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on 24 January 2014
First the bad
Drop one star for having no manual, just an initial set-up sheet. This phone system is a complicated piece of kit that is simple to use once you know what the various features are capable of but mind-befuddling to comprehend some of the jargon. The blurb claims a manual is available on-line but go to the BT site and none is listed for the 6500. I trawled the user forum and found the link:
[...]. I also called the BT helpline who sent me a pdf, 5 hours after I had asked for it. Of course, none of this would be any use to someone with no Internet access.

Now the good
It took me over 4 hours to complete setting-up the phones and answer machine, admittedly entering numbers into the contact list took an hour but at the same time I was also learning about other aspects of the phone system. There are a lot of menus to work through, testing things and getting them to your liking.

One very useful feature is the 6500's ability to use services such as 18185.com which give free or low cost local and international calls. It requires entering up to an 11 digit number, followed by a pause before the number you want to call, followed by a hash (#). With the 6500 you can enter digits, pauses and other non-numeric characters up to 24 digits long. This copes with international as well as cellphone and UK trunk numbers. All contacts can be entered and amended on any handset and are automatically stored on all other handsets.

The 6500 can also do two or three way calls and if they are internal calls between handsets, external calls can still be made from another handset.

The screen is large and easily read, with a backlight bright enough to illuminate paper as you jot down notes. Each handset has a speaker that can be used for hands-free calls.

Choice of incoming call alert is the usual dire electronic selection but the base station has its own ringer with a much better selection, including a simple Ring-Ring that sounds just like a telephone should. It is easy to turn off a handset's ringer, thus the main incoming handset on the base station can be silent, leaving the incoming calls to just ring the base station. The optional outgoing answerphone messages supplied have a choice of male or female voices with only a touch of Dalek.

My base station is situated within inches of a monitor, computer, loudspeaker and other electronic devices but call reception and transmission is clear with no crackling. Recipients report very clear calls, with plenty of volume left if needed for incoming calls. My base station's location is in the corner of a room on the ground floor and the 6500's range is easily 50 meters in all directions

Call blocking is going to be wonderful, no more junk calls which are automatically routed to answerphone.
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on 7 March 2014
A few early observations -

- Generally more plasticy/"cheap" in the flesh than it looks in the marketing pictures - "metallic" looking features are particularly disappointing.

- Maximum ring loudness is just about adequate but would be better if more volume was available.

- Much crowed about "excellent sound" sounds average at best to me.

- Phones don't sit in their docks particularly securely leaving some potential for error and accidents.

- Very rarely odd things happen such as blocked numbers ringing through - this is very annoying but is easily fixed so far by power down and up.
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on 3 April 2013
The only reason this does not get 5 stars is for one annoying feature.

When you block a call type and/or number your phone still logs the call and shows as a missed call.

I can understand this feature with the generic 'withheld number' block but not when I specify a number. If I want it blocked I do not want to know when they called, I just want them blocked.

Outside of that, easy to set up, nice looking and a all round good product.
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on 19 October 2014
Exellent phone set with lots of features. Clear sound, easy to use and looks good. The best part is the shared phonebook. No more entering dozens of numbers in each handset - it synchronises them across all 4.

It once showed a call came in at 5:63pm, so either it's broken or we've moved to a slightly larger planet with a longer day.

Edit - just found out you can also transfer calls between handsets which is really useful for a large house although the butler feels unloved.
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on 19 May 2016
I have had this phone for a while now and overall I like it. It's good value for price. Although when using it on speaker it does break sometimes but for the price it's good
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on 18 November 2015
Great handset.

Comes with loads of ringtones, answerphone, and features such as block calls from unknown number etc.

You can even play the voicemails away from the base unit and through the handset.

Great bit of kit
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on 31 March 2014
Only got this today but it was all self explanatory and didn't need the manual once to set it up and customise it to my preferences.

The main thing that stuck out was the fact when you add a contact to one phone it automatically adds it to the other handsets that are registered! This also goes for editing a contact, edit on one handset and all the others are updated automatically! This feature alone will save me a lot of time and effort, as there's been many times I have been trying to ring someone on my previous handsets and I was ringing an old number because I have only updated it on one handset and not the others.

Very Impressed! :-D
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on 14 August 2017
This is my second BT cordless phone system. The last one lasted 6 years before the handsets stopped working. Solid, robust reliable product. Would buy again:)
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on 17 March 2017
Great phone, battery life is good and the speaker is loud and clear.
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on 17 July 2015
This item is faulty since I bought it in May 2015 , Phone rings and I try to answer the call but on quite a few occasions the phone won't let me answer the call and I need to remove the panel at the back and turn the batteries round. I need to return this item for a replacement that works properly but I can't find any information that is helpful which would explain who I can contact to make a complaint and get a replacement.
Can anyone enlighten me Please.
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