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Customer reviews

4.9 out of 5 stars

on 11 November 2013
5 stars!! ( I reviewed this as a series, so have cut and pasted the relevant excerpts)

Another author recommended this series to me, at the time, I did not know it was a paranormal. Because I trust this author implicitly, I downloaded all 4 books, agreeing that we would buddy read the 4th book. Anyone who knows me, knows I do not read paranormal. I have never quite been able to get into this genre. A few series have caught my attention and I have read them but not to the degree that Amy Bartol did.

To say I loved this series is a serious understatement because I absolutely adore this series. I was captivated from the start and read all 4 books in 3 days, I seriously could not put them down and as soon as one was finished I opened up the next and just carried on.

Incendiary ~ OMG the last one out and I am reading with anticipation and dread. I don't want to finish yet I want to know, no need to know what happens. I am going to have to read v e r y s l o w l y, yet I know that will be an impossibility. As with this whole series, it has been like a drug and I cannot get enough.

Everything has heated up, the world has gone mad, Brennus won't take no for an answer either and ramps up his efforts to have his Genevieve. One good thing though is that we have lost one love interest...yayyyy!!! Russell, has finally given up the ghost in his pursuit and I am so pleased that he finally has his own love interest and she to is one kick ass awesome character, she is powerful and she is a throne. However, my happiness was short lived as we now have another Angel thrown into the mix for Evie's affections called Xavier. I must admit, after learning all the details of their back story in this book, I do sort of feel sorry for him, but as you know above, I am Team Reed all the way and I just want him to leave them be. Somehow though I do not think this will be the case in book 5.

Russell, is fast becoming the most powerful Angel ever and is totally living up to his new found powers. He trains, he develops and he has turned into one awesome character, especially now he is no longer pining over Evie. He really comes into his own in this book.

Reed, I am still hopelessly in love with him, he still will do anything and everything to protect Evie even if that means putting himself in grave danger. He is selfless when it comes to Evie. We are also introduced to Evie's real father in this book and that leads to some very interesting situations and conversations. It was great though to hear how Evie came about and what really happened.

Evie Evie Evie, seriously girl, you need to sort yourself out. As much as I love you, I could have killed you myself in this book. Seriously, listen to the people that know! At least try and live for once! This self-sacrifice, is beginning to annoy me to some extent because it always puts everyone else in danger, I would have thought she would have wised up to this by now, but on the other hand we would never get such an intense and interesting plot if she wasn't this way.

Reed, my fingers are crossed for you. I really hope that you and Evie end up together, I don't think your poor heart could cope if you were suddenly tossed aside. I must admit, the more complex her "love life" gets the more worried I get for poor Reed. He has been totally and utterly devoted to Evie and yet she seems to "love" everyone. Al though when they are together, it is intense as always, Evie's incessant need to love and be loved by everyone worries me, especially for Reed's life, love and sanity. If anything does happen in that regard though, I volunteer myself to put Reed's heart back together. I adore this Angel., I adore this book and I totally and utterly adore this series!

"Don't take her from me... please," ... "and if that is too much to ask, then...take me, too. Forever is too long..."

On that note, I will leave you with a brief summation. In short, this series is brilliant, amazing, fabulous, addictive and totally captivating. A story line that will keep you guessing, you can never assume anything as Amy Bartol will totally sneak up and bit you the bum. The twists and turns and plot curve balls will have you on the edge of seat, gripping the sides wondering where you are going next.

I want to see this series on the big screen, seriously, this series was made for the big screen. I often found myself at times picturing how a scene would play out on film in bright technicolour. The way Amy Bartol describes scenes in this book has your senses on hyper drive and your imagination running wild. In all seriousness, this would seriously kick some ass in the movies. It needs to be done and more importantly deserves to be done.

Amy Bartol, all I can say is you seriously ROCK! I have loved every second reading this series, never thought I would see the day where I love a Paranormal read, but this series did and has a firm place in my heart. I will be re-reading this series for sure.

I cannot highly recommend this series enough, for both paranormal lovers and those who have not tried or think they don't like this genre. Be next in line to be converted, you will hopefully fall in love with this series as much as I have. Totally and utterly adored it!
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on 9 August 2013
I really enjoyed this book. It reads like a finale so is quick paced and lots of action but there is more to come with book 5.

There are lots of characters in the premonition series so you're not bored with the same old declarations and predictable behaviour that you often get in YA paranormal romance.
The heroine is witty and has good banter with numerous characters and the story is multi faceted so each book brings an genuinely unexpected event.
The fact that this is fantasy has been well developed and the author has used this to her advantage by giving the characters 'outs' during fight scenes so a loved characters end is never the end but you still get the emotion through the possibility that it is.

