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on 7 May 2017
Well, here we are. The fourth entry in the truly bonkers series that began way back in the early '90s as a throwaway piece of business for then two fledgling muscle-heads vying to take the box office crown from Schwarzenegger and Stallone has actually made it this far. Sure, we've had some junk along the way (that second one was bobbins) but this latest foray into low budget crapola is anything but: Its a honest to goodness action packed nut job with visual flourishes to rival David Lynch after a hefty night munching scratchins and chugging shandy. Let's find out why.

We first meet John (Scott Adkins) as he awakens to discover his family has been brutally murdered in a home invasion by a group of masked assailants, led in a weird quirk of fate by original series hero Luc Deveraux (a chrome domed Jean Claude Van Damme). Now alone and distraught, John is haunted by the event and vows to hunt JC down. Problem is, he's being continually hunted himself by a crazed UniSol named Magnus (Part 3's Andrei Arlovski) who will stop at nothing to preclude John from fulfilling his mission of vengeance. Along the way, we are treated to weirdo moments of photosensitive epilepsy, mental bouts of energetic sex, blistering action sequences that always end in a blood spattered pay-off and some of the stupidest dialogue ever put to film. And, that's just the first fifteen minutes.

This third sequel is a doozy: Off the chain bonkers but with a real dedication to B-movie violence - imagine Sam Peckinpah had a drunken one night stand with Salvador Dali and spawned an angry brute of a fellow, who between blowing people away with wild abandon, felt the need to write a novel about pretty ponies... Well, this is that offspring. Returning franchise favourites Van Damme and Lundgren seem to be having a ball and taking none of this craziness seriously. They're roles maybe a mystery and pose more questions that answers, but that's part of this Rubiks Cube of a movies' inherent charm - nothing is what it seems and if anything, tries its hardest to leave the audience busily scratching their noggin. The screenplay by director John Hyams (encoring from the third chapter), Doug Magnuson and Jon Greenhalgh is a jovial head**k and never allows you to get comfortable: From the impenetrable tonal shifts to the weirdo character beats - its an odd fish from the opening frame till the last - but luckily, they didn't leave us action junkies on the floor wanting. Oh no. Whatever 'arty farty decisions' regarding the screenplay were, these boys knew this series' bread n' butter was the bruising and boy, does this one deliver - its an action fans dream come true: Bone crunching, pistol blasting, head busting, car decimating - its all here and more. And whatever lead Scott Adkins may lack in the thespian arena of his art he more than makes up for it in the 'kicking folks in the family jewels' department - as he cuts a swathe of destruction in his bid to put an end to Van Damme' truly nutty reign, whose follically bereft bonse isn't the most subtle of nods to one Colonel Kurtz...

StudioCanal's Uncut UK Blu-Ray release is a joy to behold. Bolstering a strong visual and audio presentation, everything is a spot on and worthy of the format (the movie is well shot by cinematographer Yaron Levy and edited to within an inch of its life by Hyams). The steelbook too is nicely produced and adds to the overall package - ensuring this is a slam dunk of a purchase (especially for the price Amazon are asking). All in all, a much better entry than warranted and a recommended purchase for adventurous action junkies who like a little 'weird' with their meat 'n potatoes. Add to Basket.
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on 28 March 2016
I utterly love this amazingly unheard of gem. Scott Adkins is amazing in a serious Jackie Chan way, and he actually speaks in his native accent. There's moments in the film that had me giggling like a small boy. The plot actually makes sense if you think about it, but it doesn't really matter.
If you like balls-out action fight scenes, this is for you.
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on 11 September 2016
The worst film I have ever seen. JCVD appears almost as an extremely brief pastiche of himself. Bleeding cheek even putting his name on such a crappy film
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on 18 May 2014
a brilliant film as a man with a family ,see s them killed and seeks revenge finding out his strength and healing abilitiesare strong as he takes on over 30 men to get his revenge on the leader,A WARNING TO EPILEPTICS there are a number of WHITE FLASHES THAT CAN BE LOCKING AND MAY CAUSE SEIZURES so be careful,hope you all enjoy it too a brilliant film
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on 3 September 2016
The SteelBook is great !!! The item came really fast.Everything was as described.Movie is great classic.Transfer is perfect.BUY IT!
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on 22 January 2015
rubbish Jean -Claude Damme has nothing to do other than look glum. No plot and makes no sense at all .I'm glad it only cost under £4.00
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on 7 April 2013
Great steel book, totally bizarre movie and very violent indeed, but I still enjoyed it regardless of the strange storyline because I loved the action etc.
There is some very strong strobing during some parts of the film so if you are an epilepsy sufferer you should really avoid this unless you have a way to filter it out.
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on 29 May 2016
Really good film. Dark, intense, violent and gritty with a story that betrays its low budget origins. Not for the faint of heart but really good for a low budget actioner. Swift delivery and great film.
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on 8 December 2013
I must admit if you like lots of violent action and blood and guts well look no further, this is one of the best films in 3d I have ever seen, its a must see for all die hard horror fans. Its got a good story line but you can get a bit lost at times, I didn't really get the ending, its one of these films you have to watch a few times to really get it. All in all its a fantastic movie if you like that sort of thing, I thourley enjoyed it.
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on 17 December 2013
It's an awful movie, but the action scenes are good, the sale point of the shotgun was beautifully done and Scott Adkins can fight really good, this man is worth keeping an eye out for. I hope he makes better movies though.
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