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on 18 August 2013
A wild and rollicking ride, as ever with Rebecca Chance bonkbusters, full of glamour, action, twists and turns, and lots of sex involving lots of diverse, well-drawn characters. What's not to love! This book has a bold and unusual angle though, its setting is royalty(UK, and Europe) hence even more glamour and exotic locations and experiences we can only enjoy vicariously. Cleverly, Rebecca has created a kind of alternate reality, with a royal family different, yet in so many ways strangely reminiscent, of our own... There is danger, especially to the women who get drawn into royal families by marriage or the prospect of it, so the glamour is not just aspirational but cautionary! I don't want to describe the story, lots of reviewers have done that and I don't want to risk spoilers, but just to add that Rebecca Chance's books are the only bonkbusters I read - not only is the sex full-on, erotic, warm-hearted and funny by turns, but the writing is so good, and that's what makes them special for me. I have to say I'm puzzled by reviewers who find the sex a bit much or too explicit: the term 'bonkbuster' kind of tells you what to expect! Good sex writing is rare, sadly, so these books with their many joyful, fun, adventurous sex scenes, which you can just tell she relished writing, are truly exceptional. She always creates some characters who are the heart of the books, people you can related to, and root for, which adds depth and suspense.
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on 13 August 2013
This isn't just a beach read, it's an anytime read. I don't want to give any spoilers or do the 'This tells the story of...' review as the blurb tells you what this is about and the blurb hooks you right in. I couldn't help draw comparisons with our own royal family and totally pictured the dashingly handsome and party animal 'Tobes' as a certain party prince that we know and love. Chloe and Prince Hugo were my favourite characters and I couldn't wait for their nuptials. Chloe's friend Lauren is a great supporting character and had some great lines. I also wondered how the author was going to get Queen Lori and Belinda out of the pickles they find themselves in and was more than happy with how it worked out. I liked how I changed my opinions on certain characters, particularly Princess Sophie. Now the sex ( which I know some people think there was too much of, naming no names Ms Love) or 6 pages for an orgy is too much ( how do you decide how many pages is enough?? ) but for me, I loved it. it's a bonkbuster so I expect some busting bonking. Rebecca writes what a lot of authors are afraid to write and she owns it!! It's fun, raunchy, hot sex and not repetitive. I will never look at a banana or candle in the same way. Rebecca rocks
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on 13 July 2014
Where to start?
I found the storylines clever and funny at times, the Oh so non-prince and princess names, the allusions to possible
real events present and past. The liberal analogy of the prince and the pauper. But then came the sex, so much of it,
I wondered if it was there to sell the story, pad the story out? Most people like a little excitement in a book, suspense
or attraction in its many guises;Yes , paint the scene, explain the sexual mores but don't' make it the scaffolding for the book
I just got bored and read the last page. Rebecca chance can write a chic lit, but she should rely less on the vicarious sex
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on 12 August 2013
There's no need to go on as the other reviews say it all.
Captivating story, that's girly, sexy, and extremely well written. It was down right hilarious in a real gritty way, it takes a hell of a lot to make me laugh when reading.
Amazing characters, Lady Margaret was particularly funny.
Now needing another Rebecca Chance book to fill the void this book leaves!
...and I said I wouldn't go on.
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on 21 February 2015
It's a long book, something you can really get into. This is the second book by Rebecca Chance that I have read and with both I felt they had very different storylines to other books I have read before. She must have a good imagination. I would most definitely read more by this author.
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on 6 March 2016
I bought this for sunlounger reading on a beach holiday and it delivered on its promise as an easy-going page turner full of sizzle. The characters are very obviously based around real royals so it was easy to visualize them, which helps you get stuck straight into the plot. Highbrow it certainly isn't, but if you want some steamy summer silliness to accompany a suntan whilst not taxing the grey matter, you'll be in luck.
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on 28 September 2015
Ok but not as good as Bad Angels. Clearly takes some of the Diana and perhaps the Grace Kelly idea too myths and runs with them. Not terribly convincing but an ok read
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on 30 May 2014
Sorry to say after having read a number of Rebecca's books and loved them I didn't like this one. The similarities to real life royal stories made the whole thing rather cheesy for me and a bit of a rip off. However I'm still a fan and will continue to seek out more from this author.
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on 1 October 2014
This is the first book I've read of Rebecca Chance and I wasn't overly impressed with it. It just felt like an excuse to write about sex, it popped up everywhere whether the scene warranted it or not. I like much more of a read than that, but having said that it did read well and flowed well, but I probably wont read any more books by this author. Not my cup o vodka!
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on 22 June 2015
Yet another great book by Rebecca Chance!
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