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on 9 July 2013
What a fantastic little piece of kit this is, yes its network free, I bought with a preloaded 3 internet sim, put it in and away you go, no set up required, its as easy as falling out of bed
also the signal was good enough to give me 9.5Mbps where I have no mobile signal with vodafone and my BT broadband gives me 1.5Mbps
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on 3 October 2013
Just received unit from the courier. Took working giffgaff SIM from the earlier model and zero internet.
WiFi works but zero internet access. This sucks. It is probably that the profile needs a manual config to enable giffgaff internet settings (as on my working earlier version). But because it will not fire up the internet - I can't access the "three" website to change it.
The display shows o2 as I would expect - as giffgaff is o2. But - the VPN settings need to be configured for giffgaff. And as stated - you can only do this if it intenet connects. Chicken and egg.
Sad - such hi hopes.
Returning tomorrow and will stick with the previous model.
I am no expert - but suspect THIS ONE is not an unlocked device.

OK - I so wanted this device to work.
Took genuine o2 SIM from wifes phone - enabled for internet access and voice etc.
#Placed in new Device - and still no internet access.

Conclusion - my purchase does not connect to the web using giffgaff or o2 in the UK.
Might be just a rogue unit - but it has knocked my confidence in this type of product.

I would be happy to purchase the sister model that only connects 5 devices or even the more expensive 4g version - but I want to hear from others about connecting with o2 and giffgaff.
I need solid experiences - please.
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on 27 July 2013
Good 3G speed
Small - Fits in any pocket
10 hrs autonomy
Iphone/Ipad app compatible - to check your data usage and setup up
Can be used to charge other devices
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on 26 October 2013
I've just been away from home for a week and previously I had a dongle for my netbook. Goodness this is so much better. I'm so far up to 4 devices. If we didn't have to keep a landline for other reasons we would use something like this to break free.
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on 24 May 2013
It picks signals very very well indeed. Its by far too easy to setup and within second you are ready to browse the internet at a very good speed regardless of the network provider. Battery life is great too. Its sim free and you can use it anywhere in the world. I have a given it a full mark deservedly!!!
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on 13 May 2013
Very easy to set up. Basically stick in your sim, find the wifi with your device and you are away. Display is clear and times out after a period to save the battery, but most of the time you don't bother with the display. Decided to buy this on amazon as 3 do not stock a DC-HSPA mifi and I am so glad I did as the speeds are amazing compared to non DC-HSPA devices.
Most download speeds site at around 15-21Mb- yes the max I have had is 21Mb - take note vodafone as the max I can get on your network where I live is 40kb on your brilliant GPRS network !!
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on 23 March 2014
Bought this for use at our rather remote caravan on the Fylde coast where we struggle for a mobile phone signal on O2 and also Vodafone but wanted internet connection for the laptop.

Of course the carrier/network will make a difference, we used a Three pre-paid mobile broadband sim and had no issues whatsoever - decent speeds in a remote location.

Incredibly easy to setup and a very handy piece of equipment if you travel frequently.
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on 11 May 2013
This MiFi looks really good and makes the most of what signal is available. I live in a rural area with poor coverage where the reception fades in and out. With this device I can sometimes get a 3G signal when my phone isn't able to. As the device is unlocked it can be used on different networks - I have used Three and giffgaff so far.
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on 4 February 2014
This is a great little Wifi hotspot. I use it everyday, on my way into and throughout the day in work.

It looks good and has a very solid construction. I have accidentally dropped it a number of times, with no adverse affects.
The Small LCD on the front comes in very handy for viewing data usage and the available reception. The battery life is also very impressive, the 10 hours listed in the specifications, is quite realistic. It usually lasts me a full day.

I've used both a 3 data Sim and a EE data Sim, both performed extremely well; however, the speeds will depend on your location and the network coverage provided in your area from different networks. The speeds were always better than those on my smartphone, and the unit was able to pickup full signal in places where my phone was struggling,

With the 3 Sim card I had an average of 5-8 mbps download and around 3 mbps upload.
Using the EE Sim I achieved speeds of around 20 mbps download and close to 4 mbps upload.

Overall I am very pleased with this device, I couldn't do without it. As well as providing much higher network speeds, it also saves me a lot of money on data.

The only issue i had was that i received a 3 branded device rather than the Huawei branded one. i contacted the seller and they were extremely helpful, offering a full refund straight away. However after putting in my EE Sim, I realised that the device was still unlocked, it only had 3 branding - which doesn't really bother me.
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on 7 December 2014
I use this modem to give me net access while I am out and about for business purposes. I found it easy to set up with the sim card, and data speeds are generally very good, depending of course on the mobile phone signal in the area I am in. I would not like to try and stream HD video with it, but that's not what I bought it for.
If I have one tiny criticism, the SSID code that you need to enter to access the modem when you first register a device is in very tiny lettering on the unit. I had to buy a magnifying glass to actually see it; I don't think the manufacturer would have a big problem making the type font bigger. If you are the sort of person who will be using multiple devices with the modem, this can be a pain. But for that, I would have rated this five stars.
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