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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 19 April 2014
It's quite easy to spend money on graphics cards, many people get sold a lemon and go all out and buy a top of the range card which they're never going to fully utilise. Many middle order cards such as this one for example will be able to run the vast majority of games at higher than average settings and in many cases surpassing them. Having built a few computers using this very card I can tell you spending beyond this price bracket is totall pointless unless you are running graphical intensive program's. Please note that although this is compatible with PCI express x16 it will be slower than intended when it comes down to data transfer as this card was designed principally for PCI express 3.0, just something to keep in mind if you are using an older motherboard that isn't 3.0 compatible.

The maximum resolution the card can support in HD is 5760 x 1080p and that can be supported on upto 3 screens at the same time. Now another bonus I like about this card is it draws all its power from the PCI 3.0 slot meaning no additional PCI power connectors are required from the power supply ( a real bonus if your using a smaller case).

The card comes supplied with everything you need and the software drivers were easy to install using the disk supplied, I encountered no installation issues in any of the 3 computers I installed the cards into and when you factor in the price given this is a 2GB GDDR5 card I would argue it offers the best performance for the money around today.

Asus, the maker of this Nvida card are always at the top of my list and this is no exception, the only thing left to say is check it will fit into your case... The length is 20cm and for those that are unsure measure from the back to the front over the empty slot inside your case.

Verdict: this card is more than good enough for the vast majority of gamers and will run most games at a very high resolution/ frame rate. It's not cheap but what people need to understand is in terms of graphics cards its a very middle ranked price but I would argue given the performance, you're getting more bang for your buck.. To coin the phrase

Highly Recommended and good value for what you are getting!
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on 5 June 2014
i never bother to write any reviews on products, so this is a first.
the reason i've decided to write a review out is because i'm going to provde others with information i couldn't find.

This card although it's not powered by the PSU (PCIE connector) is the only card that is available online anywhere
That pulls it's power directly from the PCIE slots on the motherboard.

You would think because it's cheap and a lower model than all the rest (half the price of other cards)
And doesn't require any plugs cables... you would probably think this card is useless at running 2013-2014 games on ultra settings.

Well let me tell you, Every call of duty game upto ghosts, every battlefield game, upto 4 runs at 80FPS to 85FPS on Ultra Settings! at the Res of 1920x1080, so if you're wondering if this card would be powerful enough to run Battlefield 3/4 Black ops 2 / ghosts on Ultra Settings well i assure you it can and does.

i couldn't find this info anywhere else, so i decided to help someone out who might be wondering the same thing.
It not only plays the games on Ultra but it does so using the minumum GPU tweak settings of 0.1 % this card is overclockable another 99% and at the very minumum it runs like a dream! so imagine what it would run like overclocked!!!

One of the best video card i have ever bought that slots right in, uses the PCI express slots for power and does such a good job.
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on 22 July 2014
The GTX 650 is a good graphics card for a budget build or if you're simply looking for an upgrade from an old GPU. It will run most games with at least 80 or so FPS at medium to high settings. However, you might experience FPS drops if there is a lot of detail in the distance on the map you're playing. Here's the games I've tested it with:

Team Fortress 2 - 1124x843 (4:3) resolution with the fps rate usually never dropping below 90 on most maps. Average FPS is around 150 with high settings

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - 1124x843 (4:3) resolution with fps rate never dropping below 100. Average fps is 160 with maxed out settings

Portal 2 - 1024x768 (4:3) resolution with fps rate sometimes dropping below 60 but for most maps the fps rate is a steady 120 with high settings

Killing Floor - 1440x900 (16:10) resolution with the fps rate at a steady 90 fps on official maps. Custom made maps may have the fps rate drop to around 65-70 with this resolution but definitely still playable.

Garry's Mod - 1124x843 (4:3) resolution. The fps rate varied a lot; if you're in an open area with lots of objects in the distance then the fps rate will drop to around 30. Borderline playable but for most people it is desirable to have at least 60 fps with games. With actual gamemodes instead of the sandbox fps rates aren't a problem with a steady 120-190 fps on most maps.

Dota 2 - I can't remember what resolution I used but I got a constant 145 fps with everything maxed out.

Overall, this GPU is great for playing games and it's the most powerful GPU that doesn't require it to be plugged into your power supply. If you're not bothered about gaming in 1080p then you can easily max out most games and still get playable FPS in most circumstances. I've tested this GPU using a VGA cable but you should be able to play some games with 1080p resolution with a HDMI cable. It's only weakness is that the GPU struggles to render a lot of distant objects at the same time so on maps that are quite open you might have to lower your settings.
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on 7 September 2016
I was suprised that this card was not powered by the PSU, but instead it takes power directly from the PCIE slot on the motherboard, so you don’t need to have a high-spec power supply.

This card is great for games to run on 720p atleast 60fps and some games even run on ultra like Portal 2, Counter Strike and other Valve games. For this price you can have a great graphics card to play a lot of the games today.Although If you need a card that can play games as graphically challenging as Crysis 2, you might be better off with a card such as the GTX 660 Ti
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on 23 May 2013
This GPU works in 3D and thats is mainly why I brought it as an upgrade to my previuos card that broke suddenly. ASUS are a well known brand and produce high quaility products and this is no exception. The card was easy to install although it takes up 2 slots worth of space and is quite big, but this is to be expected of a card as good as this. It also does not require an external power input and makes it even easier to just put it in your PC and go!
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on 5 October 2013
I have to say this card is amazing for the value I replaced my ATI radeon 4800 HD series with this and I noticed the change immediately I'm currently playing Bio shock Infinite,Borderlands 2,dead island all running 60fps solid with me having a AMD FX 4100 Quad core they both run perfect with each other.
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on 19 June 2014
Needed a card to replace my old, dead, and very noisy card. This one is perfect and reasonably priced. This is the second card as the first one died after a few months. Amazon's service was very good, dispatching a replacement within three days.
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on 24 January 2014
I really like this graphics card. Before this one I was using a Nvidia geforce GT610 because it didn't have a fan and being new to the p.c. I wanted a silent computer (I didn't know how quiet a good fan can be) but it was quite limited. I'm not a big gamer anymore, I have problems that stop that but I do want several windows open on a couple of browsers without my p.c shutting down or crashing. Anyway, I put the GTX 650 card in, it installed with no problems, went to nvidia to download latest drivers (the drivers with the card don't seem to connect with nvidia updates) and I've had no problems since. Drivers that seemed to have been lost have re-appeared and my windows experience index has gone from 7.5, 7.6, 5.1, 6.2, 5.9 to 7.5, 7.6, 7.3, 7.3, 5.9. That is quite an improvement in both the graphics scores, especially the windows aero score, which I assume was the area causing the shutdowns before. Anyway, like I said, no problems since putting this card in, I think it's great!
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on 30 April 2014
Actually fitted to this to an MSI FM2-A55M-E33 motherboard with no problem. I was concerned it might be a bit too big for it, but it was fine. Not sure how much I'd like to gamble on some of the bigger graphics card on small motherboards like that one.

Basically, UNLESS you want to play the most recent, most demanding games then this graphics card is a great buy. Solid 60fps on games from late 2013 with only a dual core processor and 4GB of RAM (although I am upgrading those).
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on 20 March 2014
This card boosted by windows rating beyond 7.3 - the limit was imposed by the cpu rating.
Well chuffed. One slight niggle - since installing this card I no longer see any of the boot up screens I'm so used to - the first screen presented on the monitor is the Windows logon.
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