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on 21 June 2013
This was a fascinating read it took me just a couple of days to read it at every spare moment. It is beautifully written and gave such an insight to the lives of the families.
I have always been fascinated by space flight and the moon landings.
I was just 9 years old and remember everything about the landings. I remember the splash downs and seeing these very women at the sites.
To read the details of their lives and the hold that NASA had over all of them was interesting to say the least, it was almost as if they were indentured to NASA and they must adhere to the rules or their whole world could crash land too.
I cannot believe that my childhood hero's the astronauts had such feet of clay with their philandering and total lack of understanding of the families needs and difficulties and support for their wives in most cases. Perhaps John Glenn was the wisest who kept his wife and family out of the NASA circus that the other ladies were exposed too. Or was there an ulterior motive there too.
The women were the Barbie to the astronauts Ken, look pretty and stay quiet and you will get it all, seemed to be the attitude of NASA and also it seemed that the American people also expected the wives to be a bit like Julius Caesar's wife "above suspicion" too, but were totally blinded to what the husbands got up to.
How most of these women survived was down to (it appears in a lot of cases) vast amounts of alcohol and smoking.
I felt for all of the women in this book and I'm sure when they have reflected on their lives they must feel at least some anger towards their husbands who were so focused on their careers that they just forgot the rest of their lives.
BRILLIANT READ I've already recommended it to several of my friends.
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on 13 January 2015
There has been much written about the astronauts of the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo programmes who went into space and landed on the moon, but little has been written about their wives. Life magazine were interested enough to ghost articles by them at the time, but since then they have faded into obscurity. Koppel’s book uncovers their stories, the pressures they were put under, knowing the extremely dangerous jobs their husbands undertook – more than one of the astronaut wives became astronaut widows. We also learn about the pressures that their husbands’ extraordinary jobs placed on domestic life – more than half of the marriages failed.
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on 18 September 2013
I was looking forward to reading this as I have always been fascinated in our ventures into space, and was keen to know the roles of the wives and families connected to the men who went up into space. Whilst is was sometimes very interesting, (for eg what it was actually like to see your beloved shot into space & the stress this puts you under, the tight control NASA kept on the astronauts wives image, and the pr- related freebies they were entitled to) I also found this rather a depressing book. So much detail was given to the looks and dress-sense of the wives, and what came across as their rather shallow existence, that it felt like their own intellects, abilities, and personalities outside of what might be appropriate or expected for an all-American housewife (because that is all they were allowed to be really) of the era, were largely either ignored or were not available to the author. This changes toward the end of the book, with some notable exceptions, but by that stage I had really had enough of the repetitious and shallow focus that I didn't really care. Perhaps this was the point of the book. To demonstrate what a limited and unfulfilling life many of these wives had whilst their husbands were engaged in the most extraordinary adventure.All a bit sad really.
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on 10 August 2013
I was intreagued by the subject and looking forward to reading the book. However I found it a little stiff and lacking in depth. It was almost boring at times. Either the author asked the wrong questions or her subjects were not forthcoming. It would have been nice to have a section - where are they now. Also how the children coped with their fathers' exploits and fame. Tried to read the book a second time to see if I was mistaken but gave up quickly. What a pity.
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on 11 September 2013
Although the book was interesting it was without real substance as you never got to know any characters in depth, probably due to there being many wives. The idea behind the book was excellent but never came to fruition and read more like a taster piece in a magazine or newspaper article. There were lots of snippets of quotes that never really grew into anything else leaving me wanting to know more but not delivering. It was however, an easy read with some interesting information.
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on 24 March 2014
Sadly the 2 and 3 star reviews of this book are very accurate in my opinion. The book had real promise and is of a subject matter that truly interests me and could have been captivating... but sadly this book falls short of what I expected. I was initially excited to read this for my book club but struggled to (eventually) finish it. The writing style is disjointed and 'hello-magazine-ish'. Any subjects that come up (and seem interesting) are 'put down' again in a few sentences without any true depth. There are far too many characters to get a true feeling of what it was really like to be the wife of an astronaut and there are some 'facts' amongst it all which are inaccurate. A real shame because this could have been an epic book if approached differently, researched fully and written better.
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on 26 March 2017
interesting book.
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on 2 November 2015
A highly recommended book about the often unsung heroes behind the famous astronauts.
This is a must for all who are the least interested in the space race and Lily Koppel brings you back to that era when life was most different from today.
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on 17 December 2013
i really didnt enjoy this book at all it was a bit samey each chapter. I lost track of which atronaut was on what mision and who was married to who i found it boring and it dragged on forever
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on 25 November 2013
This was OK but i spent forever expecting a twist or some excitement ...and it never happened. Interesting and informative but long winded!!
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