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Customer Reviews

4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
Style Name: Quad|Change
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Style Name: Twin|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
We've been using the entry level BT wireless phone for some time and found it to be reliable and fine for our needs but we were keen to take the opportunity to get this double pack as we'd often miss calls if we were at the other end of our house (either not hearing or not getting there in time).

The BT2500 comes with two wireless handsets with charging base units, with the main base unit acting as the BT line input and also as an answer phone (a nice feature though perhaps a little superfluous with BT 1571 being available).

The phones were very easy to set-up, guided by a simple step by step set-up when you first turn them on. They're then pretty much set-up and forget, though it's easy to do things like recording a new greeting should you need to.

The phones are pretty clear and reasonably loud on our line and are definitely louder than our previous phone. I've noticed others mentioning the range being limited. We're only using them within a 15-20 foot range through walls and they seem fine for us but these things can be effected by the make of the house.

For the price there is little to grumble about here. They do the job and do it well and hopefully as reliably as our previous BT set.
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VINE VOICEon 26 April 2013
Style Name: Twin|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Yes there are more stylish models. Yes there are phones with more features. Yes there are phones with better ring tones. There may even be phones that make dinner and run the vac round...but when all is said and done, I don't want or need a lot from a phone and the BT 2500 does everything I need.

Very easy to set-up out the box. Having made the mistake of not giving a handset long enough to charge (before first use) in the past, I was very careful to give both handsets the recommended 24hr charge time 'before' plugging in the phone line.

It's no great work of beauty, but it looks just fine, like it was made in this decade which is about as much as I care for the aesthetics side of things. It feels good in hand, comfortable to hold, not too heavy or too light. I like the buttons - soft, firm and not too small. I usually push in the numbers with my thumb and the buttons are just the right size for this without being too big. The screen is very easy to read.

There are a lot of features packed into this phone for the price. I'm a big fan of the 'do not disturb' feature.

It stores an adequate amount of numbers and by entering them into one of the handsets you can instruct that handset to copy them over to the second handset. I've had a duo phone set in the past where I had to enter numbers into each handset separately, so this feature is a great time saver. The 2500 has type II caller display - so basically if the number calling is stored in the handset, it shows the name of who is calling rather than just the number. I've had phones in the past that didn't do this at all, or that looked like they should have done, but didn't for some reason. This is welcome - with the best will in the world I can't remember all my friends and families land-line AND mobile numbers, and it is very handy to know by name who is calling before picking up the phone...or leaving it until you can hear them through the answer-phone!

The volume levels (handset/base ringers and ear piece) are perfect. Answer-phone ticks all the boxes though personally I would have liked a little longer record time, say 30 minutes. 20 minutes isn't a deal breaker however. Transferring calls between handsets is a doddle. In fact, having put this phone through it's paces (on all the non-BT subscription services) I can not find fault with it at all. I really like it, and honestly think it's great value - a better than entry level DECT phone (duo) for an entry level price, what's not to like!
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on 13 August 2013
Having read other reviews before buying I was a bit concerned about poor construction quality and sound. In the main I have found neither of these a particular issue, though the sound could be improved, and the overall quality is a match for the price. Certainly the facilities are a huge improvement on my previous setup with just one cordless answerphone and several hard wired extensions. I have been most impressed with the performance of the caller ID facility. In addition to clearly indicating if the caller is one of the listed NAMES in the address book it shows the number of any other caller or "Withheld" if from a marketing etc. call centre. It even shows "International" for withheld numbers of calls from abroad! Entering names and numbers into the address book is easy and quite intuitive as is copying to all other handsets. Each handset has its individual "Quickdial" facility, though limited to 9 which is OK for us. My only real complaint is with the initial setup and another slight peculiarity with the power. Firstly the handsets all showed "Wrong battery" when the batteries were first connected and being flat required to be charged. It took a little thought before I tried charging them in a separate charger for a few hours. After that the handsets were quite happy to accept the batteries and continued to charge them ok. The second issue is with power cuts which cause all handsets to loose time and date - though re-entering to one seems to copy to the rest. On one occasion there was no known power cut to the rest of the house though the phone seemed to think there was. Finally, there is a bit of background noise (a slight hiss) on all handsets which does not seem to be to do with any form of interference due to proximity to other equipment.
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on 28 April 2013
Style Name: Twin|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I am more than a little giddy with these phones. This is my third answerphone, the first used tapes (and I do feel nostalgic for that) and died of a power surge, and the second was a BT Analogue cordless unit with wireless extension handset - you could have up to four, but once activated they couldn't be reassigned. This unit is the modern digital (hoo boy! no crackling! no echo-round!) replacement for that.
I have the answerphone base and two cordless handsets, numbers 1 & 2. They are FANTASTIC! After the usual 24 hour charge I connected the base unit to my phone line and I was away! When you pull the tabs on the batteries and set the handsets going, there is a "set-up wizard" (bah!) that is supposed to help - it also helps if you don't set the confusticating time etc., on handset#2 and then get #1 overriding what you set... but never mind, access to the menus on these sets is easy and the menu system intuitive so you can change settings any time you feel like it anyway.
There are 8 speeddials that you access by holding the relevant number key down for a couple of seconds... speed dial #1 is the 1571 answer system which I intend to disable on my line - I just don't like it and that's why I have an answerphone!!!
You can also store 50 numbers to make a virtual phonebook - whick you can copy to the other handset with a button press. It's easier to use than my little mobile!
The answerphone can be accessed via either handset or at the answerphone base unit - I've been playing with it all morning, it's as easy to use as the rest of the functions and an absolute doddle.
I have ONE reservation about these handsets - they use 2 x 550mAh NiMH batteries instead of the LiIon batteries that the old crackly analogue unit used - from my experience with hand held video magnifiers (Optelec Compact+ and CPmini) NiMH batteries don't give you the life that LiIons do - mobiles use LiIons - and that to my mind counts against them. However, AAA NiMh cells are easy to come by and they are incredibly easy to fit.

