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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 5 April 2013
Overall I am frustrated with this DVD. The actors and storyline are strong and there is definitely a lot of chemistry between the lead characters. However, I could barely hear / understand the dialogue as the audio quality was so poor. I turned the volume up to maximum but then the audio track became deafening and I still struggled to make out what was being said. In the end I had to watch it on my lap top, using headphones and still found it hard to make out the audio!


After checking on PECCAPICS website I found the following information regarding the audio on this DVD:


To all Nicole Conn fans who have purchased A PERFECT ENDING in the UK and Ireland, the audio default is Dolby digital 5.1. If you do not have this facility, please change the audio selection to stereo 2.0 - This will sort out any sound issues! :) Happy Viewing!
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on 17 February 2013
Barbara Niven & Jessica Clark give amazing performances Jessica Clark specially was UNBELIEVABLE, and she's absolutely gorgeous. very beautiful film and have great on screen chemistry between them only down fall is the very poor sound quality
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on 31 December 2012
What a brilliant film, both Barbara Niven & Jessica Clark give amazing performances & their chemistry is awesome. The characters are believable which makes it feel even more realistic. Has to be my all time favourite lesbian themed film. Niocla Conn & Marina Rice Bader have created an absolute masterpiece. 10/10 is not enough. Can't wait for the DVD to arrive so that I can watch again & again.
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on 5 June 2014
The film is a love story or 'making love' story about Paris (Jessica Clark) who is a young, incredibly beautiful and charasmatic, good-natured, dark-haired woman who works as a high-priced escort but who is also a creative artist by day. Rebecca (Barbara Niven), a blond, straight up, aging middle-aged typical Stepford wife. The initial voice-over also narrates a cancer affliction that has grown beyond hope. The film tries to highlight more serious points than it has time for. For instance it tries to hint at first that the cancer is growing in Mason (John Heard).

Rebecca has lived a Stepford wife existence in creating a perfect family with her husband Mason Westridge (John Heard). The only signs of troubles are their hostility towards each other and a differing in opinion that Jessica (Kerry Knuppe), their only daughter, does not get stock shares of the family business. I watched this film several times to understand the issues raised in it. I felt that the deeper issues of rape, step children's rights and paternal hierarchical power imbalances were not addressed enough. Why raise them ? It was almost like having crumbs left on a plate of what should have been cordon bleu fayre.

Rebecca feels an emptiness and confides in her two lesbian 'besties', Sylvie and Shirin, that she has never climaxed during the act of sex and that she and Mason only do it once every six months, which suits her well. One of her friends suggests that she try a very discreet escort service run by her own cousin Valentina (Morgan Fairchild).

It is then that Rebecca meets Paris and through a series of very discreet meets in a fancy hotel room. At first the very nervous Rebecca tells Paris to leave. The scenes of how Rebecca builds up confidence to see Paris is hilarious. The build up to this is very entertaining.

Although on the surface the 2 women look like they are very together they are both losing the battles of life in getting to a point of satisfaction in life. Paris who is well appreciated by other male clients for her services, seems to be in quiet agony over a past mistake that had led her to this profession. It's implied that Paris' husband died after being hit by a car shortly after their wedding day. It is Rebecca who later helps Paris to let go of the past and heal.

That's the whole point of the film. Much of it is centred around implications. The chemistry between the 3 children who are depicted in their 20s I think is great. They are awkward as a group, almost teenage like but bonded. I thought the capture of the group dynamics for them was good. At the height of all these, the three Westridge children finds the medical document that certifies the melanoma cancer in an inoperable stage that Mason Westridge has been hiding in his office desk. They confront Rebecca and ask if she had known about it all along. The implication is that Mason is the one suffering.

