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on 31 January 2015
I've used these GymPaws for a week now and they're great : ) With traditional weight lifting gloves I was getting blisters and calluses and they would sometimes bunch up on the fingers as I could never get then small enough. The GymPaws fit over the palm of my hand and the leather pad provides plenty of padding but not so much that you can't grip the weights properly. When I first put them on they took a couple of minutes to get used to but now they feel fine and they are a lot cooler to wear than traditional weight lifting gloves. Thoroughly recommend : )
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on 5 April 2014

Length:: 1:37 Mins

I work out, not often enough but I do. These have so many uses, not just in the gym but they're functional for anything you have to lift or carry. These are awesome for the machines at the gym as well as for lifting. I love them.

My boyfriend is a muscle head, lifting weights 2 hours a day, 6 days a week. He has a pair of these now and loves them too. His hands don't slip off the bars from sweating, they allow his hands to breathe while keeping him from callousing. When you're sweating it out at the gym, the last thing you want is full or even fingerless gloves.

These are extremely well made, double stitched and sturdy. We haven't had them that long but so far they appear to be very durable. I made a video review so you can see how they're made and get an idea of size. I'm kind of a nerd so I talked through the whole thing.

These work great for weights or machines, which is what I use primarily. I also used them to haul my suitcase around and they worked great for that too.
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on 19 May 2015
Extremely fast delivery from the USA - ordered on the 13th May and they arrived on the 19th May. Delivery estimate was the 12th of June so I'm very pleased that I've received them so quickly. Tried them out this evening on the pull up bars in the park and for the first time in forever I stopped because my arms were tired, not because my hands were sore. Very pleased with the first impressions - they're comfortable to wear and I felt like I had a solid connection on the bar.

Hopefully my days of having callus covered hands are behind me now!
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on 26 April 2016
Bought myself a pair of these for use with kettlebells as found i was getting a lot of hard and painful skin on my hands from the movement of the kettlebell.

Quality: Good build quality and very durable, mine have seen a lot of use and are holding up well.

These provide good grip and are well cushioned - no more issues with the kettle bell causing callouses on hand. Was a bit concerned at first as the leather pad seemed as if it might be a bit slippy for doing swings, however, it provides surprising amount of grip. Easy to take on and off and leave thumb free which gives you a bit better grip. I have also used these with dumbells and weights machines and again these provide good grip and cushioning. - Excellent product, I find them more comfortable and convenient than gel gloves.

Style: These look alright , lots of different colours, very low profile on back of hand.

Packaging: Arrive in a small plastic buttoned pouch which can be used to store them together in your gym bag to save you raking for them individually.

Ease of Care: Can be easily washed in washing machine with no issues.
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on 21 August 2013
normal weight lifting gloves do not suite the chinup bar. so when you want to protect your hand from developing painful callusses, weight lifting gloves are not so good (apart from the Gold's Gym ones) where as these are perfect. You get the feel, you can grip the bar well (often weight lifting gloves cause your grip to loosen on the chin up bar) these a re perfect for that.
However what makes them so good for the chinup bar makes them less effective for kettle bells (well, heavy ones any way). I am sure that for 16KG or 20KG they might be ok, but when you get to 24KG, the weight of the kettle bell and the thickness of the handle, highlight the thinnes of the glove and it starts to crease a bit, even with a very relaxed grip where you let the handle almost rotate freely in your hand, on returning from jerk or a snatch, the creasing causes a little snagging, much the sanme as you get with regular weight lifting gloves.
Its not a major issue just a minor annoyance. Its only a small snag, but it means the motion of your return swing feels slight impeded. Still if you can put up with that, watch your calluses disappear!
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on 26 December 2015
Great product, feels very comfortable when wearing and comes in lots of funky colours too!

Product is comfortable and a funky colour.. but changing my rating to a 1* rating due to customer satisfaction.

"Leave a product review and I'll send you a FREE pair!" - This is what was was promised me on a business card from Chris which was enclosed in my purchase.

However, I am yet to receive a response from him even after an email follow up.

Do not be fooled and tempted to write a review - i am disappointed in the dishonesty.
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on 15 February 2016
Pull ups are a major part of my training regimen and I've always suffered with bad calluses as a result. I've tried many ways to reduce them such as talcum powder, gloves, foam wrapped around the bars etc. but the hard and ripped skin just wouldn't go away. After watching an American CrossFit video I noticed some people were wearing GymPaws and so I ordered a pair. They arrived promptly and within a few days of doing pull ups with them, the calluses have started to heal. furthermore, when I train with them I'm not conscious of trapping the skin of my palms and can concentrate solely on the pull ups without the need to apply hemp cream afterwards. The GymPaws feel really comfortable and help grip the bar so for me, I'm really pleased with the product. I would highly recommend GymPaws for all bar type training where grip matters - a great idea that's been a long time coming (for me at least).
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on 28 October 2015
This is truly a great concept of a product. The product definitely covers the top part of my hands for protection. It may be that I have big hands but my bottom half or area near thumb is not protected. If the designer expanded the sizing or did a full palm version where the thumb could slot into a finger loop too, it would probably give me full protection. For those with smaller hands, I would imagine this smaller version fits perfectly. Currently I use them over normal fingerless training gloves every time I do weights in the gym. Gympaws is light and conmfortable. Perhaps there could be a lightly thicker version for those who go hard core in the gym, as too much rubbing is noticeable underneath the paws. I would definitely recommend to others. However, if there was a larger more advanced version, it would probably get the extra star from me!
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on 26 May 2015
I got this as a bday present for my husband, and this is his feedback :

It has been about 2 weeks (~ 6-8 gym sessions) since I am using Gym Paws. Previously I used gel type glove and could immediately feel a good difference when I started using Gym Paws. First day or 2 I found it different, may be because it is new and haven't tried anything like this before. The main thing I reckon it keeps your thumb free and nothing comes between your Index finger and thumb for better grip.

Positives that I think:

1. During bodyweight exercise like pull-ups, Chin-ups and Dips- I do feel very comfortable and gives a cushion support in callus prone areas in your palm.
2. When doing heavy barbell exercise or Pulley exercise, it gives the right protection. I felt the grip better than before when doing pulley extension for back workout
3. During heavy dumbbell exercise like Chest fly, farmer's walk, it helps better focusing on your workout rather than losing grip of your weights.
4. Easy to remove and to put back. I do sweat a lot especially when combining cardio/body weight exercises along with regular workouts. I find these gloves comfortable as it is easy to remove them or can still workout wearing them when doing exercises like burpees. Normally with Velcro type gloves, I used to remove them often for my hands to breathe a bit. I don’t have such issues when using Gym paws.
5. These gloves/paws fit the pockets of my gym shorts/tracks.

The product quality is good and stitching looks solid so far - impressed!
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on 23 April 2015
These are probably fine if you have big hands and a strong grip. I hoped they would help with preventing callouses when I use my pull up bar, however as the material is quite thick, it weakens my grip noticeably on the bar. They smell quite strongly too (a chemical smell) - hopefully this will disappear over time. Also-there was a card inside the package offering a free pair if you leave feedback -this is probably why this product appears at or near top of the search listings. I also didn't realise they come from the USA as you have to search against the store details to find that out - although this isn't an issue unless you want them in a hurry, just something to be aware of. My search continues for a more suitable product that doesn't diminish my grip.
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