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on 12 November 2014
I was saddened to see this author had died quite young-how sad. He died just before I downloaded this and I'd no idea. I also bought another by him this year, too.
This one I WAS liking a lot but then it started to get all flowery so I packed it in-I can't get along with flowery. It always comes across as a bit precious to me.
There were some funny remarks in it-I liked the sense of humour used. I was greatly impressed he could spell discernible as well as every other e-book I've picked up it's misspelled in !!
I wasn't a fan of Silver and nor the police guy Cobb. Both came across as pretty unsympathetic-they'd probably be good mates if they met in differing lives ! I was upset reading about Freya in places too and how she was treated-it wasn't nice.I was a little baffled that Cobb had been Cobb all the way through but then a nurse referred to him as Inspector Cobley so I was lost there. I didn't know if reely was supposed to be spelt like that or was a mistake and the same for "I didn't realise this were the boy scouts. I thought this were the Metropolitan Police"......it may have been the way they spoke but it wasn't really very clear.
I was getting to learn new words like tragedian which are luckily easy to look up on my Kindle but in the end I got bogged down and packed it up on page 130 with this passage-"She knew he was the Elf King, luring the loveliest of children to annihilation, possessed of a lambent spirit which burned with beauty and evil in equal measure"....I just shut down then, I'm afraid.
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on 10 February 2014
T D Griggs writes really well; his descriptions are good ('though there were perhaps a few too many 'pearl' skies) and I enjoyed the story he told. The problem for me was that the characters were rather wooden and not very credible. I do realise that they were all dysfunctional following some kind of trauma, but even so, they were very one dimensional. Warning: spoiler alert!
One of the central characters, Silver, is a rich and famous rock star. I have real difficulty believing that he would readily accept the grim and sordid life of an anonymous, homeless, penniless tramp after a car accident, even given the guilt he would have felt at causing the death of one of his daughters. We don't get to know Cobb, the main protagonist, very well. Granted, he is mourning the loss of his wife, but there is nothing else interesting about this man to bring him to life. Another central character, Silver's wife, is an unattractive character (yes, I know she's been though the mill too, but it's hard to feel sympathy for her). So what is it that suddenly draws her and Cobb together? Not credible, I'm afraid.
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on 1 May 2015
I had never heard of the author but I really enjoyed Redemption Blues.Though I agree with some reviewers that it is not a crime thriller It works on several other intertwined levels and many of the characters are believable; in fact I have known and worked among rock musicians, country people and unfortunates like those portrayed. The story line is well developed and despite some of the twists being fairly obvious, they still hold the structure together and build nicely. I believe the book comes close to closing the gap between popular and literary fiction and will be buying the other works by this author in the hope that they will be equally satisfying.
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on 1 February 2014
Beautifully written and well developed characters - but not a crime thriller, not thrilling, and no real crime committed. I bought the Kindle edition based on the Amazon description, and that is why i am writing this review - if you like a well developed, well thought out story where love develops from unlikely circumstances, and you can really get a good feel for the characters, then you will like this book. But as a crime novel fan I have to admit to being rather disappointed, waiting and waiting for a twist or unexpected development in the plot, and for the 'crime thriller' to get going.. A good read if you like a good personal interest story, but if you're a crime/detection fan maybe give it a miss.
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on 21 February 2014
I really enjoyed Redemption Blues. I'm not one for rehashing the story line that can be read at the top of the page, I'd rather use a review to pass on my thoughts, so here they are. Redemption Blues cannot be categorised as any particular genre, it's just a good story, well told. The main characters all genuinely develop through the course of the novel and the connection between them continually creates tension. Griggs writes with a pleasing straightforward style and avoids using prose that gets in the way of the story. Recommended to anyone who enjoys a captivating story written in a style meant for readers.
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on 1 March 2014
I found it quite difficult to rate this book. I enjoyed it but have to agree with others (and the author) that it's a difficult book to categorise, eg anyone expecting a thriller may be disappointed. I also agree that the plot (or at least the general direction of it) is a bit predictable. Some of the publicity and other reviews refer to a "twist" - if there is one it's of the most unsurprising kind in my view.

It's well written enough, and the story did keep me interested but it never quite grabbed me as the best books do. Worth three stars I think but no more. For me, particularly noting the number of five star reviews here, another indication that you often can't rely on others' opinions on the merits of a book.
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on 27 January 2014
Having seen many positive results I was disappointed in this book. The writing itself is ok but the story is so drawn out and long winded I lost interest about 40% through and then just skim read till the last predictable chapter. For me the main characters were far too broken to bring enough life to the story. I would not recommend this book sorry.
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on 3 February 2014
An enjoyable, well written book with a plot that holds together and keeps you reading.

I understand it was self-published which is impressive, but a couple pf points were irritating. Firstly describing it as a crime thriller (which as others have said, it is not). And secondly for the immensely annoying habit of translating straightforward English words into American, presumably on the assumption that his potential US readership won't even buy the book if it includes words they have to struggle with. Examples include using "drapes" instead of curtains and "cot" instead of camp bed or folding bed (at one point putting the latter in brackets in case British readers thought they guy was sleeping in a baby's bed) and "slicker" (which I had to Google and is apparently American for raincoat) etc.
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on 12 August 2014
A difficult book to review.....part police procedure....part love story. None of the characters are particularly appealing and it does tend to get a bit slow in places.....certainly not a flying by the seat of your pants thriller. Having said that it is different from other run of the mill stories....and although I guessed the ending I still had to finish the novel to confirm it. Worth three stars for a quirky, slightly dark, unusual story.
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on 5 March 2014
I bought this book having read another of TD Griggs' books, The End of Winter, being a crime thriller / whodunnit style book. Having really enjoyed this, and found it well written, I purchased Redemption Blues (also subtitled "A Crime Thriller" on my Kindle) and am unsure as to how to react to it.

On the one hand, the book was very well written. I am always wary of any book which contains as a main character a caricature of a rock star, but this was well handled and not at all how I imagined after the first few pages. Some of the story was predictable, other parts filled with unexpected twists, but it was most definitely NOT a crime thriller, unlike the other book I had read. I've marked this as 4* because, despite that, I did thoroughly enjoy the book! I would recommend it to most, although for the life of me I can't quite figure out why! Odd review, odd book, very enjoyable.
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