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on 5 April 2016
Speaking here about the Eureka Masters of Cinema release. Beautiful picture quality on both formats and a great score by Carl Davis. Have to say that although the film itself is a wonderful technical achievement, there is very little story to get excited about, and with nearly two and a half hours to kill, the narration does drag in places.
There's no doubting the magnificence of Fairbanks' vision. a truly stunning silent production, but the real stars are the design, art direction and photography. Some of William Cameron Menzies sets are extraordinary; at times dwarfing the actors on screen.
Special effects are tremendous, a mixture of camera tricks, model work and matte shots.
A real visual feast indeed, but for this reviewer, something is indeed missing in terms of a story.
The box claims one of the top 100 films of all time as voted by the AFI. Based on the era it was made, I'd have to go along with that.
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on 23 March 2013
Just wanted to write a quick review about this wonderful film to all those silent film fans out there who may be wondering if this Cohen Film Collection Blu Ray version will play on UK players. I can confirm that it is REGION FREE!!! It will play on a UK Blu Ray player, and with the addition of music by Carl Davis, conducting The Philharmonia Orchestra, the score is a real joy! I found the transfer quality of the picture, (which is a 2k restoration) really quite impressive, the grain of the 1924 print being more evident than the fine grain stock available in later decades, but not diminishing the viewer experience at all! True to form, the coloured tints to indicate night scenes or day, flaming caverns of red etc. are all present! and the William Cameron Menzies Art Deco sets look truly entrancing! As to the FPS rate, I can only say that the movement appears natural and not over fast, producing a very contemporary feel to the scenes in this regard, with just the occasional light fluctuation now and again, which is entirely consistant with the 'look' of a silent film. Great purchase! Great Price!
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on 6 December 2014
I have bought silent movies on blu-ray before and the quality has been varied. The picture quality on this blu-ray is brilliant, I have never seen such clarity of picture even on some more recent movies, my main criticism is for a silent movie it is too long at two and a half hours, that is the reason I have only given it four stars. As for content it is a very good version of a story that has been done several time since, this version is arguably the best. I do however think that Douglas Fairbanks was a little too old for this type of action movie, but saying that being 40 at the time he was in very good shape. If you are a movie buff like me I recommend that you buy this one.
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on 27 March 2015
Easily and by far this is the best version that I have seen of "The Thief of Bagdad". It does not have the Technicolor opulent look of the 1940 version, and Douglas Fairbanks is not as handsome as the 1961 thief, played by Steve Reeves, but this 1924 production intelligently blends comedy and drama; the framing, angles and camera movements used by director Raoul Walsh and cinematographer Arthur Edeson are visually elegant; and sets, costumes and effects were beautifully conceived and executed. The film moves with a fascinating rhythm during the first two acts in Bagdad, before the Princess' suitors travel in search of the strangest treasures: there are countless sets to stage all the dramatic and action scenes: the marketplace, the sewers, the palace garden, the throne room, the Princess' bedroom, immense stairs, doors, walls, halls and vines, lavishly designed by William Cameron Menzies. Where it not for the overlong adaptation (I saw the 149 minutes restoration, with the Carl Davis score based on Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov's "Scheherazade"), this would have been an undeniable masterpiece. The narration drags a bit after the suitors leave Bagdad, the Mongol Prince's machinations, and the extended return of the thief (who inexplicably does not ride on the winged horse to the city), although there are also wonderful scenes in this third act, as the trip to find and test the magic apple and the creation of the new Bagdad army. Everybody is fine in this film: Fairbank as the thief is all smiles, but when he has to show the dramatic nuances of his character he excels; Sôjin Kamiyama is excellent as the Mongol Prince (especially when compared to the 1940 and 1961 villains, more than aptly played by Conrad Veidt and Arturo Dominici), and Julanne Johnston's Princess is both attractive and funny, but I especially enjoyed beautiful Anna May Wong as the wicked Oriental maid and hilarious Snitz Edwards as the thief's sidekick. A true cinematic gem.
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on 8 November 2011
I think this is a must have! While I am always skeptical of the quality of early movies, this one despite being a silent movie tops my personal chart of classic movies. It is so amazing to watch how they nearly 90 years ago constructed the screenplay build the stage settings and how they filmed it all. Including all these special effects. The underwater scene is one of numerous awesome highlights. A true gem which will never get old. Sadly the print is not fully complete and later film reels are visibly in poor condition. Nevertheless its still a beauty to watch
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on 1 February 2016
Just watched thief of Bagdad on bluray incredible picture .extras include commentary track great film up there with the black pirate his other great film.
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on 21 April 2011
The 1924 "Thief of Bagdad" is hugely better than the 1940 Korda version, but more to the point - what is going on with the reviews on this page? They appear to be about an (unnamed) piece of American social realism from 1969, and some (also unnamed) book. Sort it out Amazon!
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on 6 September 2013
I only bought this film simply to look back to the past, of when my father used to tell me that the good films were made , and as a kid I would giggle to my self saying he dose not know what he is talking about , until I grew up and am going through the same with kids ,
one has to put oneself back in time as to when these films were made , with nothing technical as to that of today, when actors really had to act when cameras were on the actor for minuets not seconds , so if you watch this film with all this in mind especially with the great Douglas Fairbanks, it was a master film for its time. I was shocked at some of the technical affects , I did not even think they had invented in those days.
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on 9 November 2014
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on 13 October 2014
This movie provided magic in my childhood. It was when England was all English and the Arab World was purely exotic and magical. Secret powers were learned and mastered in those far off lands. This story is a 4 course banquet for the imagination and thrills. There were in these time REAL magicians and in the film they give full reign to their powers. There is a rather sultry heroine but she is quite beautiful so passes muster as far as boy is concerned. Girls will probably appreciate her better qualities too. Every child deserves to be entertained by this - it is almost the stuff of dreams. The haunting song of the lad who believes he is destined for a life at sea, sets a tone and the feeling that almost anything can happen. The evil magician, played by Konrad Veidt shows clearly his influence over the travelling lady. A message is given and there is even a magic dog! There is the "All Seeing Eye" a sort of forerunner to the iTab. This story moves faster then I can write. Let no child be without it!
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