The film tries to use 'Pointelism' as a backdrop for imagery and story telling. Although it is predictable and sometimes cheesy in places. As well as this it glorifies the escort agency industry however you cant help not wanting to spend time with either of the 'heroines' in this. Barbara Niven's character Rebecca who you just want to shake let alone help her to climax and Paris who you just want to stare at as the film is worth it even if you just want a glimpse at what an amazing body Jessica Clarke has !!
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on 12 October 2015
I get the concerns about the poor audio quality. It spoiled a dialogue I strained to hear, and distracted from the believable passion between the characters excellently portrayed by Barbara Niven and Jessica Clark.
Can I laud Niven for her body, and showing us all that there are many forms of beauty? She should be proud of the beautiful woman she is. And of course Jessica Clark is delightful, and such a good actor she has convinced me that I could enjoy a performance by a gay actor in any role they undertook.
I have long held the view that racism will never be eradicated until we have black and other non-Caucasian actors in roles where their ethnicity is not the reason for them getting the part. The same is true here. For true sexual equality films like this have to be considered mainstream, the message reaching and persuading those who would discriminate.
For me this is less a "lesbian" film, rather it is about the developing passion between two people no matter how they came to meet.
Like the excellent film Room in Rome I will watch this movie many times. It is already a favourite.
As the author of Kindle novel Women 'n' Love, I love this film and wish it had been me who wrote it.

I consider this film should be labelled mainstream. Because the message in it is for all of us. It is not about lesbianism, it's about love.
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Sexually repressed and frustrated housewife whose kids are almost ready to leave the nest and whose marriage is on the rocks takes advice from her lesbian best friends and decides to try an affair with a woman. She books an appointment with a professional agency and after some initial misunderstandings and awkwardness, she tests the water with the beautiful and much younger Paris (Jessica Clark) who has a story of her own.

Barbara Niven is convincing as the uptight and sexually insecure, but socially perfect, housewife and most of the other actors are also doing a good job although some of the conversation and acting is somewhat contrived and ham. It is at times clichéd and heavy on the symbolism and metaphors, but entertaining and pretty sexy with an interesting pairing in Niven and Clark.

One thing that really annoyed me, though, was the music drowning out the conversation in many of the scenes. How could they have failed to notice that when editing?? Especially when there are no subtitles!!!

Deleted scenes
Comments from the actors about Nicole Conn's direction
Comments about the actors by the director and the other actors
Comments about pointilism (an effect I thought was overdone)
Comments about the White Room
Trailers for many other lesbian themed films.
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on 19 December 2012
After a year of waiting to see this film.... I'VE FINALLY SEEN IT!!! OMG!!! I now have a new favourite lesbian film!!! I absolutely loved it, everything about it. Barbara Niven especially was UNBELIVABLE, and she's absolutely gorgeous! I think i'm in love ;) Jessica Clark too was fantastic. They had such great chemistry. Brilliant script, and the supporting cast were the best i've seen in any lez film in years. Congratulations to Nicole Conn and Marina Rice Bader on all their hard work - it was all worth it because this is a masterpiece! 10/10
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on 29 July 2016
superb film , great actresses at the top of their game , and showing how ( really ) that Escort Dates are a hi-and-miss affair , with huge amounts of tension and stress thrown in - well worth watching and the twist at the end was really great !
one thing I would say , is that in real life , if Rebecca didn't pay the Escort for a wasted trip , she would be rapidly blacklisted
and barred as a time waster
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on 20 May 2013
It just happens to be about a couple of women.

It's no "Imagine Me & You", but it's pretty good. If you find the issue of it being about women distasteful then I wouldn't suggest trying to open your mind with this, as the lesbian side is a bit in-your-face - I'd suggest "Imagine Me & You", not just a better film all around, but an outstanding film regardless of the sex of the protagonists.
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on 24 March 2013
Nicole has done it again. The main characters put so much emotion that i felt almost every they tried to convey. The only thing i didnot like was the music. At times it seemed to drown out the characters making it look like i was watching a B-movie and a bit confusing until the end which made all make sence
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