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on 7 February 2013
Once any programmer learns the basics of a new language there comes the time to learn the less accessible features of their chosen platform.

There are many good books that cover a single development topic well. This is not one of them. This is a cookbook, it provides code examples for topics that aren't anyways used by a programmer on a day to day basis, but often when they are needed they are needed now.

I have used this series of cookbooks books over the years. Each edition covers core topics and features exposed by recent iOS updates. It's a quick start to understanding new features and provides code that, with a few tweaks, can be dropped into your applications.

I found the chapters on Collections and Constraints peculiarly relevant to my current projects.

If you want `Hello World!' examples get an introductory text book. If you want to enhance your knowledge of the new iOS 6 features, this book is a great start.
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on 17 March 2013
I probably wouldn't have written this if it wasn't for the single-star review I just read, but this book really is essential. It isn't for complete beginners like the Big Nerd Ranch book, it's a recipe book. It will give you the solutions when you've progressed and put the effort in and have the ability to understand what's written. Erica Sadun's writing has a rare clarity that puts this, and now the Advanced book, actually on my desk rather than on my shelf. Don't hesitate to buy it.
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on 5 May 2013
it's a cookbook...you can find the source code on github but in this book you can find some explanations about the logic beyond the code.
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on 6 May 2013
After reading this book I feel myself very confident and get a lot of technical stuff from this book. Thanks Erica.
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on 9 May 2013
There is a lot of fluff in this book. Mostly stuff that can be found in most other books or online. It says it is "Core iOS 6" yet misses some fundamental iOS6 features and glosses over some of the more complex topics that are harder to find answers to online. A bit of a disappointment really. Shame.
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on 14 May 2013
I bought this book believing the "Core" in the title meant a deeper look into iOS APIs and interfaces but found it quite basic. Still it was quite helpful in a number of iOS subjects.

Maybe the whole problem is my lack of fluency in English ;P
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on 28 July 2013
Bought a month ago. I've not found something really nice in this book. It's more boring than interesting. I expected something really cool - simple explanations, nice code, new features described.
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on 3 February 2013
If you are looking to learn the core-development of the IOS-6, then sadly this is not the book for you.

I have bought this book few days ago, it arrived where I spent 2 days reading all it's chapters.

The most horrible start to this book is to begin by giving a flow-chart saying "to develop in C , you must read boox-XX, to develop in Objective-C, read book-YYY... and to develop further, then read this book"... when the cover mentions "Core IOS6 development"... very missleading...

Apart from leached code probably taken from the internet, where the author is telling you that you can use as "recepies", there is hardly any thing to learn from this book.

I am very good software developer myself, I have developed many C, VB, Maching Code application on many platforms, and also done (and still do) lots of reverse engineering till now, I read this book, but was shocked to to it hardly describes anything (for a developer) about how to really core-develop the IOS6, other than badly documented leached code asking the reader to use it if they like.

To be specific; for a core-development of any system, an author would describe at least a hello-world application first, how it works, a brief description about it's objects, instancing, constructors, what the "-" upfront for functions means, what brackets do, why [] and not {} used in examples etc etc... However, the book starts with chapter-1 talking about views, and then a "recepie" for doing an interface with the DragView, without mentioning anything about the nature of interfacing with the IOS, how functions and classes and objects are built, how to allocate memory for variables, and how events really work. It tells you after the short code to go onto the internet and down the complete project-code to use it.

The rest of the chapters, are even worse to read; more code-snippets (leached-code or author-developed, don't care really) without describing how it's all been put together, and what each function does. Take for instance the example about doing a Okay/Cancel message box in Chapte-2, the example talks about Delegates without describing anything about them and how the are meant to work in this example. Or why the Delegate is in the middle of the code and not at start of end.

Frankly, I could've googled or looked on YouTube and leached all their code and made a book out of those myself, I would have done a much better job at least to document these in full without me knowing much about IOS6 yet, that's how bad I felt about this book unfortunately.

I would start by writing a windows-type (Hello World) app, and then adding more to it (single view)... and then probably chapter-2 would start by doing similar on a console-type application that does similar thing, and then "IF" I would to provide such recepies, then should document them in full, (I mean FULL) to each instruction to show why it's been done this way, and the idea behind it. Starting with the simplist example and then building on top as we go along, the more examples (or receipes) are there then less description on each function (due to previous example documenting those,,,)... I am not asking to describe all the IOS6 APIs in full here, but as a "core" book it certainly should do a lot better than no documentaiton on the used API for these "receipes"!

All in all I have applied to return this book as I really couldn't stand it and also cancelled the other (Advanced) version of the same book before it arrives, as I don't have any confidence in this pulisher (sorry, but I have to be honest).

Other examples there things like a page with a slider-arrow for up/down really put me off, as nothing describes steps on how to create this screen (I know it's single view app), but where did the image come from, surely the code didn't create that, and nothing to describe it. All there was is a code to interface with it to utilise the up-dragging of it without focusing on how to get there from the first place.

I wish I could say any positive feedback, the only positive feedback I would say here is that; if you are really into stealing code from the internet without understanding it to build your own APP, then this is probably the best book for you!...

After going through all chapters; Appendix-A of the book was the only thing I found geniune about it, sadly this was way too short to end (few pages describes the NNumber and definitions etc), the book shold've had this as a chapter somewhere at the beginning.

Really badly organised, badly structured, could not recommend it to anyone who want's to develop anything about IOS6 or an iPhone app.

To the author: Coding is about making the developer aware of how to do things, not teaching them how to leach code and using it for their application as this creates so much mess and extremely badly developed code. Your book unfortunatly, has nothing to do with core-development whatsoever, as it hardly talks about the core, and only focuses on teaching you how to steal, which isn't right if you ask me.

Kind Regards
Heider Sati
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