As I mentioned the handsets are cordless so the extension handset #2 doesn't need extra wiring - I shall have it in my kitchen but at present I've been testing it upstairs when the base unit is downstairs - when accessing the answerphone and making/receiving calls the sound is good and reception clear.

One last point, you can use both handsets in "hands free" mode, they work just as well and hands free/non hands free states are toggled between by the same button you hit to receive a call (green, red ends the call - as I said it's all pretty much intuitive)

All in all I'd say this was a very nice unit indeed and at the price I'd recommend it. I'm certainly glad I got mine!
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on 4 February 2014
Received first BT2500 in December. Good looking phones, easy to set up. However, calls display only worked for numbers not in the contact list, names and numbers in memory not shown when retrieving from the calls list. Contacted BT product help who, after a failed attempt to rectify by resetting the system, confirmed a technical fault and advised a return to Amazon, A replacement was received the next day. Unfortunately, this also had the same fault. This time BT were no help at all and quite off hand, merely repeating that the phones be returned to Amazon. I now have a Panasonic KX-TG8062EB system, beautiful phones, clear sound, ( the BT phones were quite muffled) and they work perfectly.
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on 16 January 2014
I've been using these phones for several weeks now and they seem pretty good. The answer-phone works pretty well, and changing to and from hands-free operation is quick and easy, as is adjusting the volume on the hands-free operation.
There are, however, two aspects of these phones that are really, really poor :-
The manual (leaflet) is abysmal and almost totally undecipherable, with the function symbols coming out as little more than black squares on the pages.
I went to find the manual as a PDF online, and then printed it out on a good, almost new laser printer (Brother) - and, although it looked as though it was in a one full page per A4 page format, it printed out as A5 size on half of each A4 page - and the symbols for each of the phone's functions were just as undecipherable - gee thanks a lot BT, do you EVER actually check these printed manuals for usability ?
The cradle/charger base is abysmal. It is a real struggle to get the phone line and power cables into the little niches on the BOTTOM of the the main charger/answer-phone base, and one or other of them keeps slipping out. This little "flaw" becomes a major problem of stability because this base unit is far too light - enough so that just picking up the phone frequently results in the base falling over.
Dontcha just want to give these "form over function" designers who want things to look pretty, and to hell with practicalities in use a good slapping, repeatedly - ditto for all those responsible for lousy manuals ?
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Style Name: Twin|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
These phones do their job and the second phone does not have to be attached t a phone line which is really handy. The answering machine is easy to use and it has callerdisplay which is great.

The downside however I have found is the phones feel and lok cheap and the stands they go on are very light and therefore wobbly.
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on 20 December 2015
At last a phone that does what it says it does. This is my third phone on my quest to find the perfect hands free phone & this time I got it. The phone is really simple to load with names and numbers and to set date & time. Also I can actually hear what is being said. No I am not deaf, I have excellent hearing, but it would seem that I have bought phones in the past for those who don't want to hear.:) Also has a hands free mode so I can chat while busy. Excellent phone ( Or phones, I have twin) and the delivery was super fast, so thank you. I really would recommend this phone to everybody
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VINE VOICEon 22 April 2013
Style Name: Twin|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
While I would give no stars for innovation or elegance, these phones do the job required.

Very easy to set-up and a good, solid design - I much prefer the chunky, flat approach to the 'ergonomic' styles that won't sit flat on any surface.

So far, I've had no problems with the range or clarity of the reception. There is a 50 number memory, plus the option of up to 9 'speed dial' numbers - number '1' is already allocated to dial 1571, but this can be changed if it's not used.

Personally, I rarely use an answerphone, but this works well and provides an alternative to 1571.

The buttons are large and the display is clear. Also has a hands-free option and allows remote access, call waiting, call diversion, etc. You can set it to answer on pick-up, or manually press the receive button (when you've had a chance to see who's calling!) - all standard features these days.

I would recommend to anyone looking for twin handsets in this price range.
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on 14 June 2014
These phones are comfortable to hold, have a pretty good range, and some excellent features.

For example, when you add an entry to the address-book, you can choose to replicate it across all the phones on the base. Similarly, the call log is shared across phones, so you can pick up any one of them to return a missed call. For things where you do want to affect only one phone (like an alarm), that is how it works.

But mine is faulty, in a way that has been reported by several others on technical fora; every so often, all the phones report "No base link. Check base". A bit later, they reconnect. It's not to do with being out of range, as even a phone close to the base can suffer. The system is behaving as if it's decided to change channel and hope that the handsets will follow (they do -- eventually). The other irritating fault is to report a non-existent power failure, after which you have to reset time and date.

If you got a perfect specimen, this would be a five-star phone. I'm being generous by awarding 3* to mine.
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