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very poor distance, the audio starts to pop and click out when you stray away from your bluetooth device.

not very comfortable.

sound quality is very poor. lifeless and tiny.

sounds are out of sync! ... even slightly out of sync is not good enough, i was playing gta 5 and i honked the horn of my car, 0.5 seconds later i heard the car horn...not good enough.

if 4 hours battery life wasnt bad enough already, i switched these headphones off and didnt use them for a week. when i went back to use them, they had completely lost their charge!!

if this is the best that bluetooth headphones have to offer, then no thanks. i am now off to buy some wireless headphones - RF !

these are an expensive waste of time!
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on 26 February 2013
These headphones are extremely comfortable and do not move about even during a rigorous gym session.
They hold the bluetooth connection extremely well - I walked to the other side of the gym, approx 25 metres, and it held connection with no drop outs.
Battery is about 4 hours, as advertised, and they charge within about an hour.
The volume goes loud enough to block out external noises without going so loud as to be uncomfortable.

Would highly recommend.
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on 5 September 2017
These broke and no longer take a charge - avoid
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on 21 November 2013
I was a little sceptical of how good these were going to be, having read a few reviews about the range being very poor and not even spanning the distance between a trouser pocket and one's head.

Those reviewers must had a faulty pair of headphones or trousers made of lead, as mine reached from my living room to my kitchen (through a concrete wall!) and continued to play effortlessly at a distance of at least 10m from my phone while I was in the gym.

I'm currently testing the battery life, but can confirm they've been playing a full volume for over 2 hours now! I won't update this review later on after completing the test as I'm lazy.

The sound quality is very crisp with a broad spectrum and surprisingly good bass.

The noise reduction caused by the ear-buds is also better than on other headphones I've tried. They're almost as effective as ear-plugs that are worn while operating noisy machinery. I suppose that is assuming you manage to get as good a fit as I did; you might have freaky ear canals that aren't as compatible as my perfectly formed orifices.

I was also worried about the volume prior to purchasing these, based on a couple of reviews. Perhaps the reviewers were partially, if not totally deaf - the volume is as good, if not better than both pairs of my wired headphones. However, I have to admit, at first I disappointed in the volume as well, before realising (actually it was my mother that pointed this out to me!) that the volume control on the headphones is independent to that on the device you're using (unlike my bluetooth speaker, whereby the volume on the speaker controls the volume on the paired device). Once I had cranked the volume up on both the headphones and my phone, I was fully satisfied with the output.

Coupled with the noise reduction you get, you should not be disappointed with the volume.

My only slight qualm with the product is that, although they look aesthetically pleasing and hi-tech in the box (they are packaged very nicely), one you detach them from the box and wear them, they look a bit clunky and by no means flashy. On a positive note, some bluetooth headphones are too overstated and make you look a star trek fan. I have always preferred substance over style anyway, but if your a flashy, "look-at-me" type guy, these aren't for you. Being less eye-catching that other pairs on the market, they're probably less likely to get knicked if you're walking home through a dodgy area!

Although I didn't really purchase these to make phone calls with (I've never really been a fan of hands-free calls and feel like a prat whenever I try it!), you might be interested to know that I used this feature earlier and my girlfriend on the other end of the line said she could hear me fine. I had no problems hearing her either (and not just because she's loud!).

To summarise:
Range - Does what it says, at least 10 metres without any issues. Transmits through my gym bag/clothing perfectly.
Battery life - 2 hours and still going
Sound Quality - Excellent
Volume - Loud enough to block out the heavy-metal blasting from the speakers in the gym!
Looks - Fairly bland and simple.

Verdict: 4 Stars. For £40 you wont be disappointed. You'd have to spend a lot, lot more to get a better pair than these.
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on 10 July 2012
I have been using my Backbeat GO's for around 2 months now and they where purchased from Amazon.com, I saw them featured on a blog and decided to order them despite knowing they would be released in the UK shortly.

Initially I was impressed with the build quality and general look of the earphones, I was worried they might be to heavy or look strange as they stick out a fair bit but surprisingly, they are very light, look and feel fine in person.

The non tangle flat cord is neat feature, the length of the cable is just right although the material used is like a matte black rubber and would rub and get caught on my skin sometimes which was annoying, especially when trying to adjust the cable to wrap around my head centrally, which in turn would normally cause one of the earphones to pop out. The remote volume up and down button doesn't feel great but does function as required.

To wear the GO's is the worst thing about them, I found it was always 50/50. On some occasions the earphones would sit nicely in my ears and not move much and feel comfortable. On other occasions no matter what I tried, including testing out the different ear bud sizes (not stabilisers), they felt uncomfortable. This would happen no matter what activity I was doing weather it be sitting at a desk, cycling, or walking (no running tested).

