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on 13 August 2008
I purchased this blu-ray to setup a new hd tv I had purchased as I wanted to get the best out of it that I could. There is a lot of background information to do with HD and various standards, which did bore me within the first 15 minutes. So I skipped straight to the calibration section.

This section is really what you buy this disc for and so I was a little dissapointed to find the narrator taking forever to explain how to use the test screens, when really it can be explained within a few sentences. Even then, the explanation is not crystal clear and led to some confusion when calibrating my screen, meaning I would have to go back and listen again in detail to what the narrator is saying word for word. This could lead to people miscalibrating their screens, and left me a bit miffed when I was left with a dull blue-tinted screen the first time i tried it.

Once you get used to the narrator and manage get what you need to know from the excessive explanations, you will get better results. I found myself using the test screens on their own once I figured out what I was supposed to do with them.

It did take a fair bit of trial and error to get a result I was happy with as the test patterns do show the shortcommings of my tv, which means having to compromise with some calibrations. The narrator gives the impression that this is a common problem however, and that most users will face these problems as manufacturers fail to make tv's which adhere to various standards needed to reproduce a reliable image.

Overall I am pleased to have purchased this disc, knowing that I am getting much better picture quality from my new tv. For those of you that want to get the most from your own HDTV this is an essential purchase.
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on 8 May 2011
All the video AND audio calibration tools you need to do a good job of setting-up your system.

The full suite of video calibration screens are there. Some people are happy with letting their AV amps auto-calibrate but I've never trusted them. Cross-over values are always set too high, sub balance never seems to work properly, no way of doing a rattle test etc. If you get yourself a cheap SPL meter this disc gives you everything you need to optimise your system (short of room compensation EQ for your bass which you do need dedicated hardware for). Just set an afternoon aside for the job because it can't really be done quickly.

In reference to issues that are cropping up in the other reviews...
I ordered my disc some time ago and there is no indication of region-coding on the case or the disc itself but I assume the disc I have is either not region encoded at all or it's the European version. Mine was ordered from Amazon EU.
As for the tedious voiceover, I've yet to hear anyone make the subject of AV calibration really sparkle and I doubt I ever will. What were you expecting? It's honestly not a serious shortcoming for a disc that's made to do a job and does it comprehensively.
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on 4 July 2013
Great for uuse with it's own or with the Spider 4 calibration sensor and free HCFR software for more in depth calibration of my plasma tv. Nice menu and easy navigation through the disc. Some of the tutorial content require a lot of patience to sit through and the delivery is a bit testing. However, overall a good purchase.
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on 24 December 2010
I deliberately spent several minutes checking that this item was for Region B or All regions, before ordering.
It was advertized for All regions.

What I have been sent is Region A ONLY, and will NOT play in the standard UK Region B player.
Either they have sent the wrong one, or this disc is only available in Region A and the Advert is WRONG.
Having seen the other comments, I now suspect the latter:)

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on 14 July 2016
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on 27 January 2010
Blimey this was hard work...

I don't want to know about the history of the television, I just want clear, simple guidance as to how to get the best picture from my HD TV.

Yes, you can access the test screens from the main menu, but there's no instructions as to how to use them when you go to them directly. To get the instructions you have to continually wind forwards to get to them, or sit through what can only be described as mind-bendingly boring and annoying guff.

Recommended for the test screens, but be prepared to be annoyed!!!
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on 8 September 2016
Very good HD DVD
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on 22 November 2008
Hi, i bought this disc to improve the quality of picture of my scarlet LG 47", using my sony bdp-s550. the disc if full of details and info about the HDTVs and the history of of the industry...etc, and it took me too much to find the real calibration section. when i found it, the result was as good as i expected. my advice is to go directly to the HD calibration section, and to know from the begining that your display will not be as shiny as "Game" or "VIVID" presets, however, it will give you the true output.
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on 20 September 2011
There is no question, you will absolutely improve you picture if you follow the instructions. Unfortunately, much of it is boring or awkward to watch. The results are stunning though, and I've used it now on a few TVs. Everytime, a more realistic picture and more unseen detail than the manufacturer's preset settings. And that's what matters.
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on 6 March 2010
I found the HD explananations usefull, though very american and rather repetitive. However using the set up picture viewing panels was straightforward & has most definitely improved my Sony's LCD picture above what I was able to do before using the THX setup menu on one of my region 1 DVD's. So I would recommend this softeware to anyone that is seeking an improved 'home cinema' viewing experence. Handy8
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