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on 9 January 2013
Nicely written guide to the why and how, with some good training exercises - and make sure you do look at Rebecca's website referenced in the book - it's full of really good cycling information.

Well worth the spend!
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on 17 June 2013
What Rebecca describes is so true. Inadvertantly I became a great cyclist as a result of working as a cycle courier. I worked at a 90% effort over 2/4 miles then rest for whatever period until my next delivery over a 10 hour day. (sometimes my legs would determine less effort.)
About a year into working as a courier I got involved in a 185 mile charity cycle from Wales to London. I had never cycled anywhere near that distance and was soooooo worried but found on the day that it was not a problem.
I then got into racing and distance cycles and was amazed at how well I was performing. (In fact towards the end I found that I had energy to burn, so stepped up the pace.) I organised another event to really test my ability a few years later.
All in all, these methods work, take it from a veteran! I am now getting back into cycling after a 14 year layoff and this advice/instruction reminds me of how i improved, without realising.
You want to ride 185 mile is 7hrs 28mins. follow this aqdvice and it won't stand you in bad stead.
Kudos, for excellent advice, Rebecca. I know these methods work!
D. (Irish cyclist. BTW never done turbo training until now!}
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on 2 January 2014
As well as a beginners guide to indoor training, Rebecca includes 20 varied workouts. Each one is well structured with specific aims and tips for adjusting the workout as your fitness progresses. There's more than enough ideas to help you build a complete programme and, importantly, enjoy indoor training during the winter months.
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on 7 December 2012
This is an excellent book and is worth reading even before you purchase a turbo trainer as it addresses the pros and cons of the different types. More importantly it gives you a good grounding of knowledge of how to use a turbo trainer and how to exercise correctly with one. This is very useful as most turbo trainer come with assembly instructions and a DVD of a video route plodding up some mountain range like the Alps or Pyrenees and no information about how to use and train with the turbo trainer(no wonder so many end up on Ebay)

This book gives a good introduction to turbo trainers and how to train with them. There are also 20 training sessions that you can adapt to suite your level of fitness so its good for the novice to the experienced. Basically this book is the instructions that every turbo trainer should come with rather than the crappy DVD of the Alps.

Brilliant book!
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on 12 December 2012
A no-brainer book if you want to start turbo training. Good tips on trainer selection and use (need I mention towels). And then it is all backed up by some lovely workouts. When I say lovely perhaps I should use the word quality because having done some of them already I don't think my legs or cardio system necessarily think they are lovely. The workouts all have good structure to them and ways to make them harder or more effective as you progress.

It's definitely a book written by someone who has actually been there and done it. Following some of her other advice has made me a better cyclist so I have no doubt that this will too.

And if you factor in the cost I don't think you can do better than this. Actually, I'm not sure you could do better even if it cost more.
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on 24 December 2012
I'm a reasonable newbie (injured runner) and have had a turbo for just over a year. I am living in Europe with snow and below freezing temps make a turbo essential to keep turning over in the winter. Enjoyed the book, some of it I knew, but reaffirmed some of my previous understanding. The best bit was the sample workouts, simply great, challenging but sensible, interesting. Did one last night and the hour and a half seemed to whizz by. They are longer than I am used to, previously 1hr was my turbo max tolerance, but the sound reasoning and good sense convinced me I can do more. Took the tip on music and created a compilation to keep it interesting.
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on 9 December 2013
I am new to turbo training and very much a novice cyclist but this book explains how to use a turbo trainer and what pattern of exercise will give the best results. It is dark and wet outside so I am not wanting to go out on the roads but for the worse parts of winter this is a great way to keep in trim and to be ready to go in the spring. I particularly liked the chapter on how to overcome boredom as sitting pedalling on your own can be soul destroying. I have only been doing this program for a short while but so far it looks promising.
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on 7 December 2012
As a beginner I just thought you got on the turbo and just pedalled for an hour whilst watching television. What I realised after a while is that this brings your fitness to a certain level and then getting beyond that is difficult.
This e-book is really fantastic at adding variation to your routine in a way that dramatically improves your work out. I can't recommend it enough - especially at this price point. What's a cup of coffee price in comparison to a really good level of fitness?
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on 28 June 2013
This is my second year club cycling. I had a very unstructured winter, sitting on the turbo turning the pedals twice a week for 45 minutes. Boring to say the least! After reading this book I am full of inspiration, it's still summer but the rollers and turbo are out. Following this varied and very interesting set of workouts, who knows I might even manage a proper road race next season. Thank you Rebecca, I'll let you know when I can sustain a 24 mph avg and get scalped in my first race.
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on 7 February 2013
You can spend hours on the turbo trainer and the gains can be either minimal or just not measured at all. Having a guide like this at hand from somebody as knowledgeable as the author is a HUGE bonus. This guide also contains interval workouts to follow which is has proved invaluable. You can pick and choose the ones to suit your own training objectives.
The books is well written and structured - a must have if you're just about to embark on a regime of turbo training.
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