5.80 for this set that included shipping from the usa and yes i thought what i would get was a rubbish version like on vhs but nooooo the film is presented in its original widescreen version as is all 4 films but it is the totaly uncut version with a commentary as well .. normaly in the uk these 4 film sets are just cheap money making scams but i must say all 4 films are the best quality u have seen them before .. i also love the gary busey film eye of the tiger and yes it has the music to go with the title. the other two films cyclone and alienator i have never seen before so at £1 each buy it before it gets out of print and one last thing the copyright holders of this set are MGM so no wonder the quality of the prints are so good . i give this set 5 stars just for the exterminator film
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on 24 May 2014
Yes to everyone here who says exterminator 2 is uncut, STOP IT!!!!!! you are getting people's hopes up, to be dropped almightily onced viewed, yes it's longer that the UK abomination, but it's still not the complete movie, the one thing it is thought is %^&*ing awful!!!! man this film is bad, I've given this pack one star at the moment, one to highlight all the wrong info, and two for exterminator crap, I've not seen the other 3 yet, but am looking forward to eye of the tiger and have heard good things about that, so if you like exterminator 2 get this pack (or any of the other moves), for the money it's worth it, if you only remember the UK release of exterminator 2 and loved it then you are in for a treat, but just remember it's longer but not uncut, and if you have never seen it before be prepared for one seriously bad move.
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on 15 July 2015
A Four pack of Ham and Cheese with a smattering of Guilty pleasure.I'll watch anything with Gary Busey in it as well as Jan Michael Vincent,who I watched with A morbid curiosity in Alienator,all the time reminding Myself how far His career has fallen,Cyclone is bog standard sci-fi and the weakest of the set and Exterminator 2 is another serving of The Death Wish rip off justice that made Part One so popular.There is something for everyone.
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on 7 November 2014
The item came really fast, in perfect condition.Everything is as described.Picture quality is great.This movies are classic, really good drive-in collection from late 80's.The price is cheap so, I recommend it!
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on 11 May 2016
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on 18 July 2013
All 4 of these movies are cult classics from the VHS rental ere of the 80's!!! Cyclone and Alienator are action Sci-Fi directed by Fred Olen Ray a cult trashy director and are very cool movies full of fights and stunts and violence and hot women. Eye of the Tiger is another brilliant 80's action film with great Gary busey as the lead as he cleans up his town of a killer motorcycle gang!! And exterminator 2 is a great sequel full of 80's classic style action and violence!! All long lost classics and a must buy DVD!! No features except for a commentary over exterminator 2.
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