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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 7 April 2005
Being a fan of Star Trek and watching Mr.Neelix, the Talaxian on board the star ship Voyager for 7 seasons, preparing all sorts of dishes for his crewmates, I become interested in how to prepare it myself for my friends, in order to have a different dinner night, that by itself would create a nice conversation subject. I've searched and found the official Star Trek cookbook. It was great to prepare Klingon, Vulcan, Talaxian, Bajoran, etc, food. Everyone loved it, even the non scifi believers.
If you tired of sorting out new dishes, here are your new ones, made out of everything you know but with different names and really different presentations.
Only four stars because there aren't enough photos illustrating the outcome of the recipes, but not a problem if you have just a litle imagination going on.
A must have for any kitchen lover or surprise new delicious flavours.
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on 1 June 2014
I'v recently held a Star Trek Birthday Party at which I served:

Captain Sisko's Jambalaya
Counsellor Troi's Oskoid Salad
& Dr McCoy's Tennessee Beans

The recipes were easy to follow with lots of helpful information and the dishes were delicious.

There were vegetarian versions of the dishes I made and child-friendly/non-alcoholic versions too.

The only drawbacks are that there aren't many photographs to show you the finished dishes. I intend to take my own photos so I have a record. This put me off buying the book some time ago but this was a mistake - reading the recipe titles and descriptions gives you a good idea. You can't just flick through and pick a nice photo you have to read part of the description but that's not too hard and in my opinion worth it.

I am a gluten-free vegan and so have lots of dietary requirements but I found these recipes easy to adapt.
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on 11 January 2015
Recipes not quite a simple as I would have liked and based rather more on the Voyager series than anything else (although I should have guessed this from Neelix being on the cover!). It was fun to read and I will probably try some of the recipes, but overall mot quite what I was expecting.
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on 3 February 2016
The attention to detail in this book was enough to wow and entertain my other half who is a big Trekkie. I am disappointed that there aren't more pictures of dishes, and more dishes that are makeable (some include a plate of body parts...!) My other half also received another geeky cookbook, which was recipes from all the fantasy genres, and was still more impressed with this one :)
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My Trekkie daughter bought this paperback book for herself, and it's a lot bigger than we expected at 317 pages (size 23cm x 18cm x 2cm). It was first published in 1999, during the original Star Trek Voyager TV screenings from 1995 to 2001. Neelix from Voyager is on the front cover as he (Ethan Philips) co-authored it with William J. Birnes (who also helped write the book 'The day after Roswell'). This cookbook has quite a few B&W photos but these are all of scenes from Star Trek relating to the imagined origins of the food recipe, e.g. a photo of Worf by the recipe for the Klingon speciality Rokeg Blood Pie with sirloin beef, kidneys and dark beer, as made by Worf's adopted mum Mrs. Helena Rozhenko for the Klingon lad (as it's especially suitable for growing Klingon boys who need their iron). The many recipes listed are just given as the ingredients and cooking instructions, with no pictures of the resulting dish, making it feel similar to classic cookbooks from the 1950s and earlier. Interspersed among the recipes is a lot of information about the making of the Star Trek series (e.g. when the alien insect parasites took over Star Starfleet officers in 'Conspiracy' that involved real live mealworms as food in eating scenes interspersed with faked versions of the worm food made from Asian noodles).

The recipe book is split into six chapters: 1. The crew of the USS Voyager (e.g. Vulcan Mocha Ice Cream, Maquis Breakfast bars, Gagh), 2. The crew of the Enterprise (Scotti's Lemon Chicken, Haggis Lite), 3. The crew of the [New Generation] Enterprise D (Spiny Lobe Fish, Earl Grey 'hot'), 4. Life on Deep Space Nine (Andoran tuber root, Asna), 5. Life on Voyager (Throck, Ton Tep Borg recipes), 6. The lost recipes of Talaz (Roast Thill, Wild Griggen). The recipes are often listed under the respective crew members as their favourites. There's a detailed 10 page index of all the recipes at the back and an intro by Neelix at the front (he presents all the dishes and gives facts on the Voyager crew). Other than Kosher salt, dark Karo syrup and Pecorino/Romano cheese, most if not all of the ingredients are easy to find (and they can easily be substituted anyway). Still the book is really aimed at being great fun for Star Trek fans, and as my 20 year old daughter has every season, every film and even the cartoon series on DVD (Voyager being her favourite), this Neelix cookbook was a big hit with her - so a perfect gift for any trekkie fan and 5* at the £13 we paid. There must have been problems with the replicators though as the book's internal paper & print quality is merely decent & serviceable rather than superbly glossy & water-resistant. If you want a Terran recipe book of classic British & European food though, look instead to the likes of Delia Smith, Nigella Lawson and Jamie Oliver. Being mostly text and B&W photos this Star Trek Cookbook would work OK as a Kindle version, but we prefer the imposing paperback even though it adds to the household clutter.
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on 27 June 2001
This cook book (writen by Voyager's own Talaxian chef's alter ego) is full of tasty-sounding meals, desserts and snacks. It gives you good guidelines of ingrediants, and full instructions on how to make the delacacies. Submitted in this book, are favourite recipies by both the character's of Voyager, and their real-life counter-parts. The only problem is, you rarely have a lot of the exotic ingredints just lying around the kitchen! A good read, even if you find it too expensive to actually make anything!
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on 31 March 2013
I went to the London Star Trek Convention, spotted this cookbook on a stand, not priced and they were busy, so I went back later, but the had sold out. So, I ordered from Amazon, because they were to be gifts for friends. The book is quite extensive and a must for a Star Trek fan who also likes to cook.
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on 2 January 2013
I bought this as a Christmas gift for a friend of mine who is an avid Star Trek fan, and unfortunately a bad cook also!

The Cover of the book itself looks slightly faded, and would much appreciate a bit of an update, just to brighten all of the colors, but otherwise it's a perfect buy!

With enough of a back story to count as a reading book, and many recipes to attempt it works wonders, and will keep anyone busy!

If I had another friend who loved Star Trek as much, I would most definitely buy again.
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on 6 March 2013
I bought this gift for my boyfriend who is a die-hard Star Trek fan. He loved it!

It works its way through all the series and recommends dishes that each of the characters would eat, and some pretty tasty recipies in there too! Don't be put off by Neelix on the front either - some really interesting info on all characters, and so many Trek puns, it's a delight to read through - cooking or not!

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on 22 April 2012
absolutley brilliant.its not just a cook book but an insite as where the recipes came from.if ur a fan then this book is just what u need for a treki party.
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