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Customer Reviews

3.2 out of 5 stars
3.2 out of 5 stars
Format: Audio CD|Change
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on 30 January 2013
As a Delphic fan this album is peace of fresh air even though it's not like their debut album Acolyte with the electronic awesomeness but it still Delphic and they trying something new and fresh which is interesting not many bands do that nowa days. It's still has the old Delphic in some songs with the elements but I can't compare Collections with Acoylte it's too different with the genre and the flavor of the songs, If you are Delphic fan like me then I would listen to it :D. If you only like Delphic with Electronic elements then maybe you like few songs but for £5 its worth it either way :D
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on 4 May 2013
Could not disagree more with the majority of other reviewers on this page and disappointed that so many people will be swayed by the negativity and dismiss Delphic's second album without even judging it for themselves.

`Collections' (admittedly a bad title) is not their best work, sadly it does not compare to `Acolyte', but it's a brilliant effort and there's a massive amount of satisfying content here that more than compensates for the odd experimental track that doesn't quite work (but which are, contrary to the views of some, by no means an embarrassment).

But the beauty of having the option to preview the songs here means those who are unsure don't have to take my or any other reviewer's word for the quality or otherwise of the album. Give `Of the Young', `Baiya', or `The Sun Also Rises' a listen- even these short samples sound so good, because they are. `Freedom Found' and `Atlas' and it this very moment for me `Don't Let the Dreamers Take You Away' sound pretty cool too.

Maybe this album simply requires more effort (and I don't mean that as a criticism of those who marked this album down) because while there's quite a bit of unusual mashed-up material here that is in contrast to the elegant detachment and perfectly engineered euphoria of `Acolyte', this is not a bad record and I'm really enjoying the discovery process.

Even if you read one of the prominent customer reviews on this page that very succinctly and quite accurately describes each track, the guy clearly liked at least fifty percent of the material, maybe seventy five percent depending on how you judge the comments and yet the overall score was forty percent. Maybe, just maybe this was due to initial disappointment with a follow-up release that is in sharp contrast to the debut work.

The BBC reviewer was unfortunately of a similar opinion as many of the other reviewers here, but the prominence of that addition on the product page and the pedigree of its origin is sure to put off would-be buyers, unfairly in my view and this represents yet another obstacle for those people like myself who are able to find a great deal of value in `Collections'. In truth it's a four star album, but I have to award full marks in the hope of striking a better balance in the mean score.
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on 30 January 2013
Delphic is, in my opinion, the young pioneers of modern British music of my generation (saying that, I am in my mid-20s!) and I feel absolutely honoured to grow up listening to music like this.

Collections is not Acolyte 2.0 - so some of us will bound to be disappointed and even angered. If you are looking for a recreation of Acolyte, the best idea might be to listen to Acolyte backwards. That might be something for you to enjoy. Collections is a true cross-genre LP, with the band drawing influences from across the world based on the dance/indie rock mixture that we all much loved about Delphic. It provokes a lot of deep thoughts in a melodic sense. You might not like it upon first listen (yes, it's a grower, pardon the pun), but after a few rotations, you will start to realise the Delphs did produce something special here. It challenges our perception about the current state of modern music. It brings people out of their comfort zone. Unfortunately, in doing so, it might make some people lose interest on this album, hoping for the great recreation of Acolyte and wondering what went wrong.

However, you might not realise that, by losing something good, you have gained something better - and that, my friend, is what we call a change (Such fun!). The trio have mastered this change well. But, like myself, for those of you who listened to Acolyte back in 2010, we could possibly remember Delphic as 'the breath of fresh air', 'the big hype', 'the new New Order' and 'on kissing terms with magnificence' (that still makes me laugh) - so in a fact, Delphic might have grown up, but they didn't change at all. They are still James, Rick and Matt.

Delphic didn't change, we are changing with Delphic.
This is what Delphic is. And I (insert appropriate adjective here) LOVE IT.

So, shuffle that bad boy. :)
Keep on, keep on. Let's do something real.
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on 31 March 2013
Like most people who bought this album, I have listened to Acolyte so many times over the last few years, was lucky enough to see them live in Bristol last year and was seriously looking forward to this being released.

Pre-ordered and turned up the day after release, the couple of reviews I had read worried me and after the first listen I could hear why. It is so different to almost be a different band, which to be fair is what they have said they were trying to do, that my expectations meant I was disappointed at first.

But Acolyte blew me away, so this album needed to be listened to over an extended period to try and work out whether it was any good. After two months of on and off listening I think it is pretty damn good actually, several of the tracks are excellent, opener Of the young followed by Baiya are cracking and the Sun also rises could turn out to be a classic, I certainly turn it up loud when it comes on.

In conclusion it isn't Acolyte, an album I continue to push on friends at every opportunity, but on its own merit is worth listening to and letting the tracks get under your skin. Last point I think there could be a cracking remix album hiding in their as well.
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on 1 March 2013
Wow, what a transformation. I looked forward to this for so long but I really can't express how bad this album is. Previous reviews pretty much sum it up - ' truly awful', 'just terrible', 'crying, terrible, gut-wrenching shame'. Thanks for Acolyte guys, absolute 5* album. You should be ashamed to put your name to this one though...
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on 7 February 2013
Having made a first album out of 10 rewrites of New Order's "Here To Stay", I had high hopes for Delphic's second effort. As development in their music, I was hoping they might strip back Acolyte's "everything but the kitchen sink" production and unleash the guitarist a bit more (he did some great stuff on Acolyte) whilst retaining the hooks and the energy.

What have they done? They found a few more kitchen sinks in order to try and obscure the fact that they forgot to write anything memorable, hid the guitar, wrote bland music and hideously banal lyrics. Oh and the singer isn't up to the style of singing he attempts here. I can't remember hearing such a massive drop off in quality between first and second albums ever (and I'm pretty old). And the cover's terrible. What were they thinking? What was the record company thinking? Avoid avoid avoid.

Next time lads (if there is a next time) book a week in the studio to record the whole album (this album sounds like it took months) and don't go in there until you've written some decent tunes that play to your strengths a bit, and remember that being accused of sounding like New Order is no bad thing if the alternative is "Collections".
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on 8 February 2013
Never been one to write too many reviews, I flet I had to remark on this one. I never commit to an album too early. What seems OK first few listens sometimes bores in the end and what sounds poor often grows and grows. I can find abolutely nothing that will grow on me on this. At times it sounds like im listening to the latest boy band's poor efforts and there is just no direction. Ive listened and listened and nothing comes. As for the rapper......
Must try harder.
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on 26 April 2013
As much as I don't want to, I have to agree with the haters on this one.

Acolyte was a fantastic album and put Delphic straight on the map, but 'Collections' has gone some way to undoing all of that for me. Gone are the catchy beats and hook eminent of 'Remain' and Sumner-esque 'Doubt' only to be replaced by a tepid and rather limp offering of clichéd and incohesive drivel with off cast, dispensable lyrics.

OK, so 'Of The Young' is actually a pretty good track and on first listen gave Collections immense promise, but from then on I did (and still do) struggle with the rest. Such a shame, as Acolyte gave Delphic a rare unique sound seldom heard but this has failed to prevail with the second offering. Oh, and while I'm about it the cover is bizarre and irrelevant in a sort of 'Poundland does Mount Rushmore with a bit of Andy Warhol thrown in for good measure' sort of way, and the ambiguous name 'Collections' hardly stirs the imagination - if it didn't have them on the cover you could quite conceivably think it was the greatest hits of Luther Vandross.

Not quite done with the odd analogies - its a bit like getting back with an old girlfriend and coming to the grim realisation that the heady nights of passion and longing gazes that drew you in in the first place have been replaced by Horlicks and TV Quick. Better luck next time lads...I do hope there is one.
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on 3 February 2013
So many of these other reviews are comparing Collections to Acolyte, which of course, one must do when reviewing. Especially when a band as unique sounding in our somewhat boring chart these days, it makes sense to compare their two albums and yes, I agree there are major elements of this second album which are different to the first, but this isn't a bad thing. They sound like they have matured their sound, mixed around with their formula and added to it. I am currently on my first listen, and love what I am hearing. It's easy to listen to, it's got great beats and also shows off their vocals more than their first album. It's beautiful sounding, and is surely going to be an album to listen to throughout the summer!
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on 30 January 2013
This is an awesome album. I can only assume peoples pre-conceptions are clouding judgements. Yes Acolyte was great but do you really just want Acolyte mk2? Why is it no longer acceptable for a band to change musical direction? All the greatest bands have done this. I guess in todays banal music market real intelligence and depth is just to much for most people to handle. Well done lads for trying to break the mould!
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