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on 8 May 2013
I have moved house, which had a very large garden, therefore I needed a petrol mower.
Now I have a smaller garden, so I thought I would go for this Bosh model.
By the time the mower arrived, the grass was over 8 inches in height, I set the height mid-way and the mower just cut through the grass with-out any problems what so ever.
Like previous electric lawn mowers, I was waiting for the cut-out to drop in, but it never happened.
Looking at the slightly larger bosh model, I did find the mechanism for adjusting the height a bit iffy, but this model approaches the height adjustment slightly different, and I feel it operation is flawless.
This is a brilliant designed mower, you will not be disappointed.
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on 8 July 2013
Purchased to replace an older Flymo of similar size that finally decided not to work. I had previously replaced the safety switch on the handle (defective - you'd think a recall in order) and the price for the switch was one-third of a new mower, so when the motor stopped (probably brushes) I trundled it off to Recycling.

The Bosch is the "Ergo" model and only 32cm wide. Very maneuverable and light. The grass catcher is secure and packs in a lot of clippings before needing to be emptied, but can get heavy enough to tip the mower back when you let go (not a problem). It's a slightly noisier (or a less pleasant noise?) than the Flymo was but not painfully loud. Cuts well and has an easy height adjustment. One reason to go for this smaller model was poor reports on the larger mowers' grass catchers and the reportedly stiff height adjust. This 32cm model is fine on both counts.

The power cord is slightly shorter than the Flymo was. I suppose that's a way to save a few pence. The "Ergo" handle is nice as I am tall and a higher grip is more comfortable. The machine goes together in five minutes out of the box (grass catcher is almost origami) and after use the handle folds down to fit smaller storage places. There is no obvious provision to wrap the cord up - I loop it around the handles but then it must be slowly unwrapped before use. (The Flymo had cord clips that the cord could be slipped off quickly).

Recommended for its maneuverability and performance. Obviously a smaller unit so good for anyone not wanting to wrestle with a heavier mower and with a small lawn, or as a second mower for those tight areas in fancy gardens.
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on 11 May 2013
Excellent mower for the smaller lawn and a good compromise of size v. cost. Ergoflex handles/safety switches are a worthwhile improvement over single switch 'flat' tubular handles. Mower is a tad smaller than foreseen and had I realised I may have gone for a slightly bigger model mostly to gain a larger grass box. But I am extremely happy with this mower which being smaller is easier to store. No problem aligning the tongues/slots of the two part grass box. If you do get it wrong the soft plastic is very flexible enabling the tongues to be easily prised from the slots with a small screwdriver or similar for another try. In use the grass box could not be easier to quickly detach and replace and the height adjustment is a cinch. Excellent product.
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on 19 September 2013
I ordered the ergoflex 32 which was promptly delivered.

It is a good mower but it took me ages to put together (all other reviewers mention grass box but that was the easy bit). Maybe I'm just not good with pictogram instructions but I struggled fitting the handles (Mower kept rolling away, or I'd get one screw in and the other side would fall out, also had a couple of bits left over).

Anyway once I got that sorted I did get the grass mown and have to say this mower was way quicker than my old Qualcast (not as heavy and seemed to hold more grass). However it is very light so if like me you don't have good balance and there is a bit of a slope in your lawn it is very easy to tip this model up (mow fresh air instead of grass).

I had previously borrowed a Rotak 32 from a neighbour which is why I went for the Bosch. I thought this model being slightly heaver and having handle choice may be better for me but I could probably have gone with the Rotak 32 as I actually think that was easier to use and had better cut 20mm and got closer to the edges of my lawn (the Ergoflex is 30mm) .

That said I have only used both once so I'm sure weather permitting I will get more used to the model I chose. If you have a bigger lawn than my smallish one though you may need a mower with longer cable as this one did not seem that long.

Over-all good price and powerful machine so would recommend. Not sure how long it will last as not too sturdy. (So fingers crossed).

A big plus I forgot to mention my old mower made my whole body ache after use but absolutely no backache with this mower.
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on 1 August 2013
Bought this as a replacement for a geriatric hover mower and loved it from the start. Assembly was quick and easy, and the grass box just clicked into place with no problems, despite some reviews suggesting it might be a problem.
I have problems with my back and hips and used to ache like mad after mowing my not-very-big lawn before. This mower is really light which makes it so easy to use. I love the dual handle controls too. My lawn now looks noticeably better than before with a nice even cut. I use it on the middle height setting and it leaves the grass neat without being shorn and damaged.
The only slight negatives are that I have to use an extension lead for the far's only fractionally too short and my lawn is not that big. And it can be a little awkward manoevuring when turning close to a wall.
But overall would highly recommend
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on 1 August 2013
A great little Mower well put together. Nice to see it is made in the UK ! Adjustment of cut a breeze. I find the criticism of the poor low cut of this mower rubbish. I get a perfect low cut which you could easily play bowls on ! Thoroughly recommend this mower for anyone with a small garden.
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on 9 April 2013
this lawn mower is a great Item we had rented a house out and the tenants had neglected the lawn and it was very high. but this mower had no problem sorting the lawn out . would reccomend this mower
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on 15 March 2013
Good price from Amazon.Does the job and is ideal for the smaller lawn.Grass box is a bit of a job to assemble and if you get it wrong, it is more or less impossible to seperate the two halves again.
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on 9 April 2014
This is ideal for me (Aged 90) . It is very light. I can pick it up with one hand because it does not have a heavy Roller attached and it therefore must be pushed. There are three cutting levels, I use it on the lowest height because the other levels hardly cut the grass. It does leave lines on the grass but not as much as a heavy roller would. I get a lot of twigs and acorns falling from my Oak tree and this Rotary cleans them up very nicely. I am pleased with it.
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on 1 June 2014
Having used another brand for many years, I did some research through the reviews of products, and came to the conclusion I need something slightly different to the previous mowers I'd used.

This is by far the easiest machine I used for not only cutting the grass, but cleaning too. I can understand why people use petrol mowers, without the cord this machine would be even better, but it has a cord and you soon learn how to navigate the area you are cutting.

I would suggest anyone that has an uneven lawn like we have may find this harder to use than the other machines on the market, it can take a while to get use to using the wheels and not being able to push the mower in different directions. If you have a good square lawn, the added roller is ideal, I've had some fun trying to get a few lines on our back garden lawn, however the odd shaped garden causes a few problems with navigation.

I'd like to think this would last around five years, that's been about the limit on mowers for us, I wonder about the wheels, but so far they seem sturdy enough, time will tell of course. Taking nothing away from the seller, if you look around you can find this much cheaper in another well known catalog company, but I had to drive 100 mile round trip and decided the extra cost was well worth paying extra for, so top marks for the selling company.
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