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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 3 December 2012
The Queen of partying and Auto-tune is back! She gets rid of most of her glitter, grabs a guitar (with some glitter on it) and seduces us into her electropop/Rock 'n' Roll tornado. The album has a different vibe from her debut in the sense that it sounds a little stripped down. It doesn't make much sense but that's how it feels to my ears. It must be the less use of Auto-tune.

Without omitting her classic electropop anthems, she adds some old-school sounds and the result is utterly pure F.U.N.! I believe that the lead single "Die young" is a good example for what you should expect from this album. A few tracks you shouldn't miss are: Dirty love, Only wanna dance with you, Crazy kids and All that matters (The beautiful life).

Animal + Cannibal - Most of the glitter + Rock 'n' Roll = Warrior!
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on 4 December 2012
And she certainly kept to that!

The album begins with some simple, but effective pop songs such as Warrior. By number five, Kesha moves into rock, with the super catchy Crazy Kids. The other songs are a mixture of pop and rock - in an almost alternating fashion.

One of the album's strengths is Kesha's hilarious, cheeky and well written one-liners. She contributed to every song and so did her mother, Pebe. Another strength is the variety; this album has something for everyone. From club-bangers, to dance tracks and to rock...this has enough to entertain old fans, attract new ones and strengthen her already almighty Animals!

The deluxe edition is a MUST buy, as some of the quirkier songs are on the second disk and, they add to the variety.

Overall, my favourite songs are:

-Crazy Kids - calm, fast moving rock music with plenty of whistling in all the right places. Unforgettable from the get go!

-Wherever You Are - a fast, club anthem with shows emotion at the same time. Such a combination is usually unachieveable, but as Kesha is the writer and singer, this song is nailed to perfection.

-Dirty Love - rock with Iggy Pop! A lovely duet! Need I say more? I love his contribution to another great one: dancy rock song Only Wanna Dance With You.

-Gold Trans Am - this is pure rock with lead guitars storming through the song. Kesha's voice is powerful and suits the rock genre very well. This song also has the cheekiest lyrics..."my golden carpet" and "burning rubber on the southern highway"...genius.

-Supernatural - about sex with a ghost, apparently. This is quirky, out of this world and very difficult to describe. I guess, unique and 2012 DJ pop sums it up nicely.

-Thinking of You - catchy and heartfelt. The best ballad on this album so far and not depressing either. Some artists kill ballads and leave me feeling depressed, but Kesha's uplifts me and this song is something we all can relate to.

***So, as you can see, this is an uplifting and diverse album which you should definitely buy. It was very difficult to label favourites because there are NO FILLERS. Kesha spent years working on this and it shows. Even if you aren't a fan, the quality of this album is infallible.

Finally, Kesha's voice shines through as well, which only occurred during rare moments in Animal and Cannibal. Auto-tune and technical things are used to create a pop sound here, but it is clear Kesha has a great voice and we finally hear more of that this time round.

Well done Kesha!!!
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on 6 December 2012
Ke$ha has produced another album that is terrific fun. From the bouncy style to the cheeky, and sometimes quite clever lyrics, this excels.
I agree in general terms with all the other positive reviews, even though my personal favourites may differ. The 'De-Luxe' version is a must, if only for 'Gold Trans Am'.
Buy it, enjoy it, but don't take it too seriously and you won't be disappointed.
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on 27 March 2016
I only purchased this Album this week and I'm absolutely CHUFFED to bits that I ordered it because I'm a huge Kesha fan so I thought I'd see if the full album was worth the listen and My GOD it was each song has a different sound but has an electric, pop rock theme throughout the Album. My favourite songs from Amazing Album are.
1) Thinking of You.
2)Only Wanna Dance With You.
3) All That Matters.
4) Die Young.
6)Wherever you Are.

These are the stand out tracks in my opinion. I wish she done a video for 'Wonderland' though I think it would've been a magical video with alot of Rainbows, Flowers and Magic.

Can't wait for her 3rd Album.

I think she should name it 'I'm Free'
After what she's been through these past couple of weeks.
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on 6 December 2012
I actually first became familiar with Kesha from the "Tik Tok" song and hearing about her duet with Flo Rida on "Right Round" (which is also featured in the "Hangover" movie). "Right Round" also received heavy radio airplay when I was living in both Norfolk, Virginia and Orlando, Florida. I have heard other songs by her but I would have to also put "Your Love Is My Drug" as one of the songs that I had heard on the radio during the summer of 2010 that grew on me. The vibe of "Warrior" reminds me of the vibe of "Your Love Is My Drug" in an exciting way. Many of the songs combine dance, electronica, and pop in a strong way that fits well with the "Warrior Theme". "Warrior", "Crazy Kids", "Wherever You Are", "Dirty Love" (featuring Iggy Pop), "Supernatural", "All That Matters" (The Beautiful Life), and "Past Lives" are only some of the catchy multiple songs on this cd. "Warrior" by Kesha is great if you enjoy musical tracks with pop and electronic elements.
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on 16 December 2012
This is definitely Ke$ha's best album, she's got her usual party tracks ('Out Alive', one of best beats), a few other rock type songs (The Iggy inspired 'Dirty love'), and some unexpectedly perfect country style songs the song ('Past Lives' represents this incredibly well) Definately one of my favorite albums of this year!
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on 3 December 2012
Every song is AMAZING. There are literally no fillers. It's just a shame that Last Goodbye and Gold Trans Am are on the deluxe and not the standard because they are stronger than some tracks on the standard. But overall, 5* comeback for Kesha. You will NOT be let down by buying this album. Best album of 2012 and she has also hardly used any auto tune on the songs in this album to prove to the haters that she CAN sing so I think a lot more people will get into her music better now even though I love the songs on Animal and Cannibal.

BUY IT!!!!
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on 4 April 2013
These are the exact words of my 5 year old daughter (and before anyone says what a 5 year old listening to Kesha, it is played in my company of which I sing over any words that have swear words very loudly).

"We love Kesha's album so much! We can't stop literally playing with it on and on and on"

She is correct lol. The songs are catchy, in particular a song called "Crazy People" and what really surprised us is that she can actually sing! She has slowed down on a couple of songs and we liked them. Definitely worth the price...even if you are not the hugest of Kesha's fans, the songs are singalongable and as said catchy...I defy you not to be humming them. Got her recent two smashes, Die Young and Com'on on there. Go buy....but yes caution, there are a few swear words on there.
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on 5 July 2013
But I love this album, and for a third, I think that's pretty good going. Damn sure I recognise the stile of some known singer/songwriters in there but its still great.

3rd albums normally end up poor quality or experimental. This is just more great Ke$ha.
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on 30 December 2012
This album is for fans of pop music... put simply. If you're into the likes of Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, then you will like this.

I was intending to just purchase a couple of her songs I liked but for £4.99 to get the whole 16 song album, it made more sense to purchase the whole thing. I wasn't disappointed as most of the songs are great and/or decent.

A lot of songs are up-tempo and have the feel good factor - and ones I can see the girls (and guys) dance to before a night out.

Her voice can sometimes get a little irritating - like a cat in pain, over synthesised, and I couldn't help thinking some of the songs may have been better if they were sung by another artist.

Having said that, I appreciate Ke$ha... she's bonkers.

Great album for simple pop music fans.
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