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Customer reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars
Truant / Rough Sleeper [Vinyl]
Format: Vinyl|Change
Price:£14.10+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 21 January 2018
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on 2 April 2013
if you like burial, then you wont be disapointed in this, the vocal samples the shuffling percussion the deep sonic bass , sparce urban gritty
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on 1 March 2013
It's good to hear new stuff from Burial, and I'm intrigued by the slight shift towards sound-art in this material, but perhaps as a result it feels a little episodic compared to his earlier work.
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on 26 November 2017
one of the best purchases indeed
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on 14 March 2013
burial floors me again! he gets better with every release. anybody interested in 21`st century soul music should check out all burial`s releases
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on 12 March 2013
Uh, yeah, look I love this one. I agree with all the reviews already written - together they sum it up. Buy this before you can't okay? My main thing here is: Hey, Burial! Dude, can you please put Moth, Wolf Cub and the Paradise Circus remix onto CD? I can listen to that stuff on Grooveshark for free which is great but I'd really like to PAY YOU MY MONEY TO BUY THESE TRACKS SO I CAN PLAY THEM ON MY HIFI STEREO as opposed s***ty MP3's. Or, hey, I'd give my left nad for the 180gm vinyl of the Paradise Circus rmx. If those reading this haven't heard the Paradise Circus / Massive Attack rmx, check it out. Ok, that's me. Respect.
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on 6 January 2013
Two more excellent long tracks of Burial. There's nothing as good as the highlights of Street Halo/Kindred and I do wish he'd release an album of slightly shorter tracks but regardless its still quality.
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VINE VOICEon 20 December 2012
Hyperdub's first ever all formats single release comes, not surprisingly, from its flagship artist Burial, a man who seems happy to do what he wants to do and not follow anybody's expectations. Many people are talking about the 3rd album (BTW, well done, to whichever broadsheet reviewer it was who last year predicted the next Burial LP would be one of the albums of the 2012 - 10 days left mate, keep making that prediction and keep waiting, maybe) but Burial seems happy to knock out EPs, and when they're of this quality I don't think many of his fans will be too bothered whether he releases another album or not.

"Truant" is two long tracks and around 25 minutes of music. It really needs to be heard loud to get the full benefit of it (bass). The sound is distinctively Burial but as with the previous EPs Street Halo [12" VINYL] and Kindred [VINYL], it's a gradual, rather than a radical progression.

Does it sound Christmassy? Well if you like the Christmas episode of "Eastenders" then it's Christmassy, otherwise - not. Both songs have a lot going on there. The second piece, "Rough Sleeper" in particular sounds like it could have an album's worth of ideas condensed into one, stop-start piece of music - and who knows, maybe it does - Cabaret Voltaire once did a similar thing with their "C.O.M.A." B-side, which turned out to be a mash-up of tracks from their then current LP The Covenant, the Sword and the Arm of the Lord, so why not?

I'm not joking about the Christmas no. 1 thing incidentally - there is an internet campaign. It would be good to see "Truant" get a high chart placing at Christmas, but I'm not sure about no. 1 - Burial would have to appear on Christmas Top of the Pops and we'd still have an hour of "Eastenders" to get through afterwards...
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on 24 December 2016
Sublime, awesome, spectacular! Loved it. Aural candy :)
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on 25 December 2012
I decided to write this review because I am sick of Burial fanboys making the equation beauty=good art in their reviews: "oh Burial is sooo beautiful & emotional blah blah..."

Truant/Rough Sleeper is like Kindred's twisted and mean stepsister and to a degree middle finger to these fanboys. And where do I base my claim. Both suites end in rough places. If the truth about these two is distilled in pure form in their last minutes, then we have something quite tough here, and to a certain degree it is justified to claim that what we have here is musical form given to the experiences which are hard and/or even displeasing.

In the case of "Truant" one has to start with a fact that there is a distinct technical innovation here. I now talk about how we have got used to Burial using silence and noise. Here the music is not interrupted by static vinyl crackle and hiss. Between the movement's sections there is an absolute gap of not any kind of static hissing, sound of rain, or burning cellophane type of silence. It is just this absolute "tape-not-filled-with-anything" type of silence. While listening to this mega-movement I counted four of these "full silences", one in 02.43, one in 03.48, one in 05.14 and one in 08.28.

The movement gives you a feeling of roaming from one city space to another, so in terms of how you perceive it, its title is fitting. But there is an extra twist to this sense of hanging around with this drifter and it comes from the use of these full silences. It's like hanging around with a guy who has a cam recorder. He turns it on and off and while it records you get a feeling for that particular space and mood for some clicks. In the beginning and middle section of the suite/movement there is this sense of progressive ease and freedom, but then suddenly after 08.28 it all goes sour.

The whole movement changes into this sinister dnb-spiked business. In terms of its transference of space and mood I would describe it as acoustically chaotic city-space accentuated by somewhat caustic musical references to "Fostercare" and "Wounder". Our truant obviously has not so happy past too.

As for these fanboys, I would like to see one of them look me in the eye and say for example section from for 10.43 to 11.09 is "pretty". If there is any beauty in it, it is because the harsh "living-in-the-presence" it expresses is true.

"Rough Sleeper" uses more conventional musical markers to express the experience of rough sleeping. It sort of has the same premise as Laurent Garnier's superb mix in disc 3 ("PBB late night mix")of his "Excess Luggage". They both have chill out moments, which lull the listener close to falling asleep/dream-state, but with the next moment this drowsy feeling is disturbed by musical elements, which are irritating, outlandish or plain veird.

Here also the movement ends in a rough place. The last minutes feel like dreaming when you're having fever, or trying to sleep on a cold pavement when your whole body is freezing. Yes fanboys, Burial's romantic music reveals such a beautiful world ;-)

If anything has become clear for me after this latest EP, it is this Burial guy should really get into collaborating with partners from the field of multimedia arts. He really has this unique ability to transpose to musical language some (urban) lived experiences. Excellence all the way.
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