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VINE VOICEon 2 July 2017
I have nothing but praise for this. Easy to set up as per instructions and does exactly what it should. It has vastly improved on my spotty wifi coverage (tripled the speed in some places) and I can also run a sonos sound system off it using the ethernet connection. Great bit of kit and is slim enough to only take up one power socket.
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on 9 February 2016
Easy to set up and worked well for 24 hours. Now it's as unstable as the Asus model I sent back last week. Devices can find it and connect, but if you're not standing close to it, no internet access. Its useful range appears to end before you get to the limit of my BT router. It's got 48 hours left before it too gets sent back.

Edit: a week on and it is working much better now. I've re-sited my BT router and moved the extender so it's possible that this has helped. Previously it was plugged into a thick brick wall but now in a plasterboard wall in a hallway. Maybe this makes a difference? All devices pick it up easily and the connection is stable. The download speed seems pretty good too. Happy to upgrade rating to 4*.
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on 15 April 2016
Nice little unit, comes complete with Ethernet cable tucked away behind molding inside box, takes approx 3w to run, just remember it only extends an existing Wifi signal so must be within your Wifi radius to extend further ( Which it does fine).
Will work fine in an existing multi socket alongside other plug tops in use, for under £20 good value silent in operation, don't position in areas that you don't want to see a Blue light from the display at night.
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on 2 August 2015
Item has increased my Wi-Fi signal upstairs from three bars to the full five - which to be fair I'd rather expected and would have been disappointed if it hadn't. My main router is near the front door and desktop PC upstairs.
You have to experiment with placement within the house (as the instructions indicate) but after the initial set up (which is fairly simple) its just a case of trying different household 13a sockets until the best signal is obtained for the equipment you need to 'boost signals for.
Can't really say much more on the subject.
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on 23 October 2013
I live in a 3 Bed house but my office where I have my internet connection is at the far end of the house, this really affected the strength of our wireless. In fact you couldn't pick up a good signal in the living room and upstairs was useless. I decided to give this a try well so glad I did, it wasn't as easy to set up as it's made out to be, it would not pick up the wireless connection right next to the computer, but i set it up by using the instructions and connecting it directly to the computer I moved it into the hallway which was a good equal distance from the wireless hub, and within a couple of minutes it had connected to the wireless hub, now I have wireless signal all over the home, I have an IPad and previous upstairs it had no signal now I have 3 bars so full signal. All in all a very good piece of kit
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on 8 March 2013
I have a hard wired giga network throughout my home using a Cisco router and ZyXel/TP-Link switches which look after my NAS drives, Pogoplug, security system and IPTV system without an issue. The main problem I had was weak spots for my wireless coverage and as this was going cheap and their products had been great for the price previously I thought I would give it a go. I have to say that pairing it was not an issue but does take a lot longer than expected using WPS, which maybe why some of the other reviews have stated that it does not work. Once I had done this I then placed it mid way between my router and the area in question and it did work, most of the time, the problem seems to be that on occasions that the signal drops for no apparent reason and then reconnects, sometimes it requires a reboot. I would not recommend this product at the moment which is a shame as their other products have been excellent for the money.
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on 22 January 2013
Have 4 other TP Link homehubs/wireless - no issues there, so was expecting good things from this kit.

Found setup tricky as would not setup using WPS. Had to connect with ethernet cable & setup manually. As others have reported, when accessing setup pages on PC - AV (Kaspersky) claimed it had intercepted a trojan. Had to create an exception and manually configure. Tp-Link need to address this issue. Instructions sparse - after trying to get connection for 20 mins realised had to link extender to one of 2 existing 2.4 Ghz SSIDs, as it does not broadcast its own (as TP Link homehub/wireless modules do). Perhaps after 30 years with PCs I'm getting a bit stupid but instructions could have been clearer and saved me much aggro.

Improvement in signal strength not as great as expected (20ft separation from wireless router in bungalow). Signal strength better in sitting room but in conservatory same from extender as from homeub wireless plug.
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on 18 January 2016
I was unable to connect using the WPS button but the instructions were clear and the alternative method took no time at all. Once up and running there is a notable improvement in the signal strength in my conservatory and I am now able to link up my blu-ray player using the Ethernet connection. I would recommend this product if you are needing to connect a device using Ethernet whilst also boosting your signal for wireless devices.

Fast delivery thanks to Prime.
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on 28 September 2016
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on 12 February 2014
I had a number of problems with this unit. Firstly it appeared that I was sent a return unit as it had already been configured with somebody else's SSID (tip if you don't see 'TP-LINK_Extender_XXXXXX' then do a factory reset). So I hooked up an ethernet cable and connected that way. This was relatively easy, I updated the firmware (that I had previously downloaded) and went through the quick setup. I wanted to use it in adapter mode, but there was no setting for this, and it just seemed to 'work'... great!

However, I noticed that my AP's were fighting with each other. My laptop would be constantly switching from one AP to the other (I have seen this before though with other AP products). So, as I have two wireless networks I tried to log back in and run the set up to change it to the other network (which is not used and rarely causes conflicts. This is where the issue is. The published way of connecting to this unit is via the url [...] which is fine if you are not connected to the internet, and are directly connected to the AP via wireless or ethernet cable. But, if your AP/repeater is working fine, all this is going to do is direct you to an external IP address.... This frankly is a major oversight, and once your router has some DNS routing cached is a nightmare to try and fix.

In the end I disconnected my internet, connected back up to the AP via cable, and eventually managed to log in. This time after numerous attempts it eventually logged in. Whilst I was in I made a mental note to change it to a static IP so that I could access the management console via this (normally your router is for example so change the AP to
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