Sound quality depending on how much of an audiophile you are is ok. For music there isn't much of a kick or bass to the sound but it reproduces sound well, volume isn't the best even on the highest set volume through the earphones and my iPhone combined, sound just never felt loud enough. The earphones however do an ok job of noise canceling though which helps.

For spoken audio such as podcasts or audio books the sound is perfect and the same can be said when taking calls, the quality was great. The audio and connection quality was flawless, others on the line could hear my voice loud and clear with no problems through the remote mic.

Battery life is around 4.5 hours, this could be improved but isn't terrible. I didn't get the chance to fully test audio listening constantly so can't claim if it holds up to the 4.5 hours or not. Standby time is around 10 hours if you keep the earphones constantly on which is better, the 4.5 hours though for phone calls might not be sufficient for someone who makes and receives a lot of calls. It certainly isn't enough for music listening and is only really suitable for short walks, runs or cycles.

I guess these earphones aren't designed so much for music listening on the go which is what i would have preferred and more for calls on the go. That's fair enough and it does do the latter part great, however the marketing for the GO's certainly suggest otherwise.

For a first attempt at a more commercial, lightweight and simple looking wireless earphone Plantronics have done a decent job but I certainly feel like the product needs further development. The volume, battery lifetime and comfort levels could all be improved, maybe the technologies are just not quite there yet and this would in turn mean compromises in the earphones other great features such as its size and weight, only time will tell with future models. Oh and for around £65 these are pretty good value for money!

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on 27 November 2013
Every new bluetooth headset I get is better and better but still not the definitive ones, something I can say I am fully satisfied.

I had the Sony MW600 which were good but they got tangled and also in winter time difficult to reach the controls with so many clothes. Volume button was also a disaster (bad design), but good sound and battery. Then I got the LG Tone HBS 7xx, which were very good when it comes to portability as I barely noticed them and they were very tiny. Good battery and no issues with cables getting tangled, however the sound was very poor. Now I got these ones, with the best sound among all I have tried, perfect design, no issues with cables, however the battery is poor and the size of these are just massive. They are not the most comfortable either.

I am happy for the time being, but I am still searching.
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on 20 August 2013
Interesting packaging which took some getting into! Once opened, and having read the instructions I charged the 'phones for a couple of hours or so and they paired easily with the Kokkia i10s I had bought earlier from Amazon. Simple to operate the have given my iPod sixth generation a new lease of life as I can now wear it as a watch without any trailing cables. The sound quality is excellent. The only quibble I have is with the rubber ear pads. It came with just one set plus stabilisers. I hope that they will stay in place as they don't feel too secure. Time will tell. The worst case scenario is that I buy some new foam ear pads. Overall these produce a great quality sound for a great price. I'd certainly recommend them.
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on 23 September 2013
These are very very good earphones.
I haven't tried them for mobile conversations but have used them extensively for listening to audio (books & music) whilst out walking. They are far superior to similar product from Jaybird, better fit, better sound, better Bluetooth performance.
Recommended - the only snag (for me anyway and then probably cos of my ears) is that I find it difficult to get a snug fit every time - a problem I have with most in-ear 'phones (except Klipsch X10i).
Yep, these are great wireless 'phones.
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on 20 November 2013
Only a few of these in ear Bluetooth headphones, a bit big in the ear but necessary for the bluetooth system it has fitted in them, but no doubt amazing headphones i can leave my phone upstairs and hear my music from the kitchen Downstairs!!
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on 19 July 2013
For most of us, headphones are probably used in less than ideal conditions. We may be in a public place such as a train, or exercising, or doing some other task, all of which are noisy and distracting. We probably also need at least some awareness of the outside world, if only for safety. So for 90% of the time I would challenge anybody to tell the difference between top-quality audio and any average pair of headphones.

I bought these headphones from a loathing of tangled cables and of constantly yanking the earbuds out by accidentally catching the cable on something. For £35 they have solved these problems perfectly. They are tiny to store and carry, unobtrusive when wearing them, and can easily be left around your neck if merely waiting for a phone call. The cable is rubberized, so has the right degree of friction and flexibility to sit securely around your neck. For multi-tasking with a smartphone, they are ideal. In the broadest sense, I really appreciate their ergonomic design.

Fit is a personal thing, but they are fine for me, especially after I discovered the small `retaining' loop that sits inside the profile of your outer ear. The sound quality is not rich, nor with deep bass, but adequate for the music and podcasts I listen to.

I previously owned a pair of Motorola S9's. These are similar in sound quality, but are physically smaller and the Bluetooth is more reliable - no cutting out when moving your phone around.

The only downside for me is the limited battery life. I haven't timed it, but maybe 4-5 hours is the limit, so they won't stretch to a long-haul flight. On the plus side, though, they charge fully in a couple of hours, and the micro-USB suits all my other devices, so no extra chargers to lug around. I normally plug them into my PC at the office.

All in all, I'm really pleased with these things.
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