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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
Style Name: 8 Port Gigabit|Change
Price:£13.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on 24 February 2015
The GS308-100UKS pretty simple switch but I have pushed it hard before with pretty good performance results. I have pushed over 100MiB/sec through this switch for several hours continuously without issue. Plus it doesn't even get warm.

I love the durability of these small metal switches and I currently have this switch mounted upside down under my desk (there are two mounting holes on the bottom) connecting my office router to all the devices in my office.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 4 February 2014
First off, this is an awesome product, totally plug and play with absolutely no configuration required whatsoever. Simply plug in your cables and off you go - it automatically detects whichever port has the connection from the router and the which one is connected to your computer or other devices, you don't have to do anything.

I use mine to connect an AV receiver, Smart TV, Sky HD box and HTPC to my home network. I simply plug in the various devices to this switch and then run cable between it and my main router. Everything connected and configured automatically as soon as it was plugged in.

For a stress test I streamed HD content to the Sky box over the internet, over the Smart TV and over the HTPC. I also sent two Blu-Ray rips from my NAS to the HTPC, each one averaging roughly 25 mbps. All the streams worked perfectly and the switch only got very slightly warm to the touch.

A final good point - the power cable and the ethernet ports are on the SAME side of the device. Many switches have these on opposite sides with is a pain for cable management.

One ANNOYING point -

The older version of this switch would adjust the colour of the LED lights on the front to indicate the speed of the connection over that port. That is, if you had a 100mbps device it would turn orange whilst a 1000mbps device would turn the indicator green. This is quite handy for quickly checking the network is operating as fast as it should.

This particular switch seems to simply stay green, despite the speed of the connection. I've tested it with several confirmed 100mbps devices and a green light is all you get.
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on 22 May 2014
I am a network engineer and have always been impressed by the netgear products and these gigabit switches are a favourite of mine, I carry several about when working and they always come in handy when needing to put something temporary together or bypass some other units. The performance is excellent and I cant honestly find any fault with them.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 26 March 2014
NOTE: This is a review of the GS 208 with white plastic housing, Ethernet ports at the BACK, LEDs at the FRONT.
The GS 3XX series are also on this page and have grey metal housings, Ethernet ports at the FRONT along with the LEDs.

A very easy, great value gigabit upgrade for a home network, or to connect AV boxes etc. No configuration, no `correct' broadband port, no setup. I just plugged my networked devices into any of the 8 ports and they communicated instantly. That includes desktops, laptop, a hardware firewall and a broadband modem beyond it. Each PC immediately `found' each other AND the broadband through the firewall with no IP address changes required.

Obviously the switch is much faster than any broadband, so the network speed really shows for streaming and file transfers within your own network. Across a 30m long Cat 5e cable I got 350-400 Mbps and that was with an old PC at one end. With a new hard drive installed speeds rose to ~ 500Mbps.

The switch is very compact and neat, all the Ethernet sockets and power socket at the rear with green power and connection LEDs along the front. The LEDs flicker to show data transfer but they DON'T indicate the speed of each connection (100/1000 Mbps) by a colour change, so you may need to check your other hardware and cables to make sure you're getting gigabit speed where you should. I found a network surge protector that was dropping a connection to 100 Mbps level, but I had to look at the PC to find this. And check you don't still have any old Cat 5 (pre - 5e) cables in your network or you won't get high speeds.

The unit only gets slightly warm when busy, it says 3.64W is the maximum power and it meets the IEEE standard for energy efficiency. This cool running means there's no need for vent slots which is good if you want to put it in the sort of dusty places routers and switches often end up in - but it's small and neat enough to stay out on the desk or among your AV boxes.

UPDATE: Jan 2016: Almost two years later, still working perfectly.
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on 22 December 2013
Simple to plug and play bit of kit. Don't forget the cables though. Cat 5e or 6 is needed for Gigabit ethernet.

Don't use with lower spec cables or you are just asking for trouble.
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on 7 July 2016
Solid well constructed 5 port switch offering 1Gb speeds to all connected devices.

Do note, the speed of your connection will be auto negotiated with your device when it is connected, if your device supports 1Gb/s over ethernet it will connect as such else it will connect at the slower 100Mb/s, this will happen automatically, there is no settings on the switch to change this, or indeed anything; this is a completely unmanaged switch. Just plug in your cables and off you go.
If you have 5 devices with 1Gb capable Ethernet cards then yes all 5 will run at 1Gb, the "baseboard" of the switch is sufficient to process all 5 a maximum throughput/speed.

Netgear switches typically show an orange port light for 100Mb and green for 1Gb but this one does not. A green light simply indicates a device is connected and powered on, regardless of the connected speed negotiated with the switch.

As this will typically be used by home networkers please note that the maximum cable length between this switch and another device is 100 metres, and do ensure you are using Ethernet cable rated as at least 5e (cat 6 or higher is good too). If you need a longer run you can always connect two of these up to each other and then run a second cable from the second switch to your device.

For the home networker who might not be aware you may still be able to stumble across a similar device called a "hub" and wonder what the difference is and if you should buy one of them. A hub is a more basic, simpler network device that simply sends all the traffic it receives to all the devices it has connected. A switch is more intelligent and knows where each device is and so sends the traffic only to this device.
Think of it this way. You want to call a friend; a switch will dial that friend's number because it knows what number your friend is on. A hub is not smart like a switch, it will simply call all of the numbers it has, hoping that one of them will be the one you want. This generates a lot of unnecessary traffic on your network and is not something you want. Luckily hubs are relatively rare these days and with a small 5 port device the price difference is very little so its no brainier that you should choose a switch.

This switch will be ideal for many uses, it is completely silent as it requires no fans for dispersing heat, unlike larger units. It has low power consumption and never ventures past "slightly warm" to the touch so it will be fine to store in tight or enclosed spaces. I've been running a couple of these for a year now and have never had to reset them so they are good to be installed in hard to reach places. It also has mounting slots so can be attached to a wall or under/behind desks etc. The rubber feet also do a really good job to help it stay in place if placed on a surface.

The only con I can think of for this device is that I would have liked a button to turn the port activity lights off once I'd verified connection but hey at the price point you cant complain. I would thoroughly recommend this switch.
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on 19 October 2014
Exceptionally easy to set up. It is effectively plug and play in terms of connecting to your existing network.

It works at 1 gigabit speeds and can easily handle HD streaming (tested at 1080p) from a network storage device.

For the price you can't go wrong!
review image
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on 21 May 2013
I've had two 8 port Netgear 10/100/1000 switches running 24hrs a day for the last 8 years. Had to replace a PSU about two years ago, otherwise quietly faultless and fast.
This latest incarnation does what it says on the tin for about £20 less. Doesn't have as many lights, doesn't run as hot... It just works! :-)
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 19 June 2016
This review is specific to the 8 port version that has 4 PoE ports. Some of the points might apply to other items in the range too, but it's the 4 PoE port version that I have.

If you're looking for a Netgear PoE switch in this kind of price range, you will be comparing 3 switches; approximate prices at June 2016 included for guidance:

~£60 This switch, which is completely unmanaged but otherwise identical to the more expensive GS108PE

~£75 NETGEAR GS108PE-300EUS ProSAFE 8 Port Gigabit Web Managed (Plus) Ethernet Switch with 4-Port PoE, 'plus' web managed version; identical spec to the unmanaged version, but with addition of web interface - I was unimpressed with this switch, see below or my full review here:

~£100 NETGEAR GS110TP-200EUS ProSAFE 8 Port Gigabit PoE Smart Switch which is fully managed: (this has PoE on all 8 ports, but still has the same overall 53W limit for PoE so if you are using, say, 12W IP cameras you will still only be able to run 4 before you run into the limit).

I'm not comparing it against non-Netgear switches as I can't find anything else in the same price range that's actually a reasonable comparison. The non-Netgear ones are either substantially more expensive, or have known compatibility issues or are unable to supply the full 15.4W PoE power meaning some IP cameras won't work.

There's no fan on this switch, so it's silent. I have not had any compatibility issues at all with the PoE, which just works. The LEDs are clear.

There is a 3 year warranty on the switch itself, and 2 years on the power supply. Spare power supplies (48V @ 1.25A) seem to be hard to get hold of just now, but will presumably be readily available by the time the warranty expires.

Many people might consider paying the ~£15 to upgrade to the "plus (web managed)" version of this switch. Anyone considering that should note that the PoE support for that model (GS108PEv3) is NOT managed - you cannot see or control the PoE status via the management web site or app, nor can you restart the PoE part of the switch. The management CPU is also poorly architected and becomes very slow if you have a reasonable amount of port 80 (HTTP) traffic passing through the switch - eg. to a PoE IP camera! (If you might need advanced features like VLANs or QoS, or just want to remotely and very slowly see the port status [excluding the PoE status], then the upgrade would be worthwhile.)
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on 3 October 2016
Purchased to upgrade network in house and to expand my newly purchased Sky Q Hub (which has gigabit ports, but instead of 4 ports now has only two). I order two of these and they arrived in minimal packing from Netgear. They come will just a small power adapter and the switch- no Ethernet cables, so just consider that when ordering. Connected one switch to the rear of the sky hub and the other switch in my sons' room in the loft. Transfer speeds greatly improved over Ethernet compare to the previous 100m switches that were used. My son has an xbox one, xbox 360,smart tv and game pc connected to his switch and there have been no issues.
The switch connected via the Sky Q hub has a QNAP nas , sky 2tb box,HP officejet , smart tv and my laptop connected via Ethernet and the switch plods away without issue- I can transfer large files from my laptop to the NAS without issue and considerable quicker than before.

I have used Netgear equipment for years and they are the right balance of performance and pricing for me- construction is all plastic on this model (GS208), but not really an issue as it is really "connect and forget". One point is that this model (GS208) is NOT wall mountable- the reviews are often aggregated with various other models/variants .

All in all, a cheap and functional upgrade to any home network. Highly recommended.
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