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Customer reviews

1.5 out of 5 stars
1.5 out of 5 stars

on 22 February 2015
On my way home from work I noticed an old betamax video sitting at the bottom of an old drain in the street where I live. Carefully fishing it out with an old coathanger, I dried it out, then watched it. It was an old copy of Oasis of the Zombies by Jess Franco. The picture quality, though not great, was watchable, and far better than the version here on Amazon Prime.

The film is just awful, but somehow entertaining too. Completely illogical and silly, but it takes you back to the good old days of 80s horror!
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on 1 March 2013
Can I firstly specify that this will play on Uk blu ray players (it works on mine which is region B). The quality of the image varies from very good to bad depending on the scene (the bad being stock footage). Generally barring specks the image is bright and clear and much better than Redemptions other 2 previously released Franco blu ray titles. The Film itself is like a poorly executed Fulci fim, and Franco so obviously is trying to emulate that, especially with his zombies... but unfortunately has more of a comedic effect (check out the head on a stick zombie!!! ). The film itself drags at times but has some entertainment value, especially the last 20 minutes which is where it has its biggest impact and is crappy. It certainly isnt the best zombie film and definately not the worst, but dont go into this expecting Zombie (flesh eaters) or anything. Overall though if youre a zombie nut or even just a Franco fan it may be worth picking up for your collection, just lower your expectations.
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on 28 May 2015
A group of students go to Africa looking for lost Nazi gold, unaware that a murderous treasure hunter is on the trail of it also, all are blind to the fact that the long dead Nazi's may not take to well to there gold being stolen and rise from the grave to stop them.

Jess Franco's foray into the zombie movie is not a pleasant one, in truth its a painfully slow, non-starter. Let's start with the positives, it's only 82mins long (although that's still 80mins too long), the desert scenery looks great and the war scenes actually look quite good, so much so that they fell like they were filmed for another film. As with Franco there are the usual problems, horrific acting & dubbing, the make up effects are about as convincing as a £3 note, the plot makes about as much sense as Gary Busey on a good day and the soundtrack is sleep inducing, but the deathly pace but is the real killer. We get a totally redundant murder scene at the beginning of the picture as the perpetrator is killed off not 25mins later, the combat scenes (we see in a flashback) are really just padding, it just seemed Franco needed something to pad out the treasure hunting stuff and in context seems a little out of place. The film then grinds on & on with very little zombie action until the last 15-20mins, the first attack is at about the half hour mark, but it takes what seems like an eternity for the next with only completely uninteresting dialogue to hold you, by the time the zombies gather & rise from there grave's most will have lost the will to live.

How this became a Section 3 nasty is a mystery, there a couple of quite mild chowing sequences, neither are bloody or strong, maybe the police fell asleep, had a nightmare and thought it was from the film, its a possibility, well maybe. Completist's and Video Nasty fans only here for this one, it's just far too slow and uneventful for a regular movie fan to watch, some might find it "fun" in a terrible kind of way, but everyone else stay away the 82mins are too precious.
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on 31 May 2014
This version is utterly unwatchable. It is so washed out, you might was well be wearing a brown paper bag over your head. Its so fuzzy I can't believe that it isn't some kind of bootleg copy of a copy of a heavily used rental betamax tape that fell out of a motorcyclists back pocket on the way back to the video store, slid own into a storm sewer where it was eventually flushed out to sea. Now, decades later, it washed ashore, found by an Amazon Prime Instant Video employee who thought it was somehow good enough quality to put in the store.
All that, and its cropped 4:3, not even pan and scan, but center cropped.
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on 27 March 2017
Vaguely interesting Franco Film that is coming out in a newly restored version from Black House films later this year. Perhaps Amazon will then remove the rubbish they have on Instant Video. They clearly don't bother to quality control uploads from Echelon Studios.
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on 13 December 2014
Just bad a good idea done badley had this when I was a kid just stay away from it like a bad smell and don't let courroaty get the better if you won't dead Nazis get out post .dead snow .death ship .zombie lake .the bunker . the chiling .
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on 10 February 2015
I remember this film back from when I rented it from a video shop years ago. The quality of the tape was awful, as was the film - I suspect it was a heavily watched bootleg copy from the way the title was written in crayon and blu-tacked to the case. Unfortunately as I was taking the film back to the store on my motorbike, the betamax tape fell out of my (ridiculously large) back pocket, bounced a couple of times on the road and slid down a drain, never to be seen again.

I often wonder what happened to that tape and if anyone ever found it.
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on 4 February 2017
This is a Jess Franco movie so it's never going to be Dawn of the Dead or Zombie Flesh Eaters, but personally I have a spot for it. It's euro trash but I get far more enjoyment out of this than I do watching most zombie movies being churned out these days. The film is pretty tame in both gore - and, for Franco, sex - but the zombie make up (apparently Franco appears as one) is decent, the musical score is catchy & the dubbing is hilariously bad. Would make a good double-bill with Zombie Lake!
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on 28 February 2014
I considered the film to be okay within the constraints of its budget, a typical Jess Franco effort, mildly entertaining.
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on 26 November 2012
This film review is brought to you courtesy of random references to Oasis songs.

This is a film from 1982 and made on a VERY limited budget. This goes a long way to explaining the opening moments of the film which have wonky camera work, a line running down the centre of the screen and some of the most interesting wardrobe choices for a pair of teenage girls in the dessert but you just have to roll with it.
Clearly, as a zombie film in the 80's, the girls die and one loses their top in a pretty lame attempt to spice things up. There is a slight glimpse of reddened sausages but that's the height of gore in this film (explaining why it's a 15).

As described in any review this film is about Nazi gold which isn't necessarily apparent until 15 minutes in. After we discover this we get an attempt at a Godfather pII epic flashback with the guy falling in love abroad with the local beauty where she presents herself to him in the desert. There's world war 2 going on in the background and then there's more about gold and then we are in England.

Considering the travelling inherent in this film it is very difficult to determine where it is actually set. At certain points we see England and the soundtrack is an odd combination of Turkish rhythm and bongo drumming. This makes the film seem more like a film for the local Indian takeaway at certain points. The film skips between here and there without any real explanation of where they have arrived to leaving the viewer confused and half the world away.

The sound of the zombies to which everyone always asks 'WHO is there' is that of a BBC sound departments hog... which makes for some interesting moments.

Zombie attack scenes are filmed by using zombie head shots mixed with very normal and hairy arms strangling people. It's reminiscent of an explosion at a liquid latex factory where the people then tried to wipe it off using lipstick.

One particular zombie attack about half way in seemed more like a disturbing porno scene in which the zombie strip the only female and hang around her pubic area before finally decided to rip open her stomach.

Considering they are surrounded by bones and 2 dead professors all the teenagers seem oddly nonchalant. Seemingly as a nod towards the ongoing disenfranchisement of youth and how teens in a group (or 'hood' which is the technical term for a group of teenagers) will be less afraid because of the desensitising powers of youth oriented film and television.

The directors idea of 'eerie atmosphere' is a combination of sand sliding downhill and a guiro being rubbed. and an odd shot that after seeing for the 5th time in the film I've finally come to realise is a spider on a web.

When, finally, we do see the zombie 'horde' it takes a helluva long time for them to walk down a hill. Which just makes the line "Help me with that can, come on, they're coming down fast" all the more hilariously stupid.

The night time filming, where we get the 'epic' final battle, is pretty much ruined in a flurry of confusing shots and pointless zoom ins of zombie heads. The ever increasing amount of smoke also does little to help the view. And the ending of the scene... the final conclusion of this drawn out moment, occurs quickly and with little reasoning. Leaving us to stare at some corpses that somehow continue to breath in and out.

And the final, surmising line, which has little to do with the events of the film. and even less to do with the mounting body count.

This is a teen zombie film, for teens. Thus there is a lot of sex, boobs and not much else. Considering the woman had only recently been attacked she is remarkably quick to jump back into bed for some rumpy pumpy. Where anyone else would shout it out loud and flee these would rather fornicate and laugh. Much like playing call of duty on-line.

No review of this could be complete without mentioning the efforts of the dubbing department in this film. Whilst the acting is wooden, stilted and the directing requires an awful lot of close up shots of people looking dramatic, the dubbing counterbalances this by being much more obviously terrible. No subtlety to it what so ever. It's just bad.

The one and only redeeming feature of this film is that it has possibly the hammiest death scene in the world. Shown in the adverts this depicts a man moaning and collapsing on some hay in a death scene an 8 year old would be embarrassed by. Seeing as this is the only good point in the film I would recommend saving your money and watching the moment on youtube.

Get this if you are an avid collector of zombie films, nazi films and terrible films.

Don't get this if you like oasis tracks; there are very few. Or good zombie films; there are many, many better ones out there.
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