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on 19 April 2010
This wireless range extender is great at what it's supposed to do (even though the manual isn't very clear - see other reviews for detailed instructions), but I've held off on giving a review until I've found the source of the problems I've been having with it. So here it is: this device works great, but is *extremely sensitive to signals from surrounding electronic devices*. In my case I originally placed the device next to computer screens, behind a PC and next to a sound speaker and there were regular, inexplicable problems with the device not providing a complete signal (DHCP requests and/or answers were not passed). The solution was to place the wireless extender further away from any sources of interference - 1.5m seemed enough. After that, the device has been working great.
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on 20 May 2014
It's fair to say that wifi reception around our home is not great. I've tried setting routers up as repeaters but to no avail. So when this repeater was recommended I jumped at it. When it arrived I thought I'd been sent the wrong thing. It's tiny, with just 3 Ledsham to show that it's working (or not). It took about 20 minutes to set up and once it was up and running the difference was immediate and brilliant. We now have full wifi reception around the house, even in the front and back gardens. Well worth the money.


After several months using this, the shortcomings are becoming abundantly clear. For no reason at all, it just keeps dropping its own signal, so nothing can keep a stable connection to it. I've tested it with our smart tv, which sits around 8ft away from it, a wdtv box, which is beside the tv and has very sensitive wifi so should latch on to it very easily, bluray player, also beside the tv, and several smartphones, tablets and laptops. The same thing happens with all of them.

I've tried resetting it (cold reboot), factory resetting it, and rebooting our wireless router (14ft or so from it as the crow flies, through a solid wall. Hence its raison d'etre.), all with little or no effect. Its a real pity as when it does work properly I can stream full 1080p video files with dolby digital or dts surround sound, with no buffering issues.

As a result of all these woes, I think I'll just buy a couple of powerline adapters instead.
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on 21 April 2011
In the room furthest from my router I can get a 1 bar strength connection on my laptop so I wanted to improve this. I read almost every review on here and thought I might have to play about with the Edimax a little bit but I've bought a number of their products and was happy to have a go. Well, I don't see how they could make it more simple. I ran the cd, followed the short, easy instructions and five minutes later I'm getting 4 bars in the same distant room. Brilliant! I have wasted so many hours with wireless products in the past. This little item is a revelation. Highly recommended.
Update. I had to reinstall this item and did something which meant that I couldn't. I replaced it with a Netgear range extender which is excellent and very, very easy to set up compared with the Edimax. However,not giving up, I managed to get the Edimax back up. There is no doubt the setting up is a trial at times but, getting to the point, when set up properly I found that it provides a considerably stronger signal than the Netgear.
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on 6 March 2016
Easy to set up, but unreliable. It constantly stops working, and requires rebooting to fix it. Waste of money really.
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on 20 June 2017
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on 10 June 2017
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on 22 July 2014
Works a treat but a problem to set up using the one touch button if your router has more than one wireless connection setup.
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on 25 April 2013
Disc is not compatible with windows 8 but Edimax were very helpful on the phone and lead me to the drivers which were compatible I had to make 3 phone calls to set this up because I did not listen properly but they quickly pointed me in the right direction Once down loaded it took less than 15 minutes to set up and I now have 5 bars in my kitchen instead of 2/3. an excellent buy
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on 28 August 2014
Fantastic piece of kit, has made bedroom wifi coverage top brilliant where I had a weak coverage before.
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on 23 September 2009
We live in a concrete-framed house with the main wireless router upstairs. The steel mesh in the floors severely attenuates the signal and getting a connection downstairs used to be very unreliable. I installed this EdiMax access point in its universal repeater mode and put it downstairs on top of a cupboard directly below the router. It receives the signal from the router (through the floor) and then re-broadcasts it to the computers downstairs with no wiring required (apart from plugging the mains adapter into a nearby socket). Setting it up in this mode was not entirely straightforward, but the resulting signal strength is excellent and we now have full-strength access from anywhere in the house.

The booklet did not include instructions for repeater mode, but the PDF manual on the CD is fairly comprehensive, although it doesn't have step-by-step instructions for repeater mode. They might take a bit of figuring out if you're not familiar with IP addresses, subnets, etc., so here's what I did:

1. Change your computer's IP address so you are on the same subnet as the access point, then log in to it (detailed instructions are provided for this part). Don't forget to make a note of the previous settings so that you can set it back again afterwards.

2. In Basic Settings, select Universal Repeater mode, set your MAIN ESSID to something meaningful (like "EdiMax Repeater"), then click "Select Site Survey" to locate your main router's signal.

3. Select your main router (there may be neighbouring routers listed too) and click "Connection". Now click "Apply" to save the settings.

4. Go into System Utility and change the IP address of the access point (see * below) to match you main network. Once you have done this you'll lose connection to the access point until you change your computer's IP setting back to what it was originally.

5. You can now reconnect to the access point using the new settings. If you can't reconnect, you can reset the access point to its original address by holding the reset button for 10 seconds and then you can start all over again.

6. The access point is unsecured by default, so you will need to configure its security mode as detailed in the manual. You'll then need to reconnect your computers using the new security code.

* To choose an IP address for the access point you need to make the first three numbers the same as your main router's address and the last number different from anything else on your network. If your router allocates IP addresses automatically (by DHCP) you will need to avoid whatever range it uses. In my case the router was on and the DHCP range was to So I chose for the access point.
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