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NETGEAR GS208-100UKS 8 Port Gigabit Ethernet Desktop Switch
Size: 8 Port Gigabit|Style: Plastic Housing|Change
Price:£14.97+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 7 August 2017
While my initial review of this was pretty positive (see below) now that I've been using it for a while I've found that it's actually become a bit of a bottleneck in my network as I basically ran my room off of it thinking it would be ok as only one or two devices are on at any one time but I was wrong and it actually throttled my speeds after a while so I would recommend getting a managed switch instead (Netgear still a very good brand so went with their prosafe 'built for business' model) I immediately noticed a dramatic difference after switching

Very Quick to set up and easy to use, does what it says on the tin so to speak, a single ethernet from the downstairs router and 4 ethernets going around my room, great little solution for expanding a wired internet network, would personally prefer if the lights were spaced out more so they're directly across from the port they correspond to, the power light is opposite ethernet 1 and the light for ethernet 5 is opposite ethernet 4, hardly important ofcourse but just something that I noticed and think it would be better if they were opposite their corresponding port
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on 13 September 2017
I ordered this not for a home office but for a home entertainment system and it works perfectly.

In these days where everything is connected to the internet I found that having a TV, Blu Ray player and amplifier as well as the home lighting system that all want an internet connection it was difficult to provide for all of them. Particularly when I tend to stream high quality audio files which can put enormous stress on a WiFi connection.
This tidy little box proved a perfect answer, I just plugged all the Ethernet cables in, connected it to the mains and that was it! No configuration or anything else. It just worked straight out of the box and it's small enough to easily tuck it away out of sight.

All the streaming works fine with no buffering and all connections are solid and stable. Money well spent.
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on 1 January 2018
Great powered ethernet switch. I run multiple things off of this switch and have been using it for 6 months now without any issues with connectivity.
I actually have 2 of these: One is in a cupboard connected to the router by a 1 meter Ethernet cable and it is used feed my NAS drive, Hive Hub, Philips Hue Hub and Smartthings Hub with These Ethernet Cable, Rankie 5-Pack 0.3m RJ45 Cat 6 Ethernet Patch LAN Network Cable (5-Color Combo) - R1300A... The other one is on the TV cabinet and connected to the router by a 10 meter Ethernet cable (CSL - 10m - CAT.6 Ethernet Gigabit Lan network cable (RJ45) | 10/100/1000Mbit/s | Patch cable | UTP | compatible with CAT.5 / CAT.5e / CAT.7 | Switch/Router/Modem/Patch panel / Access Point / patch fields | white) and it directly feeds the Blu-ray player, Smart TV, PS4, Tivo Box and Roku Player.
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on 3 July 2016
Customer Reviews are the key to control of product and service quality, so I thought I would share a very positive experience.

Aim Of Project - High resolution CCTV data streams are very large, so I wanted to keep the camera feeds inside Cat 6 network cables to avoid bogging down the WiFi. As some of my CCTV cameras are of the POE type, I also wanted to take the opportunity to eliminate the need to run a separate power lead to the cameras sited in the areas more challenging to get to.

This switch is a very easy to work with and is a great value gigabit upgrade for a home network, or for use in my application to connect CCTV cameras. No configuration, no port mapping, no setup. I just plugged my CCTV cameras with POE into any of the POE labelled 4 ports and they came to life, a couple of none-POE cameras plugged into any of the other 4 ports and they burst into life as well. I plugged in CAT 6 cables running to an Apple Airport Extreme router, also the Desktop Mac and a very fast Cat 6 CCTV network was up and running without hitch.

Tip - I set unique fixed internal IP addresses (eg:, etc etc) on the cameras and the router just saw them through the switch and routed them automatically regardless of port numbers etc. It really is that simple.

The switch is very compact and neat, all the Ethernet sockets and power socket at the rear are as they should be with green power and connection LEDs along the front. The LEDs flicker to show data transfer but they DON'T indicate the speed of each connection (100/1000 Mbps) by a colour change, so you may need to check your other hardware and cables to make sure you're getting gigabit speed where you should.

The unit only gets slightly warm when busy, it says 3.64W is the maximum power and it meets the IEEE standard for energy efficiency. This cool running means there's no need for vent slots which is good if you want to put it in the sort of dusty places routers and switches often end up in - but it's small and neat enough to stay out on the desk if needed.

The network has been running for just over 3 months without issue and with all CCTV traffic inside the Cat 6 circuit, the performance of my WiFi network has been unaffected and consistent.
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on 9 July 2017
This switch seems more 'reliable' than the Netgear GS605NA 5 Port unit it replaced. I had problems with the GS605 which only became apparent following its retirement on acquisition of the GS208. I suspect following many hours of use the GS605 would lock up and reset on disconnect of the upstream connection (I would power off the XAV5421 it was plugged into. I needed more connections so acquired the GS208 as a replacement.

The GS208 is in use around 8 hours a day with at least 6 devices plugged into it. It seems to run cool which gives it a feeling of being well engineered. The connection indicator lights on the front don't blink in an annoyingly over bright fashion. The device just sits there doing a great job, serenely reliable, unnoticed, but loved.

The extra memory and features in these units do allow for noticeably higher performance than than the GS605NA 5 Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch it replaced. I have moved terabytes of data through it without a hint of a problem.

A good performance upgrade and not expensive.
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on 15 February 2018
I bought this to replace my existing network switch as that had insufficient capacity. This arrived neatly packaged and was a simple plug and play - it works perfectly out of the box. The version I bought has 8 ports (3 additional ports than my previous version) on the back which provides me with enough options to add more devices if I need to in the future.

The throughput on this device appears to be better than my 100/10Mb switch (as I would have expected). This switch also has an On/Off switch on the left hand side which is useful if you ever need to reboot the device, although I can't foresee a need for ever having to do that.

- Small form factor
- 8 x Gigabit ports on the back of the device
- Reliable

- None found so far

♥Please can you be so kind as to click the Yes button if my review has helped you in any way♥
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on 4 February 2018
I have my main PC plugged directly into my router upstairs and had one ethernet cable running from the router to the back of the TV stand downstairs, this meant that I could only plug one device in downstairs, either the Sky Q box or the TV for Netflix etc. which meant the other device had to rely on WiFi at much slower speeds.

This box now allows me to use the single ethernet cable running to the back of the TV stand to run both the Sky Q box and the TV via wired connections at the same time. It's child's play to set up, just place the box where you want it, plug in the power, plug the main ethernet cable into the box, then plug your other ethernet leads into the back of the box and direct to the devices you wish to use, nothing else to change!

I now have two spare wired connections downstairs and two spare wired connections upstairs, all without having to route any additional wires! well worth the money.
review imagereview image
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on 29 August 2017
I'm reviewing the NETGEAR GS305-100UKS 5-Port Gigabit Metal Ethernet Desktop/Wallmount Switch.

The Switch
This switch feels quality, well weighted and solid. It's wall mountable and comes with a 3 pin plug which has a connector that fits into the switch. I've only ever brought Netgear and already have a 8 and a 5 port switches. Plug a cat 5 or 6 cable from the router into this switch which leaves you with 4 free ports for other devices.

It's dimensions are 102x94x26 mm in size, so very small and comes with a 3 year warranty, which the first 90 days are 24/7 support with Netgear. It's bandwidth is 10 Gbps. Forward rate is 1000 Mbps. It has auto-MDI/MDIX which eliminates the need for crossover cables. It's also offers power saving features and the fan I can't hear so it's very quiet

A great product that does the job I need of expanding my wired network.
review imagereview image
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on 26 October 2016
A simple (well, as simple as these things can get!) 8-port Gigabit switch from Netgear.
Comes with a universal voltage plug-top PSU that has different (interchangeable) 'supply plugs' such that it can be plugged in in the US, Europe or the UK as you might need.
Unusually, the On/Off switch is on the side of the case rather than at the rear (where most such devices have their power switch, adjacent to the co-axial power plug) and the 'Power On' LED is on the front of the 'switch' alongside the 8 Activity LEDs (one for each port).
The unit is very 'light' (in terms of its weight!) and doesn't appear get hot. It just gets the job done - and you can't really ask it do anything more (for the money anyway)!
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on 22 January 2018
Very robust reliable router. No setup required, just plug into existing router and away you go at gigabit speed. My only issue is that the power connection is on the reverse of where your LAN cables connect so you have wires coming out of both sides. Not ideal for using on a desktop. If I turn the router around so that all the LAN cables drop down behind the desk I still have the power cable coming round to the front but can no longer see the status of the connections. Fine for wall mounting though.
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