Great series to read, highly recommended.
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on 16 December 2012
OMG i can barely breathe after reading incendiary. I don't think a book has ever shaken me up so much! I am a huge twilight fan but against The premonition series it is nothing. Defiantly up high on my top 10. I love all the characters even have a soft spot for Brennus just as Evie does. I cried so hard while reading this book and through most of it i was physically shaking in anticipation (crazy i know). I really hope none of their little family gets killed off in the next book and i hope (don't know if its possible but she is half human) they have a baby. I HIGHLY recommend reading the series if you haven't already you will not be disappointed. Love love love it! Love Evie & Reed!
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on 13 September 2014
I thoroughly enjoyed these books. The subject was not my usual choice of book so I'm glad I chose to read them.
There is a book '5, Iniquity' but I don't know when the release date is as I cannot find it listed anywhere!! Just hope that I'm not kept waiting too long!

Evie & Reed v Evie & Brennus? I loved them both. I know Reed will be the victor but I hope that Brennus gets a happy ending...mo chroí
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on 6 December 2012
Just finished Incendiary!!!! I felt excited, scared, pain. I cried, laughed and panicked. I love russel as evies best friend, i love and hate brennus, hope he turns good and lets evie go in the next, hated Xavier, he seemed so forceful, and her dad seemed cold. love how anya has been brought into infor russel he deserves someone who loves him like evie has with reed. and Reed...... oh my god i love him, his is the one, the only. You are brilliant amy bartol.. Pls bring the next out soon. Reed is the only one ;) x
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on 19 February 2014
All i can say is, wow. So many twists and turns in this series, once you start with the first one you just can't stop. Okay i find russel and brennus' accents a little annoying sometimes, but despite that thesw books definitely deserve 5 starts. I love how strong Genevieve is as a leading lady, she's pretty badass, and doesnt't sit around waiting for the guys to save her (which is usually the case). But, wow, this series will take you on an emotional rollercoaster, i have even shed a few tears while reading this. All i need now is more Reed POV (yes i nearly had a meltdown when i saw that surprise) and Iniquity... please don't let us wait too much longer
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on 11 December 2012
I have totally fell in love with these books, I read this book in a day and since then read it again. The story picks up straight after the last book back on Zephers Island and from around 10% in it is non stop action and revelations. I don't want to give any of the plot away but there are new characters in this book that Amy Bartol develops throughout the storey quite cleverly and I instantly could imagine them and loved them within the plot. It is heartbreaking in part's as well as the usual humour. But from about 20% in I was like OMG, WOW, NO WAY, AAHR! My friend's were reading it at the time as me and we couldn't stop talking about it. If you like romance, kick ass heroines, absolutly gorge hero's and villain's that melt your heart and to top it off a story that is both exhilarating and exciting with lots of twists then get reading this series now! Just love it!
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on 10 May 2014
I love this book, I haven't loved a series quite like this since twilight (pre-the-awful-movies).

But part of me - while I love Reed- wants Xavier to win Evie as a last minute twist. But I get this sickening feeling that he will die for her. It's fully put me on edge!!

CAN NOT WAIT for the next book. I need a release date please Amy!! Need to get my next fix.

Recommended to anyone glancing at this series. It truly keeps you guessing and completely hooks you in with all the characters. Just awesome.
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on 13 August 2013
Well have again gotten a bit frustrated reading this book, it seems like you are going over the same things again and again, Brennur loves her, Brennur kidnaps her, and Reed has to save her, but do not let this put you off this has been a good read, and some new characters and new twists have happened towards the end of the book, so will still be looking forward to the next one, as I feel it will have a lot going on.
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on 22 February 2013
This series is DEFINITELY one of my all time favourites. The books are getting better and better as the series progresses, and the characters develop throughout, keeping you gripped. I completely love the humour tucked into this books; the main characters, Evie and Russell, are so sarcastic and have such a dry sense of humour. Amy Bartol really has managed to write these characters like they should be written; I can always feel Evie frustration and anger when she has no control or when people are way too overprotective. The books are mixed with gripping action and romance but are ever progressing and developing, so I am so excited about the fifth one!
In this series, Brennus is back - again- and though people have a soft spot for him, he annoys me A LOT. The introduction of Tau and Xavier help back Evie's frustration as a little war thing seems to be striking off once more between the Gancanagh and the angels. I loved the arrival of Anya though; figured something might as well go right for Russell now.
I'm a sucker for the way the books are written, switching between Russell and Evie, and, for the first time, Reed (though only once). The way Russell's segments are written as he speaks is refreshing; you don't become sick of it because Evie's are always more traditionally written.
This is a series everyone should get their hands on; I think Incendiary has to be my favourite so